Rugged Road to Redemption

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The inner confidence of a doubtful mind...

Submitted: December 29, 2011

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Submitted: December 29, 2011



I'm like a force in the air you can't help but see

An abstract approach to distort what will be

I endorse the course that can only foresee

The path of no remorse that you showed me

I stretch the reach of the tries I exercise

Hero, I think not but I should be idolized

Doubters you can save the stutter before you apologize

Because this level I'm at will never be equalized

I'm that fire you lit all by mistake

Didn't think I'd match the strength you had to take?

But now I wake the tired and thrive in your heartache

Keep the deceit as your very own keepsake

Shuffling my cards, rising against every odd

Fiddling with a shot that will never be caught

Triggered by the works of one itching thought

All for a life I've always sought

Im on this rugged road to redemption

Driven by the sting of rejection

Seeing a promise in my reflection

Even with the blemish of my complexion

Towering over the heads of all you little cowards

Spitting a verse that leaves you feeling a little sour

I'd lower my voice but I can't control the amplifier

Or this rant of a speech that will never expire

I'm soaring through clouds like I'm a jet plane's flyer

Forget the settle I'm after the whole entire

Adrenaline rush that seems to inspire

The lift off that just keeps taking me higher

Running to roads that have never been crossed

I tend to move better when the map is lost

Heading towards the tail-end of the coin you tossed

Freezing the remaining scene like I'm Jack Frost

Glaring with the eyes that mean war

All to be able to one up my own score

Never satisfied with wanting more

Making a mark from a vision's detour

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