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The story revolves around one's quest to identify the superiority of Luck over Hard Work or the other way. This has been a tough question to answer for many a people till date, and many of us have also experienced this complexity.
Some time it happens that no matter how hard we work.. our success depends on the Luck..chance,e.g. Job Interviews- We might have prepared a lot for the interview, but in the end we also feel somewhere that.. O God Please favour me today.. give me a good Luck.So where does whole of the hard work goes, if all is dependent on Luck only?

The story starts with introduction of two characters, one of whom believes the Luck to be superior over Hard work and other one believes either way.

Throughout the story we see the clash between the two elements Luck and hard work materialized with help of the two characters Shane and Sunny.

In the end we are able to find the result, which surprisingly is...... read out to find.

Submitted: August 25, 2012

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Submitted: August 25, 2012












“Five runs required of the last ball to win”, screamed the commentator as Harbhajan Singh held the grip of the bat and skewed the crowd. This was the last ODI between India and Australia. Venue of the match was Sydney cricket ground, Sydney, Australia. Crowd in the stadium shouted out there heart and voraciously supported the Indian team. At the non striker end it was Zaheer Khan holding the bat and was ready to make the fastest sprint of his life. Brett Lee- the bowler looked determined to deliver the best ball of the day. All the conditions looked to conjure up an extremely high adrenaline atmosphere. Lee completed his run up and bowled an extremely fine Yorker to bhajji.Harbhajan hit the ball with full strength but the ball was able to reach only till the inner circle of the on side. Both the batsman ran desperately for the maximum runs. Symonds the fielder on the on side after picking up the ball threw it to the non strikers end, and then what happened was a real blessing for the Indian team and the supporters. Ball missed the stumps and there was no one to cover this mistake. The ball sped towards the boundary and it was a four. Witnessing this crowd jumped into excitement and Indian team celebrated. India had won the last ODI and leveled the series by 3-3.

This was the scenario at the Sydney cricket ground. At the same time a room in Melbourne roared into the joy and smoke. Some one here had encountered a successful betting. Name of that person was Sunny. Sunny inchoately called as Suraj, and Sunny was an English transform of his Indian name. Sunny lived in Australia from last 5 years and used to bet on the cricket matches for his survival. It was believed that he possessed a strange kind of thing and that was his Luck.

It was famous about him that his golden luck allowed him to make the most accurate decision. Sunny was also proud of his luck. and had a belief that with his luck he could do anything and get success. He was so confident about his luck that he believed that even if he is at the tip of gun’s mouth he would easily escape from it without making efforts. In a way he believed that no matter how hard you worked if you didn’t  have  luck you are bound to get failure, and on above word’s he was strongly supported by his Mystical and recondite luck.

At the same time and the same place there was a man who was fulfilling the rules of game theory that is if somebody wins then somebody has to lose. This man, the looser was Shane, another indo-australian.Shane and sunny predominantly were friends but there mismatching ideas created an intransigent situation. As a result of this there friendship was no longer amicable. Shane believed more on the hard work rather than luck. He believed on working hard and doing case studies before taking any decision, unlike sunny for whom taking decision was just a trifle.


“Congratulations sunny you won again”, admired Shane while he looked in Sunny’s eye.

 “Yes I won, as always”, answered sunny.


Shane looked towards the window and lost in his own thought said.”Australia would have won the match if Symonds have had not committed that stupid act of the over throw on the last ball.”

“Don’t you think this act of Symonds was a part of my luck”, questioned Sunny.

“It was not your luck, in fact it was Symond’s fatigue and tiredness.” reverted sunny in aggressive manner.

“O.K, so don’t you think that Symonds’s fatigue and tiredness was my luck”, asked Sunny with a chuckle.

“It isn’t always luck sunny”, replied Shane looking deeply in the eyes of the sunny.

“It is always luck”, confirmed sunny.

“Time does not remains same sunny”, said Shane.

“Let’s see”, answered Sunny.


