night slender

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It is my first horror story and i must say it is kinda good

Submitted: July 16, 2013

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Submitted: July 16, 2013



It was a normal party when i saw slender man but i didint know that it was slender until i read about it in a artical in the news and saw a pic of a long tall suited man with a tie i belive it was like that eather way but i think you would like the story so with no further delay here it is. It was a normal saturday party but we was at a diffent friend of mine and i must say the dark green roof with the white walls and blue floor didint match but hey i got free beer so it was alright as long the beers kept on comming and he was a nice friend. The lights went of and i saw him in the dark forest that was beside his house and there he was in the botton right corner of the window and looked at me i didint care at first but then he raised his long black arms and reveald 4 more arms and then the lights started to flicker on and off. I became scared at the sight but thoght it was only my imagination but...I WAS SO WRONG. I decided to go home and didint tell any one at the party what i saw but i regrett i didint do it. So as i drived home i met \"him\" on the road ofc i didnt hit him but i warent so sure about it so i pulled over and looked for him but did not find him so i gave up. I made it home and didint die on the way and now im safe...atleast for now.

It's me again and it's day 3 sins the meeting with slender and he's here im my apartment right now so i may not survive to see my little girls wedding that's this weekend.

It's day 5 now and i belive im gonna die today soo there for i must say that i love my wife louise and my doughter rebecca-sincerly markus

I survived another day and im gonna kill it today \"wish me luck\" hope i dont die bye all in case if i die i love my beloved wife and kid love markus.

the children i kill, the parents i haunt, the lounly i terror and the rest i kill-slender

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night slender

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