Saturn, its dying

Saturn, its dying Saturn, its dying

Status: Finished

Genre: Science Fiction



Status: Finished

Genre: Science Fiction



In the streets of Austin, Indiana, I come across beings from Saturn who need me to save their planet.

Authors Note:
As of the moment this is a work in progress
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In the streets of Austin, Indiana, I come across beings from Saturn who need me to save their planet.

Authors Note:
As of the moment this is a work in progress

Chapter1 (v.1) - Saturn, its dying

Author Chapter Note

In the streets of Austin, Indiana, I come across beings from Saturn who need me to save their planet.

Authors Note:
As of the moment this is a work in progress

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 03, 2011

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 03, 2011



Chapter 1
Within this story you will hear things that people have never heard before in their lives. On December 4, 2011 I was walking down the roads of Austin, Indiana. For some reason I HAD to look up towards the sky. And before my very eyes was a strange craft. It was a long, dark object. It was round and had glasslike panels around it, i estimated it 20 feet in length, 10 feet tall. It shown a light, but a color not even the best artist in the world could describe. I stood there and watched it for several minutes.
Slowly the craft came down to the ground. The bottom of the craft opened and several three pronged items came down. The craft landed with a swoosh. A large panel opened and a very, very bright light projected out of the craft. Two shadows appeared. The beings stood 4 feet tall, grey, large heads, no nose, a slit for a mouth, their feet were a V shaped, hands were like humans. In my head I could hear 'Don't run. We just want to talk'
I slowly opened my mouth and replied 'Please tell me what you are and why you are here'
The 'thing' replied
'We come from the planet Saturn. We come for a few homo sapiens to take back to Saturn.'
I stepped back a few feet
'Why?' I asked
'Not for experiments, no for food, nothing cruel. We need you. Our planet is dying. Only you can save it. Your blood cells will save our planet. I cannot explain more, please come on our craft... Quickly!"
I hesitated.
'Please' it said in a pleading voice

Very slowly I walked forward and went into their craft.

Chapter 2

As I came into the craft I saw five other beings. All of them looked the same. The 'thing' I talked to outside the craft came to me and said

'Hello Nicholas, I am Adoy.'

I looked astonished 'How do you know my name?' I asked

'The beings of Saturn know everything about Earth. For thousands of years we studied Earth. All the abductions you hear? We are behind all of them. Unfortunately, 99.7% failed. The 0.3% went successfully, but for reasons your brain wouldn't understand.'

Adoy then stepped forward to one of the other beings and spoke rapid in some language that I could not understand.

'Nicholas, please follow Ekul to the chambers' Adoy said

I looked to another being but different from the rest. Ekul bowed and headed for a long hallway behind it. I followed. Within this craft i heard noises and machines running. As we got farther down the hallway I started to smell a very sweet odor. So sweet it made me drowsy. Ekul turned around and saw me drowsy. It laughed, but laughed a girly laugh

'I'm sorry Nicholas, i forgot to tell you. Do your best not to breathe as much as normal. This odor is not normal for humans.' Ekul said

I nodded trying my best not to breathe. For several more minutes we finally got to a large room.

'You can breathe normally now. Please stay in this room, more of your kind shall be here soon. If you need anything, just use the screen' Ekul said and left the area.

I walked into the large room, it looked very familiar but i couldn't tell why. In the room was a sofa and several beds. On one wall was a large screen. As i got closer to it. it was inscribed in several language. From guessing there were (besides English) German,Dutch,Russian, and a few I could not identify. After i got my bearings on the place i turned and before my eyes was a man leaning against the far wall, how long he was there I do not.

The man was tall, not strong nor fat, had longish hair with a scruffy beard.

'I see you just noticed me lad' he said in a thick Scottish accent.

'Yes i did. How long have you been there?' I asked

'Since yesterday. They found me in the glens near Edinburgh. And aye I willingly came abroad.' The Scotsman stepped forward and offered his hand towards me 'My name is Joseph.' I shook his hand 'Nicholas' i replied

'So Joseph' I said ' What did you do before you came on this craft?'

'A modern Bard' he replied 'Not much of an income, but i sure enjoyed it. What did you do?'

'Nothing' I said 'Grew up on the streets, ran into a few gangs joined them quit 'em. From Wisconsin traveled to Indiana and stayed there.'

