LOST: Part 1

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Written by Nicole Renae Jacobs

(Note: This is obviously all fiction. Simply the results of my imagination. Hope you enjoy.)

This is my story. From the moment I finished going through security. My flight. The mishap. 

This is the story of my life as it is torn down, then rebuilt by hope, love, and an open heart.

Submitted: November 05, 2011

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Submitted: November 05, 2011



Introduction: (My Background)

I was raised in the crowded New York City. I loved it there. My family was wealthly and well off so they spoiled me. I grew up having parties and shopping. Money was never an issue so i pretty much had whatever I wanted. 

When I was fifteen I met a young man at a coffee shop one afternoon. I had a crush on him the moment I saw him. He was lean and fit. With soft brown hair and flashing blue eyes. 

It was my staring at him that made me walk into the waitress. She had been on her way to take the young man his coffee. However when I walked into her she spilt it all over me. 

Long story short. William laughed and came to my aid. Giving me a napkin and driving me home. He was a 24 year old lawyer and it was love at first site for me. 

He became great friends with my dad and would come over regularly for dinner or such. We began to grow an attachment for each other. Those years were wonderful ones. I'd stay up and just dream about my future with my dashing William.

I was just eighteen when the love of my life asked me to marry him. Without any hesitation about our age difference, I willingly agreed. 

Three months later, William and I were married and had our honeymoon on the coast of Australia. I was in love and everything was perfect. 

After the honeymoon however, my husband had to return to his work. It took him all around the world. He was always flying off to Europe or out late to a meeting.

After a month or two of being home in New York alone all the time, I began to feel lonely and down. William would call every night but it wasn't the same as him holding me in his arms or kissing me. I felt useless and cut off from love. I was about to sink into a deep depression when I found out about Joey. Yes, I was soon to be a mother.

Oh the joys of preparing for a baby!! It seemed everything I did was for my son or the pregnancy. I sewed all his bedding myself and couldn't wait to actually hold him in my arms.

Joseph William arrived early as a preemie and William was not there for the birth. But two months later, we planned a trip. A life changing trip, although we did not know this at the time. 

The plan was for baby Joey and myself to meet up with William in Australia. Then the new daddy could meet his son and we would have a nice holiday at the resort where we honeymooned and Joey was conceived.

This is my story. From the moment I finished going through security. My flight. The mishap. 

This is the story of my life as it is torn down, then rebuilt by hope, love, and an open heart.


Chapter One

I walked threw the airport, holding my tiny son close to me. I somehow managed to balance my carry on bag diaper bag on my left shoulder. It was late at night and I felt rather tired.

\"Thank goodness I don't have to haul around my luggage, huh little guy?\" I talked softly to my son glancing down at his tiny face. His eyes were open and he made sweet little noises. He sneezed and I laughed. 

\"I love you, Joey.\" I whispered to him. 

Arriving at my flight gate I got in line to board the plane. It looked like I got there just in time. 

Standing in line in front of me was an older looking mother holding a small pink bundle. I smiled at her sympathetically as her baby girl wailed. Peeking over her shoulder I could just see the top of a head. It was covered in a beautiful auburn fuzz. I smiled to myself then gave Joey a soft kiss on his head. Oh, how I loved him.

We boarded the aircraft rather quickly and I took a seat towards the middle of the plane. Stowing away my carry on, I tucked the diaper bag under the seat I'm front of me and rearranged Joey in my arms. He looked around at the lights and sucked his fist. His other hand waved around randomly and he squirmed as I fixed his blanket around him.

A young man around my age took the seat next to me. He smiled at Joey then leaned back closed his eyes. I glanced up at him. His hair was a dark brown and curly. And his face was very attractive. He reminded me my William and I smiled at the thought of my husband. 

The plane take off was smooth and quick. I watched out the window for a while until the bright night lights of New York City faded away and all I coukd see was blackness. Joey's whimper brought my attention back to him and I prepared him a bottle. He sucked at it hungrily. When he finished I talked to him for a while until he fell asleep. I laid my head on the back of my seat and closed my eyes again. Slipping into a shallow slumber.


Chapter 2

It was the sudden lurch that awoke me. Joey let out a wail at the sudden interruption of his sleep. The young man next to me looked up with a concerned frown. A deep voice came over the speaker.

\"Everyone stay calm. This is just a tad bit of turbulation we are passing through. Sorry for the rough ride. Be sure to fasten your seat belts and we will be arriving in Australia in about five hours.\" the pilot reassured us.

