The Runner's Vision

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A story in the form of poetry of a man who ran a race he could not see...

Submitted: December 29, 2011

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Submitted: December 29, 2011



He's called the runner with a vision undefined

Though he claims it's what anyone can find deep inside

He's known for a feat that's never been seen

All because of a life that left air hard to breathe

He thought if he ran from his pain he'd find what he'd need

To see what it really was like to succeed

So he took off on a path that was not set

Held onto the few things he hadn't lost, but kept

And step by step, stride by stride

With a little more push, he felt alive

There were holes in his path hoping he'd slow down

Detours that commanded him to turn around

Roadblocks that kept all others away

But he had a drive that helped him feel safe

A song in his head that motivated the chase

A knowing that life was what was at stake

A glimmer in his eye that set the desire in stone

All of which he used to not feel so alone

For what its worth he got pretty far

Considering he was running through the pitch, black dark

See he had hope in his unseen mind

Regardless of the pain that lurked outside

And he ran forward no turning back

He showed deceit what it lacked

He later told the most hopeless of souls

That its doesn't matter how deep of the hole

For if you fight with what you have inside

Sometimes it doesnt matter what obstacles meet your eye

© Copyright 2018 Nicola Vaye. All rights reserved.

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