My father i once Knew

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Submitted: August 08, 2012

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Submitted: August 08, 2012



look at that mirrior that mirror of fame,

look at that monster who has ruined everything,

look at it closer and see that it's you

the father i once new.

whatever happened to the love you spoke of,

whatever happened to the father i once knew?

look at what you've shattered just cause she left you,

look at what you have, my sister that want's to know you,

you drink and drown your sorrows away,

you smoke unwanted things,

in hope of being ok.

you call us up and chat on how were doing,

you tell me you love me,

like i don't know whats happening,

please don't come back shedding all theese tears,

you've lost me and theirs no coming back,

but please, please promise me you won't do the same,

my sister who loves you and has all this faith,

don't be selfish and give it all up,

don't be selfish and ruin her chance at fame,

now don't go on about how you miss me,

when you don't even see me,

the first time you came to my own 14 birthday,

you wasted away and complained on and on,

about how she loved you and how could she do this.

now you see i given all hope on you,

you see you never cared not even a bit,

but don't be selfish,

please don't be selfish and ruin it for my sister,

the one who has all this love and faith,

don't go and destory it,

you owe her a life one better then yours,

think about her,

instead of your selfish ego.

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