With this the conversation between the two unlikely friends ended up in the non conformity senses. In the above conversation we saw that Shane who was a strong supporter of hard work seems to be dependent on luck when he clarifies the fatigue and tiredness of Symonds, when he uses “if Symonds have had...”.So where the damn hard work does goes in all this. Do luck and hard work form two mutually dependent functions. Which one of them is superior Luck or the hard work?
























Five years later both the friends progressed in there careers in terms of the time, but in terms of the success only one of them progressed, and that was Sunny. Under effect of his golden luck, Sunny sky rocketed from a novice better to a specialized match fixer. Now he owned his own betting center and was a proprietor of more than ten million dollars. In due course of the time he had created many of his enemies, who were jealous of his success in such a small duration of time. On the other hand Shane was not able to do well in his life and encountered many failures in his life. During the span of five years he married to his Australian lady love Sarah and was gifted with a little angel Yukti. Failure in his professional life also affected his personal life. He was not able to even give a one time nutritious diet to his baby girl-Yukti. These conditions resulted in scrimmages with Sarah. Problems of Shane were ineffable. He also had to face a public resentment due to his mother in law Mrs. Soophy. All this resulted in a never welcomed consequence. Sarah left Shane and went to her mother’s home for sake of her daughter’s health and life. Sarah and Shane loved each other tremendously but they broke up due to the unavoidable circumstances. Harmony of their love was jaded by the bitterness of acrimonious truth of the life. Shane was all shattered.
































In the mean course of time Sunny enjoyed the beauty of his luck. He touched the heights of the success. But after so many days Sunny got a strange feeling. He had not betted since last 1 year and feared that whether he retained his original luck or not. Thinking this he felt a movement in his stomach and his body heavied. To get out of such kind of feeling he brooded a lot and finally took a step. This step would prove to be a test certificate of his esoteric luck. He decided to bet once again to check his Godly luck. Now God himself was going to check his credibility! While he made this decision his mind struck with the striking words said by Shane years before, “time never remains same”. Now Sunny was determined to check his luck. He decides to bet on a match for his luck.

Shane decided to take some revolutionary step in order to improve his living and social condition. He decided to move out of this betting business and look for something else, which could give him relief and direction to rediscover his life. He had lost the most precious possession of his life- his wife Sarah. He loved Sarah the most, but unfortunately not more than his profession,betting.the profession which ultimately doomed his life, and he didn’t know whom to blame for all this, supremacy of the Luck or unknown defects in his hard work. He wanted her wife and daughter back. Shane decided to leave for South Africa where he was anticipating to work for his uncle in his firm. He manifested himself like a clairiyont whose feelings were ineffable. He was very deep seated with all that happened in his life. He was beaten by luck and his hard work didn’t help him out. Due to all this he decided to take this step. He was leaving for South Africa with some anticipated favors.

On the other hand Sunny in order to certify his luck decide to bet on the match which was to be held between South Africa and Australia at Johannesburg, South Africa. This match was going to clear his doubts about his mystical luck. This event was going to be very important for him, his luck. This was going to be a pass certificate for his luck.

Shane was ready to leave for South Africa, he had got his tickets. His flight was at 10 P.M. Before leaving he generated a feeling to meet his wife Sarah, for whom he was doing all this. He was taking this step because of her, to get her back, and he urged to meet her for the last time before he left to South Africa. He called Sarah and told her his feelings. Sarah on listening to what Shane said was moved, and the bitter feeling in her heart was overcome by the act of Shane. She decided to meet him. Shane invited her at the pub where they first met, rocio’ Seville.

It was five of the evening and sunny was at his favorite place, the birth place of his luck, the pub where he used to bet and from where his career skyrocketed. He was once again here at the grass root level with standards of simply Sunny-the man of luck. Australia had won the toss and decided to bat first, for the luck or against the luck of Sunny, and count down for sunny had started. Now sunny had to make the decision, which was going to prove invulnerability of his luck.

