Lights of Light

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About two young girls saving and protecting dragons from danger, and saving the world from darkness.
5th book in the series

Submitted: January 10, 2012

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Submitted: January 10, 2012



Light of lights


Lights are bright and stars are bright. The best Light of all is fire light. Dragons can breathe the fire, but not all dragons can breathe fire, some water or maybe ice.


The sun was rising but the legend of Oak was already awake and he had a story to tell about two young girls and their dragon boys.


Flying high in the sky and diving low to the water, Maple and Oak ride through ocean breeze. Willow and Ash soar on the warm, summer breeze and make the most of their time, which won’t last long.

They land down by the side of lily pad loch; this was Ash’s favourite place to be. This was because it was where the girls found Ash. Ash was a wonderful dragon, kind and friendly dragon unlike The Dark Dragon, who was defeated in battle by Oak and Ash but he had not died.

Dragons never die till their rider, lord or Master dies; then they become mortal.


Suddenly a flash of Lightning almost hit Willow and she yelped in pain, unaware of the storm clouds that were stirring menacingly up above. A yellow streak shot across the dark sky. WOW! A lightning bolt flashed, and there, sitting calmly on a sharp rock, was a little yellow ball, slowly uncurling to form a cute dragon. It arrogantly preened its forepaws and looked up expectantly.

“Snacksies?” it inquired, making its eyes wide as possible.

“Sorry, we don’t have any food.” Maple answered, as the little dragon with its big golden eyes cried and whined. Feeling sorry for the poor little dragon, she said, “But I can offer you lodgings with us for a bit. Would you like that?”


Helping the little dragon on to Oak’s back Maple mounted on to Oak with the little dragon. Willow got on Ash and the dragons took off home for the day. “Maple,” Willow asked “I think we should name this one Sparky. What do you think?” Maple agreed and said, “What a lovely name! I love it!” The newly named Sparky curled up sleeping, waiting for his big adventures to begin.


Maples Diary Entry

I think that today was perfect, that my dragon Oak is the best and is very smooth at riding especially when it comes to flying home the little new Dragon which we called Sparky.

The Necklace I got last from the Ice dragon is glowing so I think this little dragon has got an adventure accompanying it, meaning it’s time to start reading the story on this little yellow Dragon.


The morning after was warmer than ever but there were stars every where.

Maple got on Oak and flew to the Library to get the book she needed.

Reading it fast she found what she was looking for the Lightning dragon the smallest but cheekiest dragon in the world. This little Dragon had been annoying the Day and the Night dragon, so when this little dragon flew out of the sky it was because it got hit by one of the dragons and then came down on a shooting star.

While Maple showed Willow what she was on about, the day dragon thought it was too early in the morning to have the stars out.

“I hate my Brother Shadow. He is so annoying he doesn’t even put the stars away.” said Amber the Day Dragon.

“I heard what you said,” said Shadow “I hate you too, Amber!”

“Well if you heard me then why not put the stars away!” shouted Amber.

“I can’t be bothered.” shouted Shadow flying off.


Suddenly there was a clash of thunder and Maple and Willow jumped on the backs of their dragons and flew of into the distance.

“Why is the weather acting weird?” asked Willow.

“I don’t know, maybe it is something to do with the little dragon because my necklace is glowing.” replied Maple.

Flying along side them Sparky looked glum he knew he had done this by annoying Amber and Shadow.

“Umm, Maple,” spoke Sparky “I did this, I annoyed the Day and Night Dragons.”

“WHAT!!!” shouted Maple “Sparky what made you do that?”

“I don’t know,” answered Sparky sadly “because I was bored.”

“Well at least you gave us something to do.” Maple answered nicely.

“Ash, Oak” said Willow “You heard Maple we got to go help the dragons so lets fly up above the clouds.”

So Maple flew higher than the clouds and saw the two dragons cloud home.


Landing safely, Maple got off Oak and Willow got off Ash. They went through the hall and saw the Night Dragon called Shadow and the Day Dragon called Amber. They had already started the fight that could end the world.

“Ash!” shouted Willow “go and stop them before they cline their powers together.”

Ash went but as soon as he got in he got hit down by the Day dragons lightning ball and the Night dragons Moon Ball, and when this happened Oak went and stop there powers with time control. Then suddenly the two dragons had created a new light a new star that was not a normal star it was Sparky’s powers he had finally earned them and disappeared when he got them.

“Ash!” Willow shouted again.


Ash had fallen and never got back up he was luckily still breathing. Willow ran over to where Ash was. Maple got on Oak and flow over to Ash.

“Willow,” Oak said “it’s go to be O.K.”

Maple thought hard and remembered she still had the book on how to cure your dragon. She looked through and found that he was either a goner or survivor, there was two ways one go back in time and stop the little dragon from annoying the Day and Night dragon or to go back to battle and just let Oak battle.


“Willow,” asked Maple “it’s up to you?”

“Let’s stop that little rascal.” Answers Willow wiping tears from her eyes.


Leaving Ash behind Oak took Willow and Maple back to the day Sparky annoyed those Dragons.

Arriving in one piece they saw Ash but it was the past one not the present one. Getting on Oak’s back Maple and Willow flew to the cloud home of Amber and Shadow.


“Shadow!” shouted Maple.

“Amber!” shouted Willow.

“Don’t listen to what the little lightning dragon tells you he is just trying to wind you up your brother does care about you and his job.” says Willow.

“Ok thank you for warning me trainer Willow” Amber replies.


“Don’t Listen to what the little lightning dragon tells you he is just trying to wind you up your sister does care about you and her job.” Says Maple

“Ok thank you for warning me Mistress Maple.” Replies Shadow.

“Wait,” says Maple and Willow “how do you know our names and titles?”


“Well the famous Oak told us,” says Shadow and Amber “(you and Willow) or (you and Maple) are known by every dragon.”

Suddenly there was a yellow flash like Maple and Willow saw when they found Sparky. They thought that it had already been but it has land in front of them again. It started to make annoying noises and babbled on about the two dragons hating each other but Maple grabbed and tapped its mouth up.


But by the time they had thrown the dragon away the two dragons were already fighting and so then Ash wouldn’t have to risk his life when they went back they sent oak and Oak stop them in the same way but this time the light which was created was not the powers it was Maple and Willow’s powers. When they got their powers they suddenly disappeared and reappeared in the present and instead of a Sleeping Dragon they found a puzzled Ash.


“Thank you for warning us,” Amber thanked them.

“Yeah I don’t like fighting my Sister she is to strong for me,” laughed Shadow.

“We should be thanking you,” answered Maple “you have given us our first Dragon Master Power.”


They all said goodbye and Maple and Willow flew off with three new members of their team for the final battle.

Amber, Shadow and Sparky.


The End!

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