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First stanza of Inferno re imagined as deadline angst. Apologies in advance to anyone who reads.

In the midway of this our shared expanse,
I came to myself in front of a fluorescent screen,
for my usual process was disturbed.
It pains me to recount
the screen, how cold and distant its lights.
Mere recall saps my warmth!
But as to not misinform, for there good transpired,
I'll recount the rest.
How I arrived there evades me,
Lust for sleep broke the spell
Cast by stimuli. Bodily needs, from the true path
tore me.
But when 3 AM I reached,
there where the day ended
that needed acknowledgement on the calendar,
I looked up, seeing the date
vested with the authority that leads all by the nose
in ignorance of their preference.

Submitted: July 24, 2015

© Copyright 2023 Nick Yates. All rights reserved.

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