New Everything

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New schools, new houses, and new everything. The story of my life.

Submitted: December 12, 2009

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Submitted: December 12, 2009



New schools, new houses, new everything. The story of my life! Dad accepted a job in Tennesse... Why Tennesse? Why cant my family be normal?! So I had to leave all my temporary friends to come to Nashville, Tennesee. "Oh there you are Love!" Mom was always so happy, even when times were terrible... "Hey Mom..." She walked into my room and sat on my bed with me. "Please? For me at least?" "Please what?" "Kara... Hun... All you do is sit here all day, listen to you music, and be depressed!! Please! Just go outside!! Do SOMETHING! I dont care!" She was yelling at this point. "Ok... Mom. Sure. I'll go... somewhere?" "Thank you Hunny. Do you want to maybe go stop by your new High School and meet some new friends??" This didn't sound any what exciting. But I had to make it sound fun so Mom will be happy. "I would love to Mom. When do you want to go?" Why? Why me!? What was I getting myself into? "Well Hun. I'm all done with moving in, and so are you. Your father will help Mike with his moving in. How about now?" NOW?! NO!!!!! "Sure Mom... Let me get ready..." "OH YES! Oh Love! This will be so fun! Oh please hurry! I'll go start the car!" I sighed...deeply. I mumbled to myself anything to make her happy... I flipped my hair, put a new shirt on, and pulled my sneakers up. Ok... I'm ready. I herd honking outside... Well there's Mom. I ran downstairs and slid to the door, opened it and walked outside to my Mom's old blue pick up truck. It was practically falling apart. I hopped in and she put the car in drive. Here we go...

We passed maybe like 10 pastures full of cows and horses. I'm really going to have to get used to this was all I thought. In the middle of my thinkingI herd, "Oh Hunny you will love it here. I mean this school..its wounderful. Nice kids, nice teachers, and a wonderful principle." Yeah... That's what she always says. "I'm so excited Mom. I can't wait. This sounds oh so exciting." I'm so proud to be a good liar. I really need it too. "Oh look! Kara here it is! Isn't it beautiful?!" A school? Beautiful? More like disgusting learning center where your only teased and harassed and when the teachers think thre is something wrong with you when you fail a test. Yeah... exciting! "Can't wait Mom..." We pulled into the parling lot. Kids walking and talking. A couple kids stared. Great. I'm already the freak. "Oh look! We got here just in time Kara!" A little blue Prius was pulling out of a parking spot. "Luck..." Boy, did I not want to be here right now. We pulled into the parking spot and Mom litterally jumped out of the truck. "Oh it's beatiful Love!" I reluctantly slide out of my seat. "Yup." I sighed.

My ugly brown hair was flying everywhere. Mom was already half way to the steps to my new school. "Kara! Hurry!" Do I have to? I picked up my pace and caught up to Mom. "So?" "So what? Mom you know I can't read your mind." "Hahaha. I'm sorry Kara. Oh dear! Look!! It's your new principle."Woopie? My "temporary" priciple came over to me. He had a kind smile, but all my old principles had that though. "Hello Kara. I'm your new principle Mr. Hollins. How are you doing on this sunny day?" What? No Tennesse accent?? I swallowed my pride and I spoke in the kindest manner I could get out of my stubborn throat. "Hello Mr. Hollins. I'm am doing wonderful. Is it always so sunny? And I'm so happy to um meet you." I joked on those terrible words. I'm so happy to meet you. Yeah more like Ya ya ya... hi and goodbye. "Well Kara, I have an excillent person to show you around while your mother and I talk." Oh boy... Behind Mr. Hollins came a beatiful boy just my age. He had just the right shade of brown hair and gorgous dark brown eyes. His body was tan and muscular. I've never sen anything like him before. "Kara this is David." David smiled, "Hey Kara. Wanna get started?"I nodded. Pokerface Kara, pokerface. I had to keep with my pokerface.