I sighed and tried to get my baby to stop fussing. He wouldn't be consoled so I pulled out a blanket and nursed him under it. I glanced at the man beside my hoping he want feeling awkward. His eyes were closed again and so I closed mine as well. 

The plane took a sudden dip downward. Several screams sounded throughout the plane. I recognized the wail of the auburn headed baby girl. I pulled Joey away from my chest and wrapped him up. 

Another lurch. Then a dip. My baby almost fell out of my arms.  I began to feel panicked. 

\"What is going on?!!\" I demanded of a fight attendant. 

He shrugged and frowned.

Then it happened. The plane made a huge roaring sound and plunged. I screamed and held Joey close to me. I could feel the whipping air as the plane end flew off. Several people went flying out with it. 

Joey wailed and people screamed. 

\"This is not happening! This is not happening!\" I screamed. I could feel two strong arms circled around me. Was it William? 

An explosion noise and fire. I was knocked over by a man falling. Joey fell from my arms and I lunged for him. Another explosion and everything went black.


Chapter 3

I looked into the blackness. Far far away I could see a light. It was bright and beautiful. I almost felt hypnotized by it. 

A soft whooshing sound seemed to be coming from behind me. I watched the light come closer. Closer. Bigger. Bigger. 

The closer it got, the louder the whooshing sound was. What WAS that sound? I'd heard it before. Waves. Yes, the waves of a beach. Such a wonderful sound.

The light became so close that my whole view was just of that beautiful yellow white light. It began to get to bright. And soon my head began to throb with pain. 

The sound began more and more distinct and I could almost taste the salty water. 

A cold wave of water splashed my face and I opened my eyes. I was laying in sand on a beach. A beach? Wait no. This wasn't right. Where am I?, I wondered. 

I cry awoke me. I stood up. JOEY!! The cry was distant, rough. He'd never sounded so distressed before.

\"My goodness, he's been crying for hours!!\" I said out loud then ran in the direction of the cry. 

The beach curved and what I saw around the bend, brought the horrible images back into my head. 

The plane falling apart. The people screaming and flying out the back to their death. Joey knocked out of my arms. Those strong arms holding me. William? No. Someone else. The explosion.

As it all flooded back into my memory I ran faster towards the wreckage and bodies strewn across the beach. Chunks of metal and luggage scattered around. I jumped around the dead bodies only thinking of my sons crying. 

I stepped over a small bundle. I was a five feet away when I stopped. Joey? No there was no crying. The crying was father down the beach. I turned around and looked. My son. My tiny sweet precious baby lay there. Still and silent. His eyes were closed and his hand was raised up above his head. I knelt down and scooped him up. His little body was cold and limp. 

A wave of grief swept over me and I clutched him close. The anguish was unbearable and my scream was horrific. High pitched and mournful. Not ever human, as if it came from a wild animal in terrible pain.

My scream awoke several survivors who were nearby. I knelt there in the sand rocking bak and forth holding my baby close to me. 

I felt strong arms encircle me. The same strong arms that had held me on the plane during those last moments. 

I looked up and could barely see through my tears, the man who'd sat next to me on the plane.

My son was dead. Gone. My sweet baby boy. My Joey. 

I laid my head on that muscular chest and sobbed. Deep, wrenching sobs.


Chapter 4

That day past as a blur for me. I held my son and sat, watching the few survivors deal with the dead bodies and salvage what was possible from the wreckage. All day a baby cried. 

By the end of the day they had built a small shelter and a fire. There was no food. Even in my grief I could feel the sharp pain in my middle from lack of food. 

The young man from the plane was the first to approach me that evening. He sat next to me and sat there in silence. I stared straight a head and clutched my baby. I could hear the tired cry of another baby it stabbed my heart with each wail.

His deep voice broke the silence and I listened,

\"Im sorry. I really am. But we have to bury him. Before it's too dark. We must.\"

I shook my head no and stared straight a head. Holding Joey tighter.

\"We have to be strong.\" He said gently, \"If we are to survive we must be strong, Nicole.\"

He said my name. I look at him. His green eyes were full of sorrow and his brow was furrowed. He put his hand on my arm. \"Let me take him\"

I stared at him and slowly loosened my grip. He looked down at the baby and swallowed hard.

He took my son in his hands and I stood up and ran. I didn't know where I would go but I had to leave. I had to get home. Back to my William. My house. Back home where everything was fine. Where my baby would be in his crib sleeping peacefully.

I was crying hard as I ran down the beach. I ran until I could run no more. I fell onto my knees then into the sand onto my side. I laid there and wept bitterly.

I fell asleep I guess, cause I was woken up by the young man. He held a baby. Joey?!!


