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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

a short tale of two journalists on the hunt for the supernatural, and a good story.





Monthly Revue

By Nicola Chudasch


By Angelica Locke and Vanessa Monroe



Upon entering Healey Hall Hotel, we were filled with the usual sense of scepticism. It was the usual, stately home turned hotel, claiming to be the most haunted house in the country. The Manager Mrs Van-Helsing (Yes really) very kindly informed us that our room wasn’t ready yet, and the bar wasn’t open but there was tea and coffee being served in the dining room.

The dining room was beautifully decorated in the style of the 1920’s; it had been remodelled after a fire broke out in the lower west wing some 90 years ago. We joined a group of people by the window and began our questioning. Apparently, according to one Mrs Whitely (of Buckinghamshire) the Hotel was haunted by several ghosts, most notably, room 6 on the first floor, where an aspiring actress hanged herself after being jilted by her lover in 1952 (stop me if you’ve heard this before), and the kitchens, where they found the body of the dish washer, mauled by the guard dogs in 1912. Also Mr Latham (of Cardiff, Wales) mentioned there had been numerous sightings of burn victims over the years.

We were shown to our room, conveniently room 6, where we settled in, rested, showered and changed for supper, which was mostly non-eventful, aside from a Mr Hartley (Of stoke) drunkenly knocking the cruet over his wife’s plate.

Getting back to our room we set up our EMF and night vision cameras, placed the heat sensors around the room and retired for the night. We heard a few bangs, groans and creaks during the night, but nothing out of the ordinary for such an old building filled with people.

On checking the heat sensors the next morning we found there had been fluctuations in heat and cold around 1 certain spot in front of the wardrobe, and the cameras also picked up some shadows and orbs close to the same spot, but it was mostly indeterminable.

Speaking to the manager the next day she told us of the numerous reports of disturbances in room 6, mainly of some accounts of an apparition, a woman in a nightgown sitting at the dressing table, crying.

Nothing eventful happened the rest of the day and again we retired for the night.

This time we were woken about 2.30 in the morning to the sound of sobbing, but upon checking our equipment we found nothing. An hour later we were woken by the same sobbing and also a strange flickering in the corner by the dressing table. It disappeared when the lights were switched on but reappeared when they were turned off again. It was a translucent light but seemed to be gathering in form, and then all of a sudden it stopped.

Looking around we could feel the heat from the direction of the wardrobe, which seemed to intensify the closer we got. We decided the best course of action was to move it, and on doing so we discovered a heating vent concealed behind. Mystery no1 solved. The orbs were easily explained as dust particles picked up by the camera and there was no EMF. The only disturbing thing was the apparition. We decided to go back to bed and see in it made another appearance. Around 5 in the morning we were not disappointed, we could quite clearly see a woman in a pink nightgown sitting hunched over the dressing table, but replaced by any sort of noose, was a deep jagged gash around her throat which seemed to be oozing blood. The apparition itself was quite disturbing, but even more so when she turned around. The eyes were gone leaving behind dark holes which were also oozing blood and her face was filled with rage. We realised we had been glued to our beds watching this but when we spoke to each other the spell seemed to break and we both jumped to our feet and ran towards the door. Reaching for the handle at the same time we collided and rolled on the floor just as the ghost began bearing down upon us. I we laid on the floor filled with horror we realised there was a small light in the far corner we had previously overlooked, at first it was mistaken for the smoke alarm but that was on the ceiling above. As we speculated on what it could be, the ghost seemed to fade away, and lying on the floor we noticed the light also disappeared. Our hearts slowing to a normal pace and the feeling returning to our legs, we actually began to feel slightly foolish. Deciding to approach the situation as investigators rather than little girls we began searching the room for any explanation. We found it in the far corner in which we had seen the light, directly opposite the dressing table, concealed underneath the wood effect was a small hole and prying down the hollow coving we found a small projector camera. It would appear the mystery of the crying actress had been solved and Angelica Locke and Vanessa Monroe had behaved like prize idiots, but none the less ousted another ghostly conspiracy. We left the hotel the next morning without discussing our findings with the manager, exhausted and slightly disappointed and also just a little bit smug. 






The magazine slammed down on Vanessa’s desk before she even had time to see who had entered the office. Mr Adams, the owner of Healey Hall Hotel stared at her, rage radiating from him like heat from a furnace “How dare you” he screamed “I’ll sue you for slander. You said you were ghost hunters, not journalists”

“We are ghost hunters Mr. Adams. We’ve just yet to see a ghost” Replied Vanessa calmly.

Angelica walked through the door with ‘Monthly Revue’ emblazoned on the door in gold letters. It looked professional and classy, but truth be told the magazine had only published three issues so far. Mr. Adams turned, arms flailing, and sent the hot coffee Angelica was carrying flying, mostly covering himself. His anger only increased. “You are ruining my livelihood” he bellowed

“Mr. Adams, we only report what we find, and what we found in your hotel room, was a heating duct, and a hidden camera” said Angelica

“The ghosts are real, we just put the camera in to give the guests a little extra scare, they like to be scared, that’s why they come to a haunted hotel”

“Mr. Adams, I’ve found in my years of working in this field that you don’t usually have to give people anything. Just tell them a story and their minds can usually do the rest of the work for you” intoned Vanessa

“You made me believe you were coming to my hotel to promote my business, not ruin it”

“And promote we would have, had you not, quite so blatantly, tried to deceive us” added Ang “Your hotel is beautiful, in an idyllic setting, full of mystery, and has had it’s fair share of scandal in the past. As my colleague has already told you, you don’t need to put projectors and heaters in guest’s rooms for them to believe in ghosts. In fact we’ve found in our many investigations, that the less they see, the more they believe. Your hotel may well be haunted Mr. Adams, or it may not, but you can’t just go around inventing ghosts to boost your profits. If it’s not illegal, then it’s certainly immoral”

Mr. Adams headed for the door, but before he passed through it he turned around “I will make sure you pay for this with your very last written word, that’s a promise” and with that he turned on his heel, walked through the door and slammed it behind him.

A week later Angelica and Vanessa were sat on the sofa of the apartment they shared. Vanessa was reading the newspaper “Hey Ang, look at this” she handed the paper to her friend, the headline read


Third generation hotelier commits suicide in own hotel


She read the article from header to footer.

“God Ness, do you think we caused that?” asked Ang

“No, I think he caused it himself, he lied and he cheated, and now he’s deprived a woman of her husband and two beautiful girls of their father”

“Still, don’t you feel a little guilty?”

“Absolutely not, I feel terrible for his poor family, but we’re not liars Ang, we reported the truth. We wrote down exactly what we heard and saw. How can we feel guilty about that?”

“Yeah, I suppose the truth always outs eventually. Did you read where they found him?”

“Yes, room six, hanged from the light fitting. How apt”

“Yeah. Maybe now Healey Hall really does have a ghost…”


Submitted: April 30, 2012

© Copyright 2021 Nicola Chudasch. All rights reserved.

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