'I know what ye mean' Joseph said 'I know a few lads like that'

For what felt like hours me and Joseph talked, about our lives, people, countries, politics, etc. Finally, we heard the door shuffle open. Both Adoy and Ekul stepped through.

'Nicholas' said Adoy 'Please come with me'

I looked and Joseph and nodded a goodbye. I stepped out and followed Adoy. A few minutes later we made it back to the command bridge. The same beings were there doing their work. I saw the control panels they were working at. The language it was inscribed in was impossible to read. In my eyes it looked like characters and shapes.

'Nicholas, we need to run some examinations on you' Adoy said

'NO!' I yelled

At this the pilots turned around and pulled out a strange object, which looked like a pistol of some sorts, and pointed it at me. Adoy spoke in a rapid alien language. Slowly the pilots lowered their guns. 'Nicholas, I am sorry but we must. We are doing only two things. We must extract some of your blood and place a tracking device into your arm. Later when we go to Saturn you shall need it. It will take only a short time. After that nothing else medical wise will happen, and we will do the same thing to your friend. Please, it will not be painful.'

I stood there and thought it over 'What happens if I decline for you to take my blood and put a chip into me?' I asked

Adoy looked at me and said 'You do not want to know'

I nodded. Adoy gestured me to follow him. We went down a long corridor. For a few minutes we walked, and we came to a small room.
In the center of the room was a table, and above it a panel of instruments and a mega-computer of some sorts.

'Please lay on the table. I will then apply a mask over your face for you to feel numb and pass out into a deep sleep. You shall re awaken in roughly thirty minutes.' Adoy told me in a soothing voice.

I walked to the table and lay down upon it. I felt a mask slip over my face, within two seconds I went into a deep sleep.

It felt like seconds but I came out of the sleep and i felt refreshed. I slowly sat up and felt a sharp, burning pain in my right arm. I yelped in both surprise and pain.

'Ahhhh' I heard a voice say behind me. I turned my head and saw Adoy. 'You finally awoken. Your arm will only hurt for a few minutes. The tracking device is crawling it's way to your shoulder blade.'

'Cr-Crawling?!' I almost screamed.

'See it is not a device, its a creature. It is a bug only found on our planet with a magnetic field in it and our technology and detect it from three hundred kilometers away' Adoy told me.

I moved my arm and the pain was no longer there. I moved off the table and stretched. 'Follow me back to your room' Adoy told me.

Both me and Adoy moved through the corridors and made it back to the room. Adoy moved away when i stepped into the room. On one of the beds lay Joseph, he was fast asleep so i decided to let him be. I picked one of the soft beds and i lied down on it. Within a few minutes i was sound asleep.

Chapter 3

'Ugh' i said and sat up. My head was pounding, and screaming with agony. I grabbed my head and could not stop yelling in pain. The room door shuffled open, Ekul and Adoy ran in. He spoke in their native tongue. Ekul left the room, and came back in several minutes. She held a vial with clear liquid. She grabbed my jaw and squeezed. My mouth was forced open, she emptied the vial. The cool, clear liquid went down my throat. In seconds the pain was gone. 'Nicholas, the device just made it to youe shoulder blade. Sorry, but that was the side effect. Joseph went through the side effect an hour ago'

I nodded, and got out of bed. 'Thank you' i said

Adoy nodded and they left the room.

I saw Joseph on one of the beds with a guitar in hand. He slowly began a song. He strummed the guitar and sang. The sound and combination was a magical melody. Joseph began the song in a Celtic Language. I could make out bits and pieces of it. I guessed it was Scottish Gaelic. sadly, the song came to an end. 'You sir.' I said 'Are a true Bard'

Joseph smiled at the compliment. 'Aye he said. I know many languages to sing in. Gaelic was my Native tongue. I learned English fluently ten years ago. I can speak every other Celtic language there is.'

'Sing another?' I asked

Joseph thought it over and replied 'Alright'

He postioned the guitar and strummed. He slowly began to sing:

'Twas down by the glenside, I met an old woman
She was picking young nettles and she scarce saw me coming
I listened awhile to the song she was humming
Glory O, Glory O, to the bold Fenian men'

He pasued and kept strumming, he began again

' 'Tis fifty long years since I saw the moon beaming
On strong manly forms and their eyes with hope gleaming
I see them again, now, in all my daydreaming
Glory O, Glory O, to the bold Fenian men'

Slowly a tear formed in his eyes. He slowly finished the song

I passed on my way, God be praised that I met her
Be life long or short, sure I'll never forget her
We may have brave men, but we'll never have better
Glory O, Glory O, to the bold Fenian men.'

