I Am The New Grim Reaper

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A Boy of 16 is expiremented on and becomes a "Grim Reaper." He has to find the Person who did this to him with the help of two others just like him.

Submitted: April 20, 2012

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Submitted: April 20, 2012




My eyes open slowly. There’s a bright light. I notice it’s just the white walls and get up, but I fall right back down. “What the hell.” I say to myself. I have a massive headache “Where am I?” I say. “Who am I?” I say again. I turn to look around and see a crimson red liquid splattered on the wall. Below the stain is a body. A man who has had his head cut in half.

I run to a door that’s barely visible. I open it quickly and stop. There’s at least a ten story drop from me to the ground. Half of the building is gone, torn from the ground. I see a ladder one floor below and jump for it. I grab the ladder, but then it breaks. I am falling from the building and then memories flood into my mind. I calm down and softly land on the pavement as if I was stepping off a pebble.

I remember the experiments they did on me to find a way to keep soldiers from dying in wars. To see if they could find a way to make soldiers invincible. I was the third experiment and the others had all been killed, but I believe one day they will do more. I killed the doctors and scientists in this building, but some were given the data then the left.

I swung my arm in the air. A scythe white as bone appeared. I swiped my hand over my face and a mask solidified over my face. It was white like bone as well and it had a horn on the right side. My vision when wearing it increased tremendously. I pointed my arm over in front of me and said, “Rise my fallen army. Rise to kill the ones who have done this to you.”

Two people who were similar to me rose from the ground. They had masks similar to mine, but they couldn’t come off. These were the two who were experimented on before me. They both held different weapons though. The man’s was a katana about his body sized with the blade made out of what looked like bone. The woman’s was a bow with arrows made of a bone looking material as well.

“Fight with me and kill the man who did this to you.” I tell them

“Why should we?” the man asked.

“Because if you do not then he will find you and kill you again.” I say.

“Well what if we run?” the girl asks.

“Then he will still find you. He is not going to just let you live when he finds out your alive. He knows already because when he did the experiments he had a heartbeat type thing put into your body. Now when you’re alive he knows it.” I tell them.

“So he knows where we are now?” the man says.

“No he just knows you’re alive.” I assure them.

“Fine I will fight.” The girl says.

“I guess I will too then.” He says

We left at that moment looking like we were and went to every building we could asking if they knew what was happening in the building before and if they knew who was doing it. One person answered and told us who it was. It was a man named Lucas Slouse. We asked where he was and the man told us he was the President so he was at the white house.

I thought about this and then asked. “What year is it?”

“It is 2052.” He answered. My eyes widened. I am still sixteen looking and it has been forty years. I left at that moment and went to the white house. If it has been forty years then what has all happened? What memories am I missing?

Forty years it has been, I kept thinking, and I don’t remember much. We arrive at the white house after a few hours walking. We changed our clothes and hid our weapons. We all three walked up to the White House gate then walked inside unseen. The guards noticed us and pointed many weapons at us. “Hands up or we will shoot.” We all three smiled “Fire.”

When they shot every bullet hit their mark. They stopped shooting and stared at us. “Come on now people your President did this to us. Why are you so scared?” One of them smiled and then pulled out another gun.

“Yeah we know that is why these weapons will work.” He shot the gun and it hit me in the chest. I blacked out as he shot the other two and dreamt of many things. Of living along side these two and fighting the world off with them. I woke up in a dark room chained up to the wall. Lights flickered and I saw the other two still knocked out chained up also.

“Guys wake up.” I yelled at them. They woke up slowly and noticed what was happening. I struggled with the chains for a bit, but then gave up on it. “So do you two remember anything from the building before anything that could help?” I asked them.

“No. All I remember is them giving me a lot of shots and doing a lot of surgery on me.” The man said.

“I remember something. I remember that one day a man freezing in front of me. He was frozen solid and then I touched him and he shattered. Then a few days later ice came out of my hand and froze the wall in front of me.” The girl said.

“If you are correct then we can get out of here. Try to use it then.” I say “Also what are your names?”

“Mine is Crone, Short for Cronos. I was given the name after the Father of the Titans.” The man said.

“Mine is Maori I was not named after anyone. My parents just liked the name.”

“Well Crone, Maori ready to escape?” they both nod and I direct Maori to if she can aim her freezing power toward the chain behind my back. She concentrates for awhile and the chain freezes. I break it with ease and call upon my scythe. I cut their chains and then we find a way out through the air conditioning vents.

As we were climbing through I noticed someone say something.”He is going to be here awhile and isn’t going to be out of office. People love Jacob Slouse.”

 I stopped and Maori and Crone asked what happened. “I heard Jacob Slouse’s name. I think they said he was here.”

“Well let’s look around then.” Crone says.

“Alright I will go out here Maori you come with me Crone you head up and see if you can find anything. If you see him then kill him.” They agree and we all go our way. Maori draws her bow and keeps it at the ready. Suddenly a gun shoots. I look toward where it came from and see someone similar to us.

“What there is more than just us three?” Maori says.

“Yes and there are just three others. Me one fighting your friend and one other. You will fight him if you continue on your quest to kill the president.”  The woman said. She readies her gun and points it at me. Maori walks up and say.

“Nick you go on ahead, I will fight her.”

I put my hand on Maori’s shoulder. “Don’t go dying on me then.” I say then run off toward the other direction. I hear gun shots rain out and then I hear the arrows bouncing off the pillars. I ready my scythe as I know there will be another one. I burst into some big doors to see the president sitting in a chair. He was smiling at me as I ran toward him.

Then he disappeared from my sight. My chest was in a red frenzy. It had been sliced open by a blade of sort. Then I looked behind me. The President of the United States was the third one of them. He came ahead of me again and sliced my chest once more. He did it again and again until I could not stand. I fell to my knees and he drove his blade into my chest all the way through me and the cement under me.

I lifted my head. “Why did you do this to us? What was the point?”

“So I could become invincible.” He said so simply as if he cared for no one. I believe he doesn’t care at all. So I will end this here.

“I guess I will have to take that from you then.” I said as I stood up slowly. He grabbed his sword about to take it so I grabbed it. “I don’t think so Mr. President.” I opened my mouth and started to scream so loud the windows broke. I stopped then pulled my scythe out.” This is for all our lives.” Then I swung.

The scythe fell through his body like a hot knife with butter. His head fell off and rolled to his agents feet. They pulled their guns out and pointed them at me. “So this is the end isn’t it?” I said to myself. “Well this isn’t too bad is it?” As they began to shoot an arrow hit some. Then Crone cut the rest down.

“Don’t think your dying on us just yet Nick.” Maori said smiling looking down at me on the ground. A smile broke out on my face and she grabbed my cut up body. “Let’s go Crone.” She said then we jumped out the window. As she carried me out I thought of these days that have passed.

 “So this is what it’s like to have friends then?” I said aloud.

“Yeah I guess so then.” Crone said looking over at me. “Guess we are all going to be friends for some time.”

“Yeah were going to be friends. And we are going to stay together forever.” She said with such confidence I believed her.

“This isn’t the last time we will have to fight them.” I say then jump forward. “I think I can walk now Maori. Thanks for all you’ve done, the both of you.” I said then we left for somewhere else than here.

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