Home Again

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is only the first 30 pages:
Two sisters are seperated after their mother is arrested for child abuse. They are both witches and wish to be reunited. I haven't gotten to the climax yet.

Submitted: September 07, 2014

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Submitted: September 07, 2014




My sister, my hero, my role model, where was she? My mother had crossed the line and I fought back the only way I knew how to, I called the police and told them everything. My sister and I have been given special powers, but they scared my mom. She thinks of us as abominations, not gifted kids. Some bullies were being mean to my sister so she fought back supernaturally. It had scared everyone and we had to leave. my sister had started packing bags when my mom came in and started hitting her.  Ci-ci didn’t want to hurt mother so she just stood there without shedding a tear.

Then all of a sudden there was a blast of witch power and my mother had been burned severely.

“Sissy! No! What did you do to mommy?” my sister just looked at me. I saw a crazed look in her eyes. The usually peaceful look in her soft green eyes was gone. She looked just like my mom.

Once the police came they took ci-ci and I to a special home where we stayed for a couple of weeks.it was horrible. I would have died without my sister. The boys did horrible things and the girls were just as mean but in different ways. I had to get out of there.

The next day I pulled Ci-ci aside.

“We need to leave like right now! I can’t do this anymore I need to get out.”

Ci-ci looked sad. “I know but we need to suck it up for a few more days I know people who are going to come and save us. I promise we will make it out of this together.”

Ci-ci's plan was to get adopted.









My sister looked at me like I was crazy. “How are we supposed to get adopted, huh?” even witches won’t want us! We’re a problem for our kind of people. They don’t want two troubled witches! Maybe they could take one of us but never both.”

By the end of this my sister was in tears. I was never good at comforting, or any touchy feely stuff for that matter. I have learned to harden my heart. I love my sister but her love for any one will always make her weak. After all it takes a lot to take full advantage of our powers.

I reached a hand over anyways and awkwardly patted my sister’s arm. “It’ll be alright. Don’t worry. We just need to go through enough people so our record is so long the witches won’t want to keep track. They’ll just assume we need help mastering our powers. They’ll teach us then well leave. Everything will work out. I promise on my life.”

By the last sentence my confidence had grown, I reached over and picked up a comb. I undid my little sister’s uneven braids and brushed out her hair.

The next couple of months we went from one family to another. Always together. Some families were better than others. Some were worse but each incident only made us stronger. I always kept my promise. I made it work out if thing started going downhill.

Until our 5 year anniversary of being motherless that is. a large man and his wife came to interview us. There was nothing special about them but they only wanted Mia. They had a lot of money and there was no way I could convince them to take me too or take another kid altogether. Even with my powers. After a week they came back to take her back to their house in Wisconsin. We were in California at the time. A different family took me the next week. I lived with them a couple of weeks as well. That was my life now. One family to the next. Never really belonging.  Always searching for my sister so I could keep my promise.









I cried myself to sleep that night. I couldn’t remember being that upset and feeling that much anger toward any one in my life. The family that took me was kind enough but they didn’t understand me.

When I awoke, I was nestled in crisp, clean sheets and a little red haired girl was brushing my hair. When she saw I was awake she muttered an apology and raced of.

“Wait!” I called after her but it was no use, my throat was dry and sore from screaming and my eyes were all red and puffy from crying, I quickly went off to the bathroom to at least try to make myself presentable. But as I stepped out the door I realized I didn’t know where the bathroom was, I didn’t know where I was, or where my siter was or even where mom was! I went back into the room and lied on the sheets and started to cry again. I fell asleep around 5pm.

This time when I woke up the whole family was crowding me. The mother was a tall well-built lady with a nice black bob and hazelnut colored eyes. The dad was also tall and he had on a cop uniform. Then I saw the little redhead who was brushing my hair. She seemed very shy. But she also reminded me of my sister. Again I started to cry. The mother rushed over and the red-haired girl rushed out. I lied down and the mother tried to sooth me. When the red haired girl came back she was holding a steaming mug. The mother took the mug and tried to put it up to my dried, cracked lips but I refused to open my mouth. I felt the hot liquid slide down the sides of my lips

 “Who are you and where’s Ci-ci?” I demanded but the mother just shook her head and sighed.

“I’m Mrs. Jones, but you may call me Cassie.”

I sighed and went back to sleep.  Maybe my head would be clearer in the morning.






The door slammed shut behind me. Oops. Me and Sam walked to the curb she admired her wild red hair in a puddle. I kept walking

“Wait Mia” she whined. She’s been doing a lot of that lately. Whining that is. She acts like she’s my real sister and it annoys me.

“Why should I wait when you can go faster?” I cried in expiration. ”you’re so slow and you spend way too much time on your hair!” she spends an hour and a half while I usually throw mine up in a messy ponytail.

