I AM....

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Submitted: June 27, 2008

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Submitted: June 27, 2008



I'm the road & i'm the traveller,
I'm the gravel & i'm the leveller.

I'm the young & i'm the old,
I'm the story yet to be told.

I'm the pain & i'm the pleasure,
I'm the power no one can measure.

I'm the thread & i'm the weaver,
I'm the faith in the heart ofbeliever.

I'm the student & i'm the teacher,
I'm the wisdom in the words of a preacher.

I'm the winner & i'm the loser,
I'm the dilemma in the mind of a choser.

I'm the beauty & i'm the brave,
I'm the serenity one wud crave.

I'm the doper & i'm the dope,
I'm the faith of vatican's pope.

I'm a friend & i'm a foe,
I'm some one u really want to know.

I'm the noise & i'm the silence
I'm the shame in 1947's  violence.

I'm the joker & i'm the joke
I'm the mastery  in tendulkar's stroke.

I'm the water & i'm the fire,
I'm the thirst of an unquenched desire.

I'm the sinner & i'm the sin,
I'm whisky vodka & gin.

I'm the river & i'm the stream
I'm one of your fondest dream.

I'm the  bounded & i'm the free,
I'm the coolness under the shade of a tree.

I'm the will & i'm the way
I'm the purity in sun's first ray.

I' the earth & i'm the sky
I'm the love in every  mom's eye.

I'm the culture & i'm the wild
I'm the innocence in the eyes of a child.

I'm the playee & i'm the game,
I'm the divinity in jesus's name.

I'm the truth & i'm the lie
I'm the hope that refuses to die.

I'm the fire, and i m the flame
v look different & different are our names,
luk hard u'll find  v  r  all the same.

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