Here it was evening and Shane was waiting for Sarah to come. Shane occupied a chair placed centrally in the pub and then he was lost in the memories of old days. He retrospected the sweet time he spent with Sarah, those lovely days when their love blossomed under the blue sky. The pulchritude of their love was immense. In the thoughts he revisited the places where he spent time with Sarah, where they spent hours together and where for the first time they both encountered their first kiss and the proceedings. Those moments were magical and its magic was prosaic. Taciturnity of that place allowed them to enjoy those moments. Shane was lost in these thoughts when he was disturbed by a voice, voice of Sarah. That was a beautiful timing, he thought about Sarah and she was there. His time has started to change, he thought about a thing and it was there. Was this a starting of the new and changed time? Apart from these feelings there stood Sarah Senet- a view. Sarah beared a wide forehead, a perfect ausiee skin. The robe she wore hung snugly over her well tanned cleavage. Her perfect body could easily titillate the senses of any men. Apart from this her pinkish lips shined brilliantly and her eyes displayed a thousand of emotion. Shane stood up and offered her the seat. He was speechless and could not utter a word. He felt himself as a criminal and guilty of giving numerous problems to such a simple and beautiful women. He realized his mistakes and was desperate to tell Sarah that he always loved her.

Sunny decided to bet on Australia as his senses told him in the first time.

He felt in himself the same confidence which he felt for the first time he betted. He felt relieved. He took a glass of wine and enjoyed on the couch there anticipating Australia to win. By this time 35 overs had gone and Australia stood 280/4.australian captain Ricky Ponting was batting at score of 101 along with Symonds on 32.Match conditions were favoring the Sunny’s decision. The score proved that Sunny still possessed same luck-unturned, unchanged.

“How are you Sarah”, asked Shane in a soft voice.

“I am good, how are you”, replied Sarah while she looked into Shane’s eye, which were trying to escape her eyes due to guilt.

“How is Yukti”, asked Shane along with tears in his eyes.

“Don’t worry she is fine and please don’t cry”, Sarah requested her while she held his hand.

Sarah’s one look after such along time made him feel light and relaxed. He was blown away by the simplicity and the beautiful eyes of Sarah which gave him same feeling of closeness, proclivity as they gave him for the first time. Sarah hadn’t changed a bit in last 5 years.

Shane was emotional by this time and cried.

In his mind he thought that how could he split with such a nice lady. He had been sordid in his life and really didn’t care about his family. He lamented for what he did in his life.

“Sarah I am sorry for what ever I did to you, but now I have realized that you are the most important thing in my life and now I am going to get you back by changing and improving myself. Sarah I am leaving to South Africa where I will work with my uncle, and I will return only when I would become able enough to take care of both of you. Sarah I have pledged to reincarnate our love. You gave me the meaning of life, you taught me what love is and also you gave me the feeling of being a father. Sarah in the past five year I missed you, I remembered you, in my dreams, I felt you and Sarah I loved you and will always love you.”Said the emotional creature.

Sarah was moved till the deepest point of her heart. Her eyes were wet and also her feelings now were ineffable.

“I have no words to say Shane, but I have only to say that I had always loved you. I never hated you as a person but it was our daughter’s health which forced me to make a decision of splitting from you, as she was as precious to me as you. Alone I could have lived with you, but I couldn’t risk our daughter’s health. Along with Yukti’s health there were other factors which aggravated me to take the decision of splitting up with you.

I have loved you more than I love my self Shane, you are everything to me”, committed Sarah.

“I never thought all this sarah”, said Shane while he held Sarah’s hand.

“I am going to come with you Shane”, said Sarah.

These were the unexpected words for Shane, in his heart he felt a great joy and he really felt that his good time has started. First he got chance to work with his uncle and know Sarah was going to come with him. He rejoiced.

The two love birds now felt much young and were lost in each other.

Australia had set an impossible target of 434 against South Africa. Sunny’s decision was still favored by the match conditions and he was confident of his decision. His luck stood crass and unturmoiled.


“Shall we have a dance”. Asked Shane to Sarah.

Request of Shane was followed by a smile by Sarah. The couple stood up and launched on the dance floor while they looked deeply in either’s eyes.

There bodies were much closer now and Sarah was in strong arms of Shane.

Beautiful Sarah could easily be a cause for envy for any men present there.

“Do you love me”, asked Shane while he kissed Sarah’s forehead and tightly held her.

