End of the Ship Crew's Journey

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It is a very short story about a captain getting a letter and is frightened that she is going to lose her entier crew. What does this letter say? why is she so scared?

Submitted: January 05, 2012

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Submitted: January 05, 2012



End of the Ship crew’s Journey

It was an hour till midnight and I Captain Nicola was reading a letter that I did not understand nor like a bit it said “that I had to meet someone with my crew, ” this letter also told me that I  was going to get gold but this was going to be a lie.

The crew also got a read at this letter they told me a key clue I had missed, we must meet the mystery person at midnight in a graveyard this was getting worrying and frightening then one of the crew Sherlock woods said to me “take it to the cooks they might have some idea.”

So I went down to the cooks Chef Georgia found in the letter that there were no swords to come, Georgia came to my cabin and I whispered “no swords it doesn’t say pocket knife or daggers so get the men to do that,” then Georgia replied  “yes Captain,” so she did with only half an hour till midnight.

We finally arrived at the graveyard it had got dark, foggy and ice cold with our daggers hidden I had my pocket knife in my pocket ready. I saw two figures in the distance they had in their hands wooden dolls as I and the crew approached them we all stop to see Daniel our second Captain scared and tired he knew what was going to happen.

It struck midnight and then suddenly James fell but didn’t get back up I listened to his heart it stopped and James had died and one of the people dropped a wooden doll I had found out what they were for.

We got out our daggers but the people dropped three more dolls another three had died only I, Sherlock and Georgia were left they had four though it was Daniel’s.

I didn’t want the last three of my crew to died so I secretly slid my dagger to Daniel and I got my trusty pocket knife out and fought them and till that day the Journey of my crew ended and I have been sailing on the seas but till this day I think about the crew but at least I have three left.

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