The Devil's Bloodpool in Heaven

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This poem is written about the political oppressions in Jammu and Kashmir, a state which is the subject of territorial conflict among India, Pakistan and China. Kashmiri fellows undergo the excruciating pain of losing their loved ones at daily basis. Someone took their peace of mind away from them, put it in an adamantine cage and threw it in the vicious hellish desert. Every night they sleep with the taste of death on their tongue, thinking that next could be their turn. There's nothing in my power that I could do to change their fate except for praying and protesting against the heinous authorities. So, today I honor my solidarity pledge with my Kashmiri fellows by writing a protest poem "The Devil's Bloodpool in Heaven".

Submitted: February 04, 2019

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Submitted: February 04, 2019



The Devil's Bloodpool in Heaven

Behind the majestic sunny summits there's a bloodpool

Brimming with the seraphic blood it forms a demonic whirlpool

Aromatic blooms, tender buds, juvenile songbirds, buttflies

All are squashed by the devil to relish the sordid Raj and terrorize

Snowy pathways, shimmery waters, coniferous hills, celestial dales

Donned in the robe of sorrow they let out the lamentful wails

Velvety nights, golden mornings, sparkly noons,magnificent evenings

The charismatic beauty is engulfed in the darkness unfurled by the sinister kings

Guardian angels look woebegone as they lost something precious

The devil spirited away their cherubs for his intentions were malicious

Muffled whimpers and mournful screams of the crestfallen angels

Their low spirits magnify the mephistophelian nature he dissembles

Sough of wind, a breaking twig, rustle of leaves, or a rolling stone

They can sense the devil approaching and their each exhale is a groan

The Grim Reaper is euphoric to see the devil enacting his grisly pursuit

And the wounded angels know their heaven is now a house of ill repute

To keep the pool brimful of blood, his soujourns to heaven are endless

Will there ever be a savior or the celestial beings will remain defenseless?

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