“you just wait Mia when your desperate for a new style or want to look cute for some guy just remember I won’t help you, you’ll drown in self-pity while I, magnificent me, will be watching, laughing my head off!” she snickered and ran up the steps into the dark, eerie brick palace I am force to call sunshine academy. Yeah, I go to a school for complete losers obviously and even more pathetic teachers. It was already my first day and I couldn’t wait for the weekend. A night at Jakes warehouse would be a welcome reprive. I didn’t spend my summer chilling out at the beach in magnificent California. No way, not me, my foster family just, moved here, so I was the new girl. I did do my research however, this place looked even worse than my mom during her worst hangovers.

We were late. Of course it’s not like I was going to be on time. When I walked into my new class Mr. drew escorted me to my seat while some girls on my left snickered. I wheeled around.

“Shut up” I said already annoyed.

“Make me” the tallest said

It was my turn to snicker now


When she started to turn in her seat to, no doubt, make a snide comment, she found herself in need of a voice. Hers had jumped out of her throat.

The tall girl looked shocked and faced forward. A few guys whooped and congratulated me saying no one has gotten Jessica, to ever shut up before. I hunched over and my shyness took over. I mumbled thanks to be polite. Cynthia, the tallest, glared at me

“Why did you do that if you don’t like the attention?” a girl who sat behind me asked.

“Cause they seem like trolls and I have zero tolerance for people like her,” I said my confidence growing slightly.

I glanced up to see if Mr. drew heard me. He looked as if he did; even he was snickering a little bit.  This is getting awkward. I raised my hand and asked for a bathroom pass. He pointed to some slips at the door. After that everyone seemed to calm down. This was not how i pictured my first day. I imagined getting laughed at not be being laughed with. Oh well with Cynthia mad at me things should get back to how I’m used to real quick.

When the bell finally rang I got up and dropped my books…of course, Brett the class clown came to my aid. I was so not used to this; I felt the blood rush up to my cheeks as he collected my essay from science. He started to skim over it but I snatched it away thanked him and rushed off to lunch, the only subject I could live through.

As I sat at a table on my own, the girl who sat behind me in math came over and brought some of her friends. They looked kind of geeky but I wasn’t rude so I greeted them as the girl who sat behind me introduced every one.

“This is Crista, that’s Alisha, that’s Abby, and that’s Cal. Cal’s real name is  Callisandra if you’re wondering. Oh and I’m Ci-ci. As she said the name of my sister I couldn’t help it. I had to look away and collect myself before they could see my taken back face.

Why are they being so nice to me anyways? I sure don’t deserve it!

Suddenly things went bIack because of the hands covering my eyes. I looked up and saw Brett. I tried to duck under his arm so he wouldn’t see my tears. He had a tight grip though.

“Let go” I mumbled

“Nah I don’t think I will.” He caught a glimpse of my swollen face. "Hey, are you alright?" If anyone did anything to you I’ll make 'em regret it.” I groaned, of course, he was too nice I should have expected something.  I didn’t want to be seen so I used the technique I picked up and shifted my weight to the right while ducking and twisting it worked pretty well he was on the ground and I was free. I ran to the parking lot.

Oh Ci-ci would have gotten a kick out of this. I thought as I hopped into a blue truck. I hotwired it and was on my way.

When I had just left the parking lot, I realized I had nowhere to go. I decided to ditch the truck, grab my baby, a Suzuki GW250, and go back to school.

As I pulled into the driveway I started to open the door ready to jump. I rushed into the garage that was conveniently left open and grabbed my bike. I was well on my way before I considered what they might think of the truck in their driveway.  That’s too bad for them. I had to get back to the school so I wouldn’t get in to more trouble. I was already grounded from my bike but of course anyone could see how well that worked out. On the bright side my helmet was the kind that covered your face, not that it mattered they probably wouldn’t even see me, I was going way over the speed limit. This is the life I thought as I arrived at school. The first bell rang. Yes! I could say I got caught up in the smoothie line.

As I walked into the classroom I saw a bunch of desks messily shoved together as the girls sat on top of them with their short skirts hiked up as far as possible. I walked over to the closest empty desk seeing nobody I knew, so far. This wasn’t normal I was never this lucky I’ll bet Cynthia’s going to walk in any minute. Speak of half the devil. Brett walked in just as the tardy bell rang apologizing as the teacher eyed him annoyed. Just my luck, I knew this day was going to be horrible one way or another. Brett probably told all his buddy’s how ridicules I was at lunch.

As he searched for an empty seat I hunched over praying he wouldn’t see me and sit by someone else. But because I sat alone there were no other empty seats. He sat right behind to me. I felt as if my chair was just pulled out from underneath me and I was falling into a deep dark black hole. Then again that was how I felt my whole life.as he sat I muttered hello and he looked genuinely glad to see me. I was way confused. He was supposed to smirk or laugh not be glad to see me! What was he trying to pull? It must be one of those times when the guys dare each other to ask out the dork. But I wasn’t a dork! Why would he even bother if he saw what I could do to him? Oh well his choice. ill ignore him and he’ll get the idea.


