Everyone's daddy

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a short poem dedicated to my dad

Submitted: July 19, 2012

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Submitted: July 19, 2012




Everyone’s daddy



Tigers eyes, and crocodiles feet,

Big bear claws, and a long sharp beak,

Lions body, Monkeys knees,

Large wolves head and razor teeth.

I’m the creature from the black lagoon

And I’m coming for you very soon.


Once upon a time I believed

In monsters and magic and talking trees,

That the closet monster would give me a fright,

And witches cackled through the night.

I believed in ghosts and spooks and ghouls

And things that come to steal our souls.


But one thing saved me,

From the nightmare dreams,

From the terrible creatures

Who made me scream.


That one thing was my daddy dear,

Who came and took away all my fear.

Sat me on his lap and stroked my cheek,

Stayed with me until I fell asleep.

My big strong dad, the giant slayer,

The man who answered all my prayers.


But now I’m grown and my dad had to leave,

To go to heaven, where I believe

He looks after all the little children there,

Soothes their fears and strokes their hair.

My big strong dad who I miss so much,

His powerful voice and his gentle touch.

I hope he makes them feel at ease,

As he did for me when I sat on his knees.

I think he makes them laugh and grin,

As he did for me when I looked at him.


All children deserve to have a dad,

To keep them safe from all things bad.

To make them laugh and soothe their cries,

And keep them until their own dads arrive.

I hope they love him as much as I.

I cried when they took him,

But now I know why.


© Copyright 2018 Nicola Chudasch. All rights reserved.

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