Royal Love

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It involves the royal family but it is mostly Harry (Henry) and is written in the first person it is about him finding a girl and ending up falling in love they going off to fight in a war.

Submitted: April 28, 2012

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Submitted: April 28, 2012




Love; what is it really? I wait every day to finally meet my true love, what about you? I know it is hard to find the perfect guy, but how I found my love was interesting. The person that I find in the story is not any ordinary person either; he is wonderful and very charming. The story starts in the staff room of Thorn Grove primary school, the primary school that I went to myself as a child. I was sat there sipping coffee from a mug, when one of my colleagues came over to me and asked me a question. “Alexis are you going to help with the big read?” she asked.

“Um,” I answered pausing to rethink, “sure, where is it?”

“The Library in town,” she replied, “you need to be at the Library tomorrow at one o’clock.” The bell then went to say lunch had ended; I took my coffee and went to go collect year 1 from the playground. I led my class back inside just before it started to rain, we all looked outside at the rain pouring from the sky. I looked glumly outside the window, and then one of the pupils pulled on my cardigan. “Miss Wilson,” he said.

“Yes Alexander,” I answered.

“What are we going to do?” he asked, looking very sad. I looked down at him then back outside, think what to do. “After registration, we will do quiet reading and phonics.” I answered, walking the children over to the carpet. I took the register and called out each name one by one, waiting for the response of “here miss.” After this we got on with the rest of the now miserable day. When it finally got to home time I sent the children out to their parents, and then eventually went home myself.

Driving in this miserable weather was tiring because of all the traffic from schools, but as soon as I was home I side sighed with relief. I opened my door to my home and saw many letters that had been posted through my door. “Bill, bill, bill…” I said to myself but then paused, “what’s this?” It had a picture of the royal coat of arms.  I thought to myself how peculiar, I’ve never even met one of the members of the royal family. I opened it but before reading it I had to see who it was from… “Prince Henry,” I said to myself, “I didn’t think there was prince Hen… oh wait a minute its Harry.” Why would he write to me? I put the letter in a draw and then went to make myself dinner.


The very next day I woke up and ran over to the draw that I put the letter in, and read it again and it said something that shocked me:

Dear Miss Wilson,

You are probably wondering why I have written this letter to you, and it is because we (the royal family) heard about the big read at Bishops Stortford Library. We will be coming to see you and all the others helping children read and raise money. We shall help you with this and I am looking forward to meeting you.

From Prince Henry

I should have read it more carefully the first time, but I now I was in a rush to get to the library to help set up. I grabbed my cardigan and ran out to get in my car, but then paused and got on my bike instead and cycled there. I was actually glad that I took my bike; it was a lovely warm day although there was traffic at the lights. I went straight through to the Library. “Oh Alexis, you’re here early,” said Alice the teacher I worked with.

“I know the royal family are coming,” I said running inside. Alice had a confused look on her face and then realised and ran inside after me. “Relax Alexis,” she said, grabbing me by the shoulders, “you needed to sit down and relax.”

“Your right, I need to relax,” I answered sitting down. She then went off to finish of preparing for the charity event. When it got to one, all the children from school and the parents flooded the Library. Alice went off with some of the year 1s and I read with some of her receptions. It got to half one and I was reading with James one of my year 1s when the royal family got here. I saw them enter the door and I curtsied, with the other helpers and children. I lifted my head to see this red haired, shining eyed, handsome young man. I then my stare was interrupted by Alice who said, “Alexis, go put some books away I’ll read to the little ones.” I nodded then went over to the reading area to pick up some books.

It seemed that when Alice was always ruining things for me, but she was not going to ruin this not this time. I picked up the books and mumbled to myself angrily, and because I was not watching where I was going I knocked into some dropping the books. “I’m so sorry; I didn’t know you were there,” I said not looking at the person’s face.

“It’s alright,” said the person bending down to help me. It must have been a man he had a low voice, but then I was definite that it was a man. We both looked up at each other catching each other’s gaze. “As I said I’m terribly sorry,” I said without even knowing.

“What is your name?” he asked.

“Alexis Wilson, and you Prince Harry,” I whispered.

“Alexis, that’s a wonderful name just like you,” he answered, “and your eyes are like sapphires.”

“Your eyes shine like stars,” I replied.

“Alexis, there you are,” said Alice, “it’s your turn to… Oh.” She noticed that we were having a romantic moment.

“It’s alright Alice,” I answered, bowing my head, “I’ll come and read.”

“Alexis,” Harry whispered, falling back into a chair. William saw him fall back and went over to talk to him.

“Are you alright?” he asked, putting a hand on his little brother’s shoulder.

“I think I’m in love,” he said. William thought he had lost it for a moment and then saw where he was gazing.

“With her?” he asked.

“Yes, her,” Harry said getting up to talk to William privately, “but what am I supposed to do?”

“Ask her to meet you somewhere,” he suggested. Harry thought of many places and then thought “I’ll asked Alexis what she likes.” William tilted his head a little suggesting to his brother to go and talk to her. Harry started to walk over to her but then stopped thinking of what to say. He continued onwards and then stopped and asked her, “Alexis, can I talk to you privately?”