The teacher was already rambling on about something that had to do with where Aristotle was taught. I read my book about this girl who morphed from geek to a prissy popular person that Sam gave me. It’s so funny how her “good deed of the month” wasn’t what got me friends.  I didn’t bother before but now I noticed that Call and Alisha had the same exact schedules as me, so far at least.  I waved at them and I saw Alisha write something down pass it to the girl next to her and I saw the note make its way up to me.

It said “I’m so glad we have all these classes together!” I replied “so far at least. So how’s your day been?” I made the mistake of passing it to Brett who was closest he read it even though I said to pass it to Alisha. He scribbled “pay attention” I scribbled that out and passed the note to the person who passed to me. When I got it back safely I read “ good but how’s yours been and how come you walked out on us at lunch? you really hurt Ci-ci's feelings” I felt horrible I probably did hurt Ci-ci’s feelings. “I’m so sorry I can’t tell you why in the note but here’s my phone number give it to everyone else too and if you see them before I do tell them that I’m super sorry and if they call me I can explain everything. My numbers 951-673-2244,” I passed it to Alisha and I got to her just as the bell rang she looked at me and nodded I mouthed sorry, and then left. I walked down a stair case; on my way to P.E. this was going to be a disaster.

The disastrous day continued when I was I the locker room. I fell flat on my face and Cynthia saw. When I was finally changed and safely out of the locker room I was really late. The girls were playing volleyball and the guys were doing basketball. I went over to the coach to see if I could do basketball and he said the games weren’t specifically divided boy/ girl.so I walked quickly to the last teams doing a playground pick. I was last and I saw Brett was on the opposite team. I’ll bet he’ll try and go easy. I laughed to myself. I was good at basketball.

I was right. As soon as I was on the court I went in for the ball. I got it without any problems. I was at the half court line when I shot. The ball went clean in. all the guys stared. And some of them went around asking who really shot that? Cynthia sure saw that. She served the ball and it hit smack in the middle of the net. It took all my willpower not to laugh out loud. Brett stared too, and that was all it took. I slinked off the court and to the back of the waiting line. The rest of the team however tried to pull me back onto the court I shrugged them off and went to the back. Finally the coach released us to go change I walked very slowly. Luckily gym was my last period.

I raced off to the parking lot jumped on my bike threw on the helmet. I felt the familiar vibration underneath me as I raced off. Please don’t be home, please don’t be home Cassie! I prayed.

I forgot about Sam. Oops. I’ll call her. I dialed her number and told her I’m staying after school for a little while and it was ok to ditch me. Well, I couldn’t go home now. I headed to the sanctuary that I had been going to for a while. It was the only place that felt like a real home.

When I arrived I saw that Jake and Ally were already there. As I parked my bike I went over and gave them hugs. These guys were my family. Not Cassie or Sam or any of them. I gave Jake a kiss and asked Ally where we were going to loot next.

“Nowhere, yet. We have plenty of food and water so we won’t need anything until next week probably.” I sat on the old couch that had been presses against the wall on the right. We really need to upgrade I thought.

Then Alisha walked in.

I sat up right immediately

“What are you doing here?” I was confused, how did she find us?

“I’m here to see if you were ok, after lunch you really scared everyone.” I heard Jake cough to hide a laugh. I glared at him.

“You’ll have to get used to that, she tends to scare everyone. How do you think she made it here?” I glared harder shut up I thought. I went over to Jake without looking up.

“I’m fine. I told you, you don’t have to worry, why did you have to follow me, and how long have you been here?” I questioned “you won’t tell anyone, will you, about this? You can’t. Not Ci-ci or Call or Abby. And you won’t come back cause this is a really bad place for  anice girl like you.

“What are you talking about?” I looked at Jake and Ally for help but they were lounged on the couch drinking.

“Jake!” I said exasperated.

He shrugged his shoulders comically. “Sorry Mia can’t help you here.” Of course not. He must be laughing inside. So hard he’s about to burst; I could see it inside of him.

“Thanks” I muttered then I turned to Alisha

 “look I appreciate your kindness I really do but this is going to be too much for you so I suggest that you go home and call a friend and talk about whoever who killed Allison in pretty little liars 'kay?”

 right after I said it I wished I could take it back. Alisha looked as if she had just been shot.

“Fine I’ll call ci-ci and tell her that the girl she went above and beyond for is about to totally blow her off.” I felt Jakes stare like needles.

“Ci-ci?" I thought she was never to be seen again.”

“Jake, she’s not the Ci-Ci ok? Jeesh!” I squirmed. That came out sharper then I intended.

“Hey, it’s ok.” Jake said as he made his way to me. I curled up with my head in his chest and felt my eyes tear up. After all these years I still cry over my sisters’ name. Pathetic. I made up an excuse about dinner being early and Jake offered to drive me though he has no license, but I said I was fine.