We awkwardly walked down the halls. "Soooo..." Was that all he can say? "Yeah... Well whatsup?" I had no idea to say. "Just showing you around...ya know?" Are you from planet stupid? Of course I know your showing me around. As we approched an open area with lots of greens a blonde chick walked by. "Hey Davey!" Who was this chick?? "Oh uh hey Emily. This is Kara." Yeah thanks for introducing me David. Emily gave me this weird disgusted look. "Hi? Kara? Oook? Well David I was wondering if we can go to the new movie thats out? What do you say?" I know what I would of said. "Oh yeah Emily. Kara and I would love to go! Why don't you ask Eric to go too! It'll be the four of us." What the? Absolutly not!!!! David looked down at me. "What do you say Kara?" What was I supposed to say? "Sounds great David." We kept walking. "So Kara? Are you excited for the movie?""Oh uh yeah." "Well do you wanna maybe come as my date to the movies?" This guy didn't know what he was getting himself into. "Sure, David. I would love to." I did NOT see this coming... My pokerface was failing... He looked down at me. I looked back at him and smiled. Nice pokerface Kara.

As we drove back I kept thinking. David? What's wrong with him? He's smart, nice, funny, and sexy. "So Kara!! What do you think!?" Oh Mom... Why? Why did you have to ask me this!? "I love it Mom.I made a new friend...and he invited me to go to the movies with him... with others of course... I was wondering if I could go...." Mom's face lit up. "OF COURSE KARA!!! OH MY GOSH! THIS IS WOUNDERFUL!!!" We pulled to the drive way. I hopped out and quickly stepped to the door. I opened the door and ran up the stairs. I reached my room and ran into it, shut my door. Finally home at last. I jumped on my bed and plugged my ear phones in my ears. I shut my eyes.I herd footsteps leading to my door. I sighed. *Knock Knock* "Come in!!" It was Mike. "Kara who is outside our door?" Why is he asking me? "Wheres mom?" She left with dad." Thanks mom. Leave me here by myself without telling me. "I'll go look Mike. Everything is ok." I walked down staris to hear punding on the front door. I peeked out the peep whole. It was... it was Emily? What the heck does she want?? I opened my door to see Emily in high heels, with a skimpy shirt on, with really short shorts, purse in hand, with her hands on her hips. "Hey Emily." What else was I supposed to say? "Hello... Kara. Who do you think you are?!" I was so confused at this point and we just started the conversation. "Well I'm pretty sure Im Kara Evens." Her face turned red. "NO! Your a boyfriend stealer!! Listen to me you little mut! David is MY boyfriend! You ever go near him again... well Im warning you!" How is he her boyfriend if he asked if I wanted to go to the movies with him? "Well Emily, David and I are going to the movies together and if he is really your boyfriend he is cheating on you. Just leave Emily. Your making a fool out of yourself. David and I are just friends and thats all we will be for a while. If you have any more issures tell him cause honestly I don't give care." She was furious with my words. I was having fun getting on her nerves and to complete the argument what did I do? I slammed the door in her face. Hahahahaha. Not even the first day of school and I have an enemy.

It was the morning of my first day of school. I got ready and I do have to say myself I looked pretty dang hot. Mom called me downstairs for breakfast. I shut my radio off and ran down the stairs. "Good morning Lovely." Mom is always so happy. "Morning Mom." It was the first time I saw Dad relaxed and reading the paper. "Hey Dad!" He realized I was talking to him, "Hi." Wow didn't know what I have done. "Oh look at the time! MIKE!WENEEDTOGO! Kara grab your linch and your backpack. We cant be alte for the first day of school! Cant I just please stay home!? I really don't want to go to school!

Mom dropped me off at school. I walked to English and saw David. Oh that's right we have the same classes. I sat down in an empty seat far away from everyone. Our female teacher walked in. She gave us a lecture on how to pronunce her name. Mrs. Carmlenoio. It took forever! SShe kept calling on me in te classroom, it was a good thing I knew this stuff. I got really bored and decided to ditch class."Can I go to the bathroom? Please?" I sounded so sweet. "Yes Kara, make it fast." Pssh short? Ya right. I grabbed my backpack and waled outside. I was free!! Then I herd, "KARA!Wait!!! Mrs. Carlenoio told me to show you where the bathroom is!"


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