“Of course, your highness,” I answered, getting up and walking over to the young adult section where no one was.

“Alexis, I would like to see you again, but where would you like to meet?” he asked.

“Well, I like horse riding and there is a wonderful place that is perfect for picnics called Audley end,” I answered.

“Audley end it is and horse riding after,” he answered smiling. I smiled at him, and then handed him a bit of paper with my number. William then called him over and they left. Alice came over and asked, “Do you love him?”

“Yes, he is a very charming gentleman,” I answered. Alice drove me home while we wait for the traffic to clear, my mobile rang. Alice and I looked at it then I put it on loud speaker, “hello?” I said.

“Hello, its Harry,” he said.

“Hi Harry,” I answered.

“Hi Alexis,” he replied, “You didn’t say when we were going to meet up.”

“How about tomorrow afternoon,” I suggested.

“Sounds great, see you then,” he said.

“Bye,” I said pressing end call. I leaned back in the car seat, and smiled at Alice. She knew I was I love truly and that it would last for the rest of my life. When I Alice had dropped me off at my home, I went upstairs and started looking through all my clothes and summer dresses but there was nothing. Alice was still outside so I ran back outside and asked to help me. “What is it Alexis?” she asked.

“I need help with choosing a dress,” I answered opening my wardrobe to her. She knew what I meant somewhere to fancy for the occasion or they were too raggedy. I remember that Alice was once a Textiles teacher in a secondary school, so I brought her some different types and colours of material. She chose this light baby blue fabric and some light blue ribbon, she got to making and it took her most of the night to finish it. Three quarter length sleeves, not too tight or big just right, and a lovely bow at the back. “It’s perfect Alice,” I said hugging her.

“I know,” she said, “wear it with your small blue jacket and it will look wonderful.” Alice picked up her handbag and went home. I took the dress off carefully and got ready for bed; I got into bed and prayed for everything to keep being perfect. The next morning Alice arrived in her ford fester. Alice came rushing into the house and was screaming in excitement. “Alice calm down,” I said, picking up the basket, “let’s go.” She nodded and grabbed my hand and ran to the car, almost tearing my dress. I looked out of my window, but I felt very down why was this you ask; well I’ll tell you. I’ve been let down in the past, I’ve met someone and been told they love me and then they never show to the date. I have to be happy I trust Harry he will be there I’m sure of it.

Arriving at Audley end Alice and I walked over to not see Harry but William and Kate. “You’re Highnesses,” we said curtsying.

“Where is his other highness?” I asked, looking rather confused.

“I’m afraid he is hiding” said William.

“He’s at the stables,” said Kate, getting slightly annoyed at William not telling poor me where he was. I curtsied and ran off to find Harry, while Alice and the other two had lunch.

“Harry!” I called, looking round the stables, “where is he? Harry!” I looked in a stable to find him tacking up two of the horses, I smiled at him. “There you are,” I said, relieved to have found him.

“You said you liked horse riding,” he answered. I nodded and then answered, “You remembered.” He gave it little laugh and then smiled at me as well. I helped him finish off tacking up, and then leading them out to the mounting blocks. Before I got on I went to change into some jodhpurs and polo shirt, and then mount the horse. Unfortunately we completely forgot about the picnic, leaving Alice looking very nervous on her own with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, although she was actually coping.

Harry and I went riding through the gardens and along the river bank. We stopped by the river bank though, and lye there watching the sunset. “Harry, I’ve had a wonderful time with you today,” I said turning my head.

“As have I,” he replied turning his head. I sat up and then looked into the water at my reflection, Harry then joined me. We looked our reflections and then at each other, we both had the same thought going through our heads “kiss or no.” He then took my hand, and I looked at our hands and then back at his face. I closed my eyes and then kissed him. It then started to rain and we ran back to the horses galloping back to the stables un-tacking them. Harry took me home and bid me good night.

Monday morning, I went to school very happy to see the pupils. We had great fun doing Maths and then phonics. After break we had P.E. and then English, lunchtime was brilliant Alice asking me so many questions that I didn’t answer but she was desperate to know. Finally after lunch we did art and had a great day. I went home and the sun was shining, and the sky was blue nothing could go wrong. But when I got home I had a letter lying on the floor I opened it slowly, and read it and then started to cry, it read.

Dear Alexis,

I have gone to fight in Afghanistan once again, and I am hoping I will be back within 2-3 months. I will miss you Alexis and I forgot to tell you something, I love you with all my heart.

I shall write to as often as I can, but please keep writing to me I need to hear your voice in my head reading your letters. I promise to try and not die or got badly injured. I love you Alexis don’t forget that.

From yours truly Harry

I started to cry so much hearing this, I loved him too and I never got to tell him. I sent a message to Alice on my mobile, to come here quick. As soon as she got her she ran up to my room and read the letter.

“Oh sweetie,” she said, comforting me, “he said he will be back soon, and, and he loves you.”

“I know,” I said sniffling, “but I never got to say I love him back.”