“Get her to leave.” I said gesturing to Alisha. I hopped on my bike and headed home.

Alisha just stared after me wondering what just happened to her gallant plan to save a troubled girl.


When I arrived home Sam and Cassie were furious, I could tell before I walked in the door. Brace yourself Mia, I thought.  I slinked into the kitchen safely. I never eat at the ware house. Why would I when I have plenty of food here? I did have to help them get food however. It was a small price to pay for practically living with them and I liked helping Jake, it was fun. I turned around sensing someone was watching me. I saw Cassie staring daggers at me. I gave her my most innocent smile. It didn’t work. she was still shaking with rage.

“What did I do?” I asked stupidly

“Don’t play that game with me girl. You know perfectly well what you did wrong. You took your bike even though I deliberately said no and you stole a truck,, Why did you have to do that? You should have seen how the police were on us! Stealing is what I hate most and after 3 years of living under my roof I would think you should know that.” Uh oh. I had an excuse that I made up on the way anyway.

“I’m so sorry but please hear me out. I had to come back because I forgot my language arts books and Sam doesn’t have the same lunch as me. I took that truck and believe me I feel horrible now. I actually thought about what I had done when I was pulling out of the driveway and I was going to be really late so I knew I couldn’t be seen in a stolen truck and my bike goes way faster so I had to take my bike. I know i should have just called you but I panicked and acted really stupid. I’m so sorry!” I explained as I brushed off some fake tears. I went up to my room defeated.

I heard Cassie mutter under her breath and come after me. I feel kind of bad that she has to deal with me, but she knows that I act impulsively. I think shes given up on trying to straighten me out. She hasn’t punished me in almost a year. She just gives me lectures to look good around Sam.

She quietly knocked on the door forgave me and said everything would be ok and I wouldn’t get in trouble if I never let it happen again.

I agreed and came out to blew my nose. I gave Sam a hug and apologized.

“So other than that how was your day?” I smiled and told her how nice Alisha, Abby, and Cal, had been. Then I told her about how well basketball had gone. She grinned glad that I had a good day. Then she asked what I had to do after school. I told her that I was meeting Alisha, Cal, and Abby. I tried my best to leave out ci-ci.

“I’m going to head upstairs and get some homework done” I said

“Alright dinner will be ready around six so come down to set the table.”

I muttered something about always having to set the table and rushed off. I found my usual escape hatch had been locked. Shoot! I went to the bathroom which was a lot less fun, but it was better that staying inside. I pushed open the window and hopped down. I heard Sam come down the hall way. Well shit, this was going to be tough.

“Mia hurry up!” she whined.

“Coming right out have some patience will you?” I scrambled back up the roof and climbed through the window. I unlocked the door and threw it open. Sweat beaded across my forehead.

“Jeez, what were you doing in there?” I gave her my best I’ll get you if you say anything glare. She smiled and closed the door behind me. I went back into my room to call Jake.

“Where the heck are you?” Jake sounded annoyed. He had a right to; I promised him I’d be back as soon as possible.

“I’m so sorry; Sam’s being a butt so I can’t get out. ill skip school tomorrow and come to see you ok?” I heard a disappointed murmur.

“Ok but you better come alone. Oh that sounded creepy, but seriously.”

“Ok I have to go talk to you later!” I said laughing. As I hung up Sam walked in.

“Who was that?” she said with an accusing tone. I slammed the door but Cassie yelled that it was dinner time. I rushed off right as I heard my stomach growl.

It was El Pollo Loco. We always had fast food on Mondays and pizza on Fridays. I never understood why but then again I usually don’t understand anything these people did. I ate quickly and saved my chicken from the burrito for Lue. Even though Lue was only a puppy she liked to act grown up. That’s why I got her. Cassie said she represented me at times but I don’t think so. After I finished I did the dishes and grabbed Lue's leash.

“Taking Lue for a walk OK?” I shouted as I raced to get away from the over excited Jack Russell pup. I settled her down as best I could and clipped the leash on.

“Bout time somebody takes that devil out!” I heard Sam shout as I walked out the door.

I figured we should take the long way considering how excited Lue seemed. She was pulling against the leash in the other direction. She was leash trained though. Why was she acting this way? I turned to see if another dog had come. Nope, we were alone. It was probably just a stray cat id seen a couple times in the neighborhood. Lue has been acting very strange since she first caught a glimpse of that ratty old thing. I decided to leave a bowl of milk out for it last night and when I glimpsed out the window, sure enough the cat came by.

“Lue it’s time to go home.” She kept tugging at the leash as if she were in a panic, she seemed nervous lately.