“More than my life my Sir”, replied Sarah, while she relaxed her self in the arms of Shane.


South Africa started in a horrible fashion and had lost two early wickets in just six overs. All the conditions were favoring Sunny’s luck. Things were going right and fear of Sunny was going to be eradicated. At this instant Sunny got a strange feeling, an insecure feeling. He got a feeling which he hadn’t got in last five years. He was feeling uneasy and unsure about his decision. Suddenly he got uneasy with the smoke and noise of the room, and decided to go in a free space to rethink over his decision. In spite of all the favored situations he got this kind of feeling. He moved out of the battle field and looked for fresh air. He decided to go on the roof of the pub so that he could get silence and light atmosphere to think about his decision. It was quite amazing to see that a person who was proud of his luck, who never thought before deciding any thing had to WORK HARD to make a decision. Amazing.


Here the two love birds lost in the love and struck by the Cupid had found a lone place to enjoy the moment.

“Did you missed me in last five years”, asked Sarah while she hung her hand around the neck of Shane.

“Yes my love I missed you in all my days and nights”, replied Shane as he took Sarah’s weight and held her tightly upwards to bring her near his lips.

“Now don’t”, said Sarah looking on the Shane’s lips, which was followed by the sensuous contact of Sarah’s lips.

Shane tasted them, first the upper, then lower and then the whole. They intensified as they proceeded.

They were under the open sky and were enjoying the act which they could not perform since last 5 years. Shane pinned Sarah hardly against the wall and kissed her lusty lips and moved downwards through the lovely neck and the cleavage. Shane gripped every part of Sarah’s body while Sarah kissed him even more tightly. There body seemed to be inseparable. While they performed there love act they heard a sound of thud. They separated and ran towards the place from where the noise came while they wore their tops. As they reached at that place a body felt in front of them. The body was smudged with the blood. Shane tried to look the face of the body and was shocked when he recognized the man. He was his anti-thoughtful friend Sunny. He was still alive.

“What the hell, how did this happen”, asked Shane frantically.

“He.., hey Mr. Hardy once again, how are u and your hard work”, said Sunny in breaking words.

“You are impossible, Even at this time, come on let’s go to the hospital, you look serious.” said Shane while he held Sunny in his hands. Hard luck holding the myriad of the luck. Strange.

“It’s of no use now Shane, it’s late”, said Sunny as he cried in pain.” Somebody hit me with bullets, that to five.” Completed Sunny in immense pain.

“Come on nothing will happen to you, we will reach hospital in few minutes”, convinced Shane, while sarah looked at both of them with eyes widespread.

“No Shane I have betted on the match and I want to test my luck, I don’t want to die unlucky, I have got the right name Shane, it’s South Africa.”, said Sunny while he seemed to be fainted. Now Sarah also helped Shane in holding Sunny.

“Go and bet by my side on South Africa, and prove me Lucky, and ensure my LUCK.”, uttered Sunny in a low tone.

“But...” said Shane and was interrupted by Sunny, “Do as I say, I can not live unlucky.hey Mr. hardy go and try my Luck, may be your Luck changes.”

Seeing Sunny’s adamant replies Sarah took his charge and said Shane to go and do as Sunny said. Sunny unwillingly left from there and went to the betting point where betting took place. He betted on South Africa an amount of one million.



South Africa had won. Shane had won. Sunny had won. Luck was proven.

Shane returned back to tell the result to Sunny. Till he returned Sunny was dead.  Shane was shocked and was in a neutral state. Due to the fear of consequences they had to run from there. While running from there Shane felt a great sense of guilt. He wanted to go back and try to save Sunny, knowing that he was dead, but he couldn’t because he was dead.

One week had passed and still Shane was not able to recover from what all happened that night. Investigation of the case was going on. To make Shane feel better, Sarah decided to take him to Bondi beach.

They were in Sarah’s car, and drove to the Bondi beach.

Shane had won the double of what he betted that is two million dollars.  But he felt himself guilty of the Sunny’s death. He was mentally disturbed by what all happened.

He was supported by Sarah.