“Well,” she answered, “write to him, he said to.” I nodded and then grabbed a piece of paper, a pen and something to lean on. “OK,” I said, “what should I put?”

“Let’s start with, Dear Harry,” Alice answered.

“Good idea,” I replied, and then this is what I wrote to him it reads,

Dear Harry,

I shall write each day and pray for you to live each day. I miss you dearly and I never got to say either that I love you too. Harry whatever happens don’t get hurt, focus on surviving and that I will be here waiting for my lover to return. I love you more than you can imagine my love.

From your lover Alexis

“Brilliant!” said Alice, putting it in the envelope. I stuck a 1st class stamp on it and then gave it to Alice to take to the post office. The post office stamped it with an air mail stamp and put it in a bag with other letters to the destination. Alice stayed with me that night, but I don’t think it was the best idea to watch titanic. We both flooded with tears now.

Back at school Tuesday, every class at school made a good luck item or card for Prince Harry. I end up going home because I was that upset, the head of school was very understanding. I went back on Wednesday and had an easy day with my students’ art, DT, break, phonics, play, lunchtime, P.E. and then home time. I didn’t come back the rest of that week because I ended up sick. I went to work and learnt to get on with my life and just to write to him every day like he said to. By the end of the month I got a reply which made me feel so much happier, it read.

Dear my Alexis,

I’m doing fine and I shall be returning in 2 weeks and the cards and gifts from the school children are lovely, please thank them for me. I cried when I received all your letters, when I get back I shall swing you off your feet and take you horse riding on a picnic near the river again. I miss you to, ever night I shut my eyes I see you and miss you.

In 2 weeks I shall be home for you and to see my other members of my family, I love you Alexis, and always will.

Love Harry

I was so happy that in two weeks he would be home to swing me off my feet. My week was fantastic thinking about him coming home. The children were happy, I was happy, everyone was. It got to Friday so quickly because of this, but it was a quit an unfortunate Friday. I arrived home as bright as rain, yet to be great by a worried looking William.

“Your highness,” I said, “what is the matter?”

“My brother is in hospital,” he answered, “he got wounded in the leg, yet we are not sure if he’s going to make it.”

“Oh no,” I said, “I must go see him.”

“You won’t get through,” he answered, “there is too much traffic.”

“I’ll take my bike,” I said, grabbing my cardigan chucking it on and running outside in the rain. I got on my bike and biked to the hospital. Leaning my bike against a wall I ran inside, and asked, “Where is Prince Harry?”

“Ward B 4,” said the receptionist.

“Thank you,” I replied, running in the direction she pointed in. I looked at the signs, ward B that way I followed the arrows and saw room 4 with the Prince inside. I went inside, but a doctor tried pulling me away.

“I’m sorry miss,” he said, “The prince is having no visitors at the moment.”

“No, I must see him!” I shouted, crying. The Doctor let go, and I went over to Harry. “Please be okay, please,” I whispered to him. As soon as William got to the room, Harry started waking up.

“Alexis,” he said ever so weakly, “I should have told you to start with, I love you.”

“I love you too,” I whispered. William looked relieved and so did I, I hugged the injured Prince. I clasped handkerchief to my nose and sneezed, I was freezing from cycling through the rain.

“Alexis, you’ve caught the death of cold,” said Harry, “you must go home, and William will take you home.”

“But I want to stay with you,” I said.

“No,” he said, “you must get rest.” I nodded and William escorted me outside to his car. I looked out of the window still hoping Harry would be okay.

“He will be out in a month,” said William, trying to cheer me up. It didn’t work but I put on a smile and went into my house to make myself dinner. I went to bed and then lay there thinking of Harry, hoping he would be okay.


A month later

I was teaching at school, but in the middle of Maths I heard a helicopter. Then the year 6 teacher came running in saying, “A helicopter has landed on the field!” We all ran outside, the Helicopter was not any ordinary Helicopter it was William, Harry, Kate, Charles, Elizabeth and the others.

“Alexis!” called Harry. I was right at the back behind the students of year 6, they all moved to one side creating a path for me. “Yes Harry,” I answered. He held his arms out and ran over to him, and hugged him. He swung me off my feet like he promised.

“Thank you for all your letters and being there for me at the hospital,” he whispered.

“That’s because I truly love you for you not because you’re a prince,” I answered. He smiled and was so happy to hear that. All of a sudden though Prince Harry took one knee, and bowed his head.

“It is hard for every man to ask this but,” he asked pausing, “Alexis Nicola Wilson, will you do the honour of being bride?” I looked at him in shock and then surprise, everyone in the school then shouted at me, “SAY YES!” I looked at them a laughed, and then I looked back at Harry and smiled, “Of course it’s a yes Harry.” He gave me a ring that fit my finger perfectly, and as he said at the beginning my eyes were like sapphires he got me a sapphire ring. He got up and we kissed and the year 6 boys all turned away in disgusted and the year 5 did to, but most of the year 6 girls were all awing us. The teachers were applauding, and I was smiling.

After about a year of planning we were wed, and we happy together for the rest of our lives.  

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