“Lue,” I said sternly “here now!” I lifted the struggling pup. As I held her to my chest I felt her body go limp. Heat radiated off of her. What was happening? I felt tears spring to my eyes. I raced home with the horribly still pup still cradled in my arms. I got on my bike forgetting that I was grounded. When I arrived at the veterinarians I rushed inside. My hair was blown back and I was still in my running cloths. When the lady at the front desk saw Lue she ushered me into a door. I waited outside in the lobby area. When the lady came back out, I jumped up,

“She’s fine. It was a minor seizure. I’m surprised she made it. She’s just a pup so this may happen again but luckily you got her here. If you notice her doing strange things, be aware, and here are some meds-”

“How much will it cost?” I interrupted

“Not a lot, if you have insurance.” um this isn’t good. I only had 12 dollars!

“Hold on I have to make a call.” I told the lady, shoot! I left my cell at home!

“I left mine phone at home, do you have one here I can use?” the lady nodded and led me over to a phone booth, how old fashioned! I dialed Cassie’s number.

“Hello?” I heard

“Um Cassie, Lue had a seizure and I only have 12 bucks, can you come down andhelp me out?” I heard Cassie gasp. She hung up. I hope that’s a yes.

“She should be here soon” I told the lady. She smiled and left. With Lue at my heels and Cassie nowhere near I grabbed the bottle of meds and hopped. Or at least tried, the window was underground. Just my luck.  I climbed down and sat in my seat in case anyone saw me.

When Cassie arrived she looked as if she were the one that just had a seizure instead of Lue.

“Oh my god! You don’t need to worry Lue's fine!” she just shook her head. That was really annoying. Why won’t people just say what on their mind? I ignored the impatient gesture.

”Did you bring me money”? I asked impatiently.

“Yes and no.” god! Why can’t people make sense! I glared at her.

“I brought it but you are going to earn it, after I give it to you.” great just what I needed, community service.

“I don’t have the time to clean socks for the rest of my life, sorry.” I tried to explain to Cassie that I had a life despite what she may think but it didn’t work.

“You won’t, you will give me your bike for a month and carpool.” I know she seems like a nice elderly lady but underneath all that plump innocentness she was a disaster waiting to happen. I pointed to where I parked my bike unable to speak. Cassie went to grab it for me. Luckily she brought the truck; I sullenly hopped in. which is pretty hard to do considering it’s so high I always fall and start cracking up. Luckily I just swayed a little, ok,a lot. As I got in I patted the seat indicating for Lue to hop up. When we were all buckled and ready, we hit the road.






I was in probably my last foster home. I was almost eighteen now anyways. The people I am living with were decent. They were very plain and old. It was a pretty simple life. so for at least.  I lived in a nice neighborhood in a nice state, Washington. Though, while everyone else was getting tan and going to parties at the beach nearby I was stuck at home cleaning thinking about how my sister is coping.  She should be 14 now and I’m 17 almost a legal adult but I have no money so I’m sticking around, working and saving my earnings. Not exactly anyone’s dream life but it would work out once I got into a good collage.

I took my usual seat at the back of the class room where no one could see me except a few of the kids that sat next to me. I heard someone mutter something about how the girl was a total geek. It really annoys me when people do that. They act like their so cool, but they are no better than the rest of their peers.  So when I heard the remark I raised my hand. Mr. L. as he likes to be called told me now was not a good time for questions I persisted and my hand rose a little higher. After about 30 minutes of his boring lecture about why we had to pay attention he finally called on me. By now most people would have let the remark go and moved on in life but not me. That was one of the many things that kept Mia close to me.

“Can you please ask Hannah to define the word geek?” I asked, Mr. L was used to this so he said yes

“Um a freak who has no life?” Hannah replied.

“No, a geek is a carnival performer who bites the heads off things, and probably gets a lot of money because that, is no easy task.” I corrected

“I highly doubt that somebody is capable of that.” Hannah glowered at me and turned to face the front of the class room. I heard her mutter under her breath as she passed Salina a folded up piece of paper.  See being how I am, I have a little fun and nobody will expect me of doing anything. Suddenly the paper burst into flames. But just as quickly the fire was extinguished and the note was nothing but ashes.

“What the he-“she got cut short with a glare from the teacher. The bell finally rang and I sprang up. When I reached the lunch room I wanted to die. Steven was looking at me, the hottest coolest guy ever on the face of the planet looked at me! Even though I try to go unnoticeable in this school it was really hard. I’ve been living as normal of a life as I can. Since I was 11 I have been faster than everyone else stronger and been able to do just about anything I put my mind to. Every time I have to ditch school and stay home, which happened a lot, my foster mom seemed scared of me. She had reason to though. I never had an episode in front of her but she still knew perfectly well what I was.

 After class, during lunch,I pulled out my phone and logged onto the internet. I searched the name of my sister, Mia Campbell. No luck today. Try again tomorrow. I’ve been saying that to myself for far too long.

I heard a loud clang, probably someone dropping their lunch tray. But then I heard a scream and as I looked back I saw something totally out of the ordinary. A little terrier was under a lunch table tail tucked under as someone was screaming that a rat came and tried to attack her. I got up and walked over to the scared pup.