As he finished a tear fell of his eyes and dropped onto the floor. 'You'll never understand the meaning of that song to me' Joseph said. I nodded. For several hours me and Joseph sang songs and ballads.

As we were singing a sad song the craft shook violently. The momentum flung me against the wall. A voice over an intercom sounded. It spoke in a rapid alien language but was quickly translated into English

'Please evacuated to the nearest escape pod. We are under attack by the Neptunian Republic' As the alien finished Adoy come through the door. 'Nicholas Joseph. Please follow me quickly!' Joseph and I followed Adoy. All around the ship we could hear explosions, zings, and zaps. The trio came to a door, Adoy put his hand to a panel and the door opened. The three climbed in.

'Where is Ekul?' I asked 'Dead' Adoy replied. Sorrow came upon me. 'Prepare for departure Adoy said '3......2......1.....departure' the escape pod jerked and slowly drifted away from the ship. I saw that we are far into space. I could see Saturn. We were far from the ship now. Just above the Saturn ship was a ship 40 times bigger than the ship i was just on. The Neptunian ship casted a beam at the Saturn ship, it exploded into a fiery ball. It slowly tilted down and forever began its journey into the space of the unknown.

'We are lucky' Adoy said. 'We will reach Saturn in six hours. It will be fun when we reach Saturn's orbit and re-enter'

For hours the trio talked and sang songs and talked about their lives. Finally the six hours were up, they have reached Saturn. Adoy crouched into a standing position and moved the the cockpit. He then manually took control of the craft and aimed it towards the planet, he increased the speed. We rocketed towards the planet.

I could hear Joseph say a quick prayer by me. 'We are 10 kilometers from the atmosphere.' Adoy told us, he started counting down '10.....9.....8....7...6" and so forth. When he reached one we went through the poisonous clouds. Both me and Joseph had trouble breathing at the point. 'Turning on oxygen valves' Adoy quickly said. We saw him move his hand and flick a switch. The air in the cabin became clear. 'How long 'till we reach the surface?' I heard Joseph ask

'Twenty minutes' The alien responded. 'Just sit and wait. Just hope a Neptunian ship didn't follow us. If one did we are going to be very dead.'

For a minute there was a sound coming from the pod. Adoy let loose of the controls and sat back. A sound of relief came from him. 'Just sit back and enjoy the ride' Adoy joked

Me and Joseph smiled at this.

'Adoy" I said 'How did your people come to be?'

'Most people claim that science made the universe, the answer is yes and no. My people came to being on day, why we do not know. But we had the technology and power, we cloned humans with DNA and set them upon your planet. Then over thousands of years it turned into a booming civilization. The reason we had the abductions was to see what has changed and what has not. Once again 99.7% went wrong.' Adoy told me. As he finished we heard a BOOM on the side of the pod. Then three quick clangs. Adoy stood up and moved to the window on the side of the craft. Adoy muttered something in his native tongue. 'Its the Neptunians.... They'll move away soon they don't realize we are in here. A few minutes ago I turned of the life support system. Just do not be loud and no sudden movements.'

For a few minutes the Neptunians tried to find us in the pod but to no avail. They slowly moved away. But i got a quick glance at them. They were at least five feet tall. blue, slits for eyes, no nose, and a slit for a mouth. 'We are two minutes away from the surface.' Adoy told us. As we descended further down it was less of a drag to the craft. Finally I felt the craft touch down. 'Here' Adoy said and handed me and Joseph two masks. 'These will filter our air into pure oxygen. The air on Saturn will kill you instantly.' Me and Joseph quickly put the masks on. Adoy moved to a switch and pushed it. The door slid open and steps filed out and onto the ground.

I was the first out of the craft. And around me was a giant city. And the population of aliens, all of looking the same. Down a long road came, what looked like soldiers. When they reached the craft, the being who looked in command spoke in the Alien language. The alien gestured to his soldiers then to us. The soldiers took hold of me and Joseph and started to drag us down the road. I was struggling trying to get away. I felt a blow to the head and I was out.

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