Muscles Bound in Symphony

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Asking for the unattainable

Submitted: November 09, 2006

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Submitted: November 09, 2006



You would have thought

That the warmth of this starry sky

Might have relaxed

The chill in your long bones;

Perhaps in another man's dreams.

Yes, this is over,

You fail to clasp me,

But it's not your fault.

And yet, it is:

You remain closed,

A box of trinkets, memories and old hurts,

Glockenspiels of childhood

That you refuse the world.


And we broke ourselves

Against that wall,

Freed lust and lunacy;

Two clowns tied together, we were.

Why try now to mend the pieces

Of something that was never there?

It was always too late;

My smiles were dressed to forcefully

And I sank my teeth into you,

Like a vixen.

Do we break free of ourselves?

Tomorrow was never our time:

We remain locked in yesterday,

Muscles bound in symphony

Of our open heartbeats.


We were always

Out of time with each other;

Discordant desire chained

To unmelodious words we could never utter.

I was always too much,

You always said too little;

Break yourself away now,

This is all she can plead,

Don't send out the line

To reel me in again.

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