I reached my hand out and it stepped farther back. I waited a little while and got up. I walked about ten feet then turned around. Sure enough the curious pup had followed. I slowly got back down on my hands and knees. The pup stayed where it was. I reached out and it sniffed my hand. I picked it up and hid it behind my jacket as the principle came by. I pointed toward the door.


“I saw the rat go that way” I said, holding my breath. I let it out as he walked toward the door closing it. He thanked me and tried to settle down the girl that had seen the rat. I retreated to the bathroom and pulled the pup out of my coat. I looked her over. She was shaking terribly and I tried to calm her down without luck. I sat down and pet her slowly.

When the bell rang I figured I had to do something. I grabbed a piece of rope from the broken door and tied the dog to the toilet seat handle. I made it short so she couldn’t get off the seat. I scribbled

“Out of order” and taped it to the door. I told the pup to stay quit and took off for class.

My next subject was Spanish 3-4 last one of the day! As I walked in I noticed two people right away Steven and Hannah. Both people I would kill with my bare hands if I could. I took a seat by the window and stared out at the ocean view and turned to my book. I pretended to study but I kept glancing at Steven. I caught him looking at me. We made eye contact and held it for a moment before I turned away feeling heat rise in my cheeks.

Oops, I may appeared stone cold to everybody but put a hot guy in front of me and I couldn’t do crap.  I would have to get over that as soon as possible. I tried to pay attention to what the teacher but I couldn’t understand anything so I looked out the window and watched some guys surf, I haven’t mastered that yet. As I stared out towered the hypnotic waves I noticed a fin emerge, a surfer was heading right towered it! I sent a thought to where the fin was; yes I’m a freaky chick that can do anything I set my mind to, literally.  the fin slowly became attached to a long back that’s when I noticed a tail slapping the water, when it was just a dolphin, I heard my name I looked up startled, it was Steven, my knees became weak and I thanked the goddess I was sitting in a chair.” Yes?” I said my voice shaking a little,

“The bell rang” Steven said

“I knew that”

“Sure” Steven said doubtfully I rolled my eyes and got up grabbed my bag and headed towered the bus loop, I stopped remembering the pup, Steven crashed right into me

I  Whirled around gave him my best glare and headed towered the lunchroom bathrooms, Steven followed, calling my name I ignored him knowing if I gave him a minute to talk he would take more, I entered the girls bathroom and looked around to see if anyone was around, I opened my bag and stuffed the terrier inside, after I successfully quieted the pup I took off on my way to the bus loop.

I heard the busses starting, no! I Ran hard and as I approached the bus I waved my arms a hollered. Luckily the bus driver saw me and opened the doors again, she glared at me and I claimed I had to use the bathroom, which wasn’t a complete lie. I went and found an empty seat near the back of the bus. I felt something land on my head hard. I cried out, I whipped around and found the she devil herself Hannah smirking I stood up and gave her a right hook on the nose, every one hushed, it started bleeding really bad.

I smirked and sat back down she looked really surprised I silently laughed; then I got kind of self-conscious, too many people were looking at me. I’ve never bothered with my appearance. I  mean I’m not a model or anything but I’m definitely not ugly I’ve got long layered dark brown hair, green eyes and I’ve never been caught in anything except a pair of jeans and a tee shirt, unless its cold, then a hoodie too.  Oh and my necklace that Mia  gave me, It has her name and a little black cat I haven’t taken it off since the day I left, it keeps her with me.  I heard a little cheer and when I got off the bus people were patting my back, I ducked and ran the rest of the way home. When I was safely locked in my room I unzipped my bag and got a whiff of the present the dog left me I emptied my bag and put it in the washing machine alone. I returned to my room and the pup was curled in a ball under my bed, I couldn’t blame it for being scared it had had a rough day after all, just then I heard a knock on the door, how was I supposed to explain the dog to the family? I groaned involuntarily.



The drive back was pretty quiet, I decided to go see the gang, they could help me, I’d been having trouble controlling myself but Jake always knew what to say,


“I’m going out,” I called as I grabbed my bike,

“No you’re not, your grounded,

‘What if I walk?”

I heard Sam whine something about how my groundings always get let off easy, I started to walk down the driveway assuming the answer was yes, heard the door open but kept moving, Sam bounced over,

“Mom told me I had to stay with you, to make sure you don’t do anything bad”, I groaned, this was worse than no bike!

I would ditch her somehow, we walked about a mile with lue happily bouncing along and stopping to sniff a flower occasionally, once we were within ten feet of Jakes, I saw an older building that had a do not enter sign on its door, it practically screamed abandoned, I veered towered it, Sam tried to stop me but I was persistent, I entered and encouraged Sam in too. I closed the door behind me and since I was bigger than her I took the door knob out subtly and I looked around, I figured it take her an hour to get home and back at the least, I looked around and let out a low whistle. this place was old! Sam let out a whimper,

 “ what now?”

I went to the sound, I saw a heap of blankets and kicked it a little with my foot and Sam let out a another whimper

“It moved.”

