Ms. Deranged

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The troubles I face

Submitted: December 29, 2011

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Submitted: December 29, 2011



I hear voices in my head

Threatening harm with words unsaid

Visions of monsters haunt my eyes

As I try to pretend everything is alright

I think I have control of more things than I do

I repeat, check, and count, all to save you

I may worry so hard I bleed through the skin

Always thought time would put this to an end

Of all my terrors, I'm scared of fear the most

I am the prisoner, while my mind is the host

I have a hard time seeing with eyes unglazed

Tears usually chase my dreams away

But some wouldn't know what I go through at all

Because I've mastered the idea of looking "strong"

However, this is to you who knew this part of me

I let you in, a way that the eye cannot see

I trusted you with something that digs deep in my heart

And it was my mistake, which led to us fall apart

How dare you look at me differently now

As I refrain from screaming for help out loud

I'm not ashamed of what I go through

But I know for you, you like to abuse

The one thing inside that keeps me okay

Your criticisms of my falls hurt more than I say

Sure it's hard to smile from time to time

But you know what, I appreciate my tries

And although I'm not the one who has it all

At least I know what its like to fall

In the end, my trials have made me see clear

That in this world one's hero is who stares back in the mirror


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