Wilfred and the tuskanires

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The adventures of wilfred

Submitted: March 13, 2008

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Submitted: March 13, 2008



Nickolas Cabrera

Writers Workshop

Ms. Rose

6 March 2008

Wilfred and the Tuskaniers

Since Wilfred had discovered his powers he quit his job at the pizza place and began fighting crime full time.  He moved out of his mom’s basement and in to a really big tree.  He began constructing his monkey lair in the highest branches.  During the day he worked on his lair and at night he fought crime.  After a few months he got tired of this and decided to embark on a vacation.  He got on the internet and went to Travelocity and booked the cheapest tickets he could find.  He packed up all his cloths grabbed his talking banana George and headed of to the airport. He had a hard time finding his airplane because he had never gone to the airport or any were outside of Hippoville.  When he got on the airplane he went to sleep and did not wake up until he arrived on the beautiful little island of Coocamoo.  Because Wilfred quit his job and was not being paid to fight crime he had no money for a car or a hotel.  Wilfred decided that he was going to stay on the beach.  Last month Wilfred had an epic battle against the ferocious super villain Gerafisourus Rex.  During the fight he was able to capture Gerafisours magical backpack.  The backpack was able to expand to fit anything you needed into it so Wilfred packed a refrigerator, bed, and his Xbox.  He spent the next 4 days swimming in the ocean and playing his Xbox on the beach.  On the fourth day Wilfred found some money on the beach so he decided that he would go out for dinner that night.  Wilfred was going to go to the Happy Clam the fanciest seafood restaurant on the island.  Wilfred dressed up for dinner in suit and was looking pretty good.  When he walked in he looked around the restaurant he saw the most beautiful lady hippo he had ever seen sitting at the bar.

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