 She said it so quietly I had to lean in and ask her to repeat herself so I could hear her.

“Let’s get out of here” I murmured, it had worked, she was scared enough. I went to the door and Sam started to cry when she noticed the door wouldn’t open. I pointed out the window,

“What about you?” Sam asked,

“You’re the only one that will fit. Go get help!” I feigned being scared. Go go, I prayed. She took the bait right out of my hand. Once she was gone I slowly counted out ten Mississippi’s and the pushed the door open and walked over to jakes. Ahh home sweet home






“Hey what’s up?” Jake asks as I walk in,

“Nothing much you?” I walked over and plopped down in a couch next to Ally, she nudged me twice and looked like she wanted to say something, and I got up and followed her out to the balcony,

“Who was that? Is she a new friend? Are you ditching me for a real red head because I know the brunet is starting to show but I swear I was going to dye it later! I saw you with her before, is she like us? I saw something on Google by the way.”  She shut up when she saw my eyes drifting into space,

“Overload! Her name was Sam, she is my sister, no she is not my new best friend, I would never ditch you, you’re my best friend! No she isn’t a witch, at all wait what was the last question?” I answered every question within 20 seconds, new record! Ally rolled her eyes and opened her laptop, wait she had a laptop? Since when did she have money?  I’d ask her about that later I thought to myself, who knows where she got it.

I rolled my eyes as I saw Jake sigh in disappointment. He’s been wanting someone new in the gang for a while he’s the newest out of us and he’s just getting the hang of his powers.  I’ve been teaching him a little but he’s a piece of work. I think he’s wanted someone to out shine, ever since he found out what he was, whatever we were; he’s been a little different. Before he was summoned he was a star in everything he did. I was always a loner and Ally was a cheerleader and not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. 

I glanced over to  Ally as she started to pull something up on Google. I was day dreaming about the weird things I’d seen Ci-ci do and couldn’t help but miss her. Ally nudged me and pointed to the screen. Apparently Ally had a face book and when I looked at what she was pointing at I saw the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in my short life.



I haven’t told anyone about the puppy yet. I brought up the idea of having a dog and my foster mom almost had a heart attack. I don’t think I’ll tell them about her. I picked up a book and started to read when my computer binged.

I glanced at it and saw someone had posted on my wall on Facebook. This girl named Alison Specks had written hi I’m Ally I know your sister, she’s a good friend of mine. She loves magnolias too.

It was the last sentence that had my attention. A witch’s signature was a magnolia. I kept reading.

Go to this address and I’ll meet you there at three in a weeks’ time!!!!!!!! Below there was an address posted. I looked it up on a map it was all the way in California. I decided it was worth the trip I grabbed the pup and an old leash and headed out the door. I left a note saying I had to go and would be back as soon as possible I grabbed a stack of money from my sock drawer. I glanced at it. There was three hundred dollars in the stack. I hoped it was enough and went.


At the airport I had a little trouble explaining myself and one old lady thought I was a runaway and threatened to call the cops. I assured her I was just visiting my old friend Ally. I decided that would be my story and stuck with it. When I finally managed to get on the plane I realized the stupidity of my actions. How was I supposed to get a ride to Los Angeles? I decided I would figure it out as I went along and eventually fell into a fitful sleep.

I dreamt of finally being reunited with Mia and us running away together. We were on a beach on a remote island.  There wasn’t another soul to be seen with in ten miles. It was peaceful. I relaxed a little and lit up a cigarette. It tasted funny, then it shriveled up and then Mia was lit on fire, the whole island was engulfed in flames within seconds I was standing all alone with a dry barren endless desert all around me. I looked around and then my knees gave out. I had lost Mia again I curled in to a ball and as I fell asleep a voice was calling out and shaking me. I opened my eyes and a dark haired girl with deep brown eyes was staring at me.

“The plane has landed you should really get a move on now.” The girl said, I  got my backpack down and exited the plane. I was greeted with blinding sunlight and I gasped in surprise. I went into the airport and retrieved the pup; I really need to name her I thought as she let out a little bark. I smiled and hailed a cab. All the cabs had someone in them or wouldn’t take me because of the pup. I set out on a walk brisk walk with the pup right at my heels.

  I had been walking for hours, and I was exhausted. I decided to stop at the next hotel I saw, and get a room. After about half an hour, I spotted a dirty looking motel. It looked suspicious, but I had a feeling it would be a long time before I spotted another place to spend the night. I walked into the lobby at up to the front desk. There was nobody there. I walked around behind the counter and saw an old man and a girl lighting up in a back room. I took one of the keys on the desk and went to find the room.

When I had settled into bed, after tearing all the blankets off after finding what looked like blood, I opened up my laptop to look at the address again.  I was closer then I realized, and origanally I had thought the house was in LA but it was actually on the outskirts of town. I was about a thirty minutes’ drive away. I decided I could walk it tomorrow and shut the laptop down, falling into a deep sleep for the first time in a long time.