“Hey dear, forget all about what happened”, said Sarah relaxing sunny.

“How can I sarah”, questioned Shane.

“Come on Shane you have to look at our future, you have got 2 million dollars, and now you could start your own work. We can live happily, and by the way you didn’t kill Sunny.” clarified Sarah.

“But we could have saved him”, reverted Shane.

“May be this all is written in your fortune, why don’t you take positives from the result. You never believed in the luck, but now you have got luck, luck of Sunny. Luck of Sunny had been transferred to you.” said Sarah in order to consolidate Shane.

These words from Sarah impacted the disturbed mind of Shane, and were going to yield something out from it

Hearing these words Shane analyzed the situation and found that He had been lucky due to Sunny. He won two million dollars due to Sunny. If all this is written then why don’t use it, and after all what had Hard work given him. His thoughts revolutionized He took a decision which was going to drop a bomb shell on Sarah.

“I am going to Bet.”, voiced Shane.

Words of Sarah had gone wrong and once again Shane had broken her heart by making this decision. Sarah’s plans of future shattered with these words from Shane. She was just trying to consolidate Shane but it created a totally different situation.

“But you said that you will never bet.”, asked Sarah in a demanding manner while she held Shane.

“I said it when I was unlucky. But now I am Lucky. I possess luck of Sunny and I am going to use it, but not without you.” said Shane.

“Please Sarah just believe me for this time, I will prove myself and not let you to repent on your decision. Please Sarah, please.” requested Shane while he looked in her eyes.

Now future of Shane depended on Sarah’s decision, as he would not do the things he wanted without Sarah. The future of the Luck transference depended on decision of Sarah.

Now the story depended on Sarah. Sarah had to decide which way she should go. Whether she should believe on Shane’s words or not. All the readers are waiting for Sarah’s reply along with Shane. The chamber of secrets was open. Sarah answers.

“O.K, I will come with you.”

Hearing this Shane’s heart leaped in joy, he had really become lucky.

“Thank you very much Sarah.” Said Shane with wet eyes while he hugged Sarah.

“But you will have to take a great care of mine and my Daughter,” demanded Sarah while she leaned against the Shane’s chest.

“Definitely my love,” confirmed Shane while he kissed Sarah, and leaned Sarah on the back seat of the car and made love to welcome their new life.


The bad experience of Sunny’s death was overcome by nice experience of luck and the coupl decided to head towards a new life. Life of the Luck.



We see in the story that finally luck had won. So does it means that Hard work remains inferior to the MIGHTY LUCK. No matter how hard did Shane worked to get the name of winning team, doesn’t matters how many pages he wasted  in writing and doing mathematical calculations, probability, and other processes to determine the winning team, because he was not lucky , he could not Succeed. So what should we take from the story. Is being Lucky Far more important than being Hard working or Hard work and Luck are an inter related function, one causing other to occur. Is luck as paslimprest. Does being unlucky Quells your chances of being successful. There are lots of questions which titillate our mind, and we need to find the answers, which will be very difficult to get. We may spend a life time to get these answers, but then also we may not get satisfactory answers. You do try to find the answers to my questions, and WORK HARD to find them. BEST OF LUCK.










 Shane lived happily after that night in the car at the Bondi beach. There after he betted on the matches and constantly won money. They lived happily for next two years.

After two years case of Sunny’s death was solved.

That night Sunny was shot down by his enemies. But somebody else was accused for it. It was Shane. That night when Shane and Sarah were present on roof and Sunny laid down there being shot, Shane forgot to put on his wrist  band which beared his name.

Persons who were guilty in all this took advantage of this chance and plotted more evidences which supported the Shane’s involvement in the murder.

Shane was punished for this and was subjected a punishment of Death.


Rancored Shane left a message for his family:

“Luck is not only about of having good luck, but also about having bad luck. We lived happily for two years as the result of Sunny’s and hence my good luck. But now I am going to die because of Sunny’s and hence my bad luck. Along with the good luck which was transferred from Sunny, Bad Luck was also transferred. I pray to the Almighty that this bad luck does not affects you all. Goodbye.”







































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