When I woke up, I looked at the clock on the bedside table and shot out of bed. It was already 10:30!

The guy stopped and looked me over then laughed. I wondered what was so funny but didn’t ask; instead I gave him a death glare and kept walking I had the strange impulse to run. I decided to just speed up a little bit. The dog was jogging a little to keep up. Then a voice behind me a smooth as silk said “what’s the rush?” I turned around and looked him over. I normally would have punched him right then and there but there was something inside me, a little voice shouting at me to run. I held my ground and said in what I hoped came out as annoyed but had a little tremor in it “what are you following me for?” he chuckled and shoved me against a wall. I heard a soft growl escape from the pup. The man kicked her and she yelped. I instinctively went to pick her up but the man stopped me.

“Dylan stop it. She’s new in town. said a strained voice Dylan let go and was out of sight. The other man came up to me,

“Sorry about him he’s a jerk. I’m Jake what’s your name? “















  “Ally I could kiss you!” I hugged my best friend and told her I had to go home for dinner before I got in trouble. I went back to the house across the street. Right as I broke the door down so it looked like I got away from the house that way Sam came walking up the street with a hot guy who looked extremely built. I almost laughed at Sam’s expression when she saw me freed. I walked over to her as she was thanking the guy for coming and apologized for bringing him all the way out here. I turned away to hide my face. When I looked back again Sam was glowering at me. I wasn’t going to let her spoil my mood though. My sister was coming back after all. 


The rest of the walk home was peaceful enough and when we got home I ate my dinner and took a hot shower. When I got out and was dressed I went back downstairs and lie down on the couch armed with a bowl of extra butter popcorn and a giant chocolate bar. I turned on a movie and fell asleep on the couch.

I woke up early and decided I would invest the time in finding a cute outfit. Luckily, y school doesn’t have a dress code, so I could wear whatever I wanted. I found a pair of light blue shorts and a gray shirt that fit me really well.  When Sam got up, we ate breakfast and left for school without talking.

The day was moving pretty quickly and it was lunch before I knew it.  Steven came over to my table followed by quite a few glares one of them being my own. “What do you want now?” even as I said It I felt blood rushing to my cheeks.

“Nothing, just to get to know you a little more.”

He sounded so innocent I almost believed him. I was mad and now my perfect day was ruined. I smirked and replied “ “if you wanted to get to know me why choose now? We’ve been going classes together for a while, so why now?”  He was stunned and, was it hurt I saw in his eyes? It couldn’t be, but I felt glad that he was hurt. He was annoying and he was one of them, he was a SAC a SAC is a stuck-up annoying creeper who is also a total jerk. Except I couldn’t find a cool word with all four of those traits. So I stuck with SAC. I got up and left the table. Leaving Steven the sac looking after me. I don’t blame him for being upset. im probably the first person to ever say no to him and I almost laughed at that fact.


  The next and final class was pretty slow. I was by the window again and I watched the seagulls fly by the window or tearing apart a French fry. I snuck a glance at Steven I was feeling pretty guilty. Sacs are not the type of people who get used to the word no. I looked away when he caught me staring. I felt blood rush to my face I couldn’t wait until school was over, ii would finally be free!  Once the bell rang, I basically fell out of my chair in a rush to leave. I had safely made it out of the class room and I started walking home.



















I looked Jake over. Why did he look so surprised? My name was Ci-Ci so what? Maybe that was the name of his ex-girlfriend. I shrugged it off and started to walk away.  Before I was a foot away I felt a hand on my shoulder. “What’s your last name?” I just looked at him, why would he care what my last name was?

“Campbell” I don’t know why I told him that.

He cussed under his breath and stared at me with wide eyes. I was freaked out.

“Why does it matter? Are you ok?” I looked him over he didn’t seem crazy. I cocked my head and looked him over again. He let go of my arm.

“Are you by any chance related to a Mia Campbell?” it was my turn to go dumb. I gaped at him and I felt my eyes widen.

“Come with me, I know where she is right now.” He went over to a truck and opened it up motioning for me to hop in. I did.


Just a few more weeks and I would be reunited with my sister. I felt a surge of happiness as  I got on the wretched public bus and gave the driver a dollar. I found an empty seat at the back of the bus. I stared out the window, emotions overriding my thought process. I figured I would have to get off in two stops and started getting my stuff together. What would my sister look like? Would she be nice? Would she be happy to see me? Would she care how much I missed her? Would it be like in movies and we would live happily ever after? Would it be awkward and strange? I was scared. A distant sound interrupted my thoughts bringing me back to reality. I pulled out my phone.


 “Hey um come down to the ware house now. I have a surprise waiting for you.” I heard a click indicating that Jake hung up. Well ok then I guess I would go to the warehouse. I got off the bus at the next stop. I walked a good two miles to The Ware house. This had better be good I thought as I pushed open the door. What I saw made my heart stop.




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