Joey was dead.

The young man helped me to my feet and offered me the little bundle,

\"She's been crying all day for someone. No one can get her to stop.\" He looked at me intensly.

I recognized the pretty auburn haired baby. Her cry was just a weak whimper now and my heart went out to her. I took her in my arms and held her close.

I looked back towards the camp. I could see the fire and the few people sitting around it. I looked up at the young man next to me and nodded.

In silence we walked, side by side back to the camp.


The first morning was quiet. No one talked. I think it's because we were all still in shock. 

I was still mourning over the loss of my son, but this new little bundle helped ease my pain. I had nursed her the night before and she had finally stopped crying. She slept well throughout the night, waking up every hour or two for feedings. Her schedule  was similar to Joey's so it worked out well for me.

I woke up as the sun was rising over the endless ocean. Everyone was still asleep so I gathered the baby girl in my arms and walked down to the plane remains. All the bodies were gone and so I looked around hoping to find my luggage. I found nothing familiar so I picked up a random hard covered suitcase and opened it. It was a man's closes. I saw the young man from the plane in my mind. And then William.

My William. What would he do? Did he know yet? When would I see him again? He would never get to meet his son. I'd failed mothering him, I'd lost him.

Memories of my son came flooding back into my memory. I remember the first time I held him. His eyes wide and curious taking in the new world. I remembered the first time he had smiled and how I had snapped the picture for his father. I heard his cry and I felt a deep pull in my heart. A longing tug.

The baby girl in my arms squirmed and I was brought back to reality. I wiped away my tears and tried another suitcase. A woman's clothes. Around my size. They were wet from the water. 

I carried it back to the camp and unpacked it. I laid everything out on various bushes and plants to dry in the sun. This was a pink baby blanket among the clothes and I wondered if this had been Joanna's mom's stuff.

\"Joanna?\" I said aloud, my first words in days.

I smiled ever so slightly. I had named the baby girl. She was mine. I made a bed type thing out of big palm leaves and laid her on it. Then I continued setting out the wet clothes. 

the other survivors started to move around. The young man from the plane walked over to me, running his fingers through his dark brown hair.

\"Morning, Nicole.\" He said. \"How's the little girl?\" 

He went over and knelt beside her. She watched him and squirmed, not making a sound.

\"She's exhausted from crying all day still.\" I said. 

He looked at me then walked over. Placing his gave on my arm,

\"Are you ok?\"

I nodded and swallowed hard. I was hurting. I was alone. But I was ok.

He withdrew his hand and said,

\"I'm Joseph. Joseph Brickmore, from Casper, Wyoming.\"

Joseph offered a smile and I returned it with a nod.

\"I'm Nicole, New York State. My husband is waiting for us in Australia.\"

I frowned then corrected myself.

\"Waiting for.....me.\" 

Joey was gone. Nothing was plural anymore. Me myself and I.

Joseph nodded and took my hand.

\"Come, the others are waking. You should meet them.\"

I let him lead me a few feet over to the campfire. Four other people sat around the fire looking up at me. I returned their stares. There was a girl around my age young and scared just like me. Her big blue eyes took in everything around her and but she managed to smile at me. A man in his forties I guessed, seemed to be in another world as he stared up at me, his eyes glazed over. An elderly couple sat off to themselves a bit. The man was making something out of a stick and the lady looked up at my and smiled gently. I was so greatful for that smile.

\"Everyone, this is Nicole from New York City.\" Joseph said.

I received nods and grunts. The elderly lady got up and walked over to me. She took both of my hands in hers and said,

\"You are a very brave girl. I am so proud of you. Taking in that tiny baby girl so soon after losing your own little son. Bless you, child, bless you.\" She hugged me close her old withered frame was strong and boney.

Joseph tugged on my arm and each person introduced themselves.

The the blue eyed girl went first. 

\"I'm Sarah Morgan, from Charleston, North Carolina. I'm nineteen nineteen years old and I have a boyfriend waiting for me in Australia.\"

Her voice was soft and high with a slight southern accent. I smiled at her when she finished.

The next man looked down into the fires flames and spoke.

\"James Hillat, Castle Hill, Maine. Age 43.\" 

Short and to the point. The eldest lady still beside me introduced herself and her husband.

\"Marvin and Lucy Howard. We come from Jacksonville, Florida. We were flying out to Australia for our 50th wedding aniversary.\"

A silence fell over the camp and we all stood or sat there awkwardly. 

Marvin broke the silence. 

\"For the baby\", he said and held up a perfect wooden cross in his hand.

A knife stabbed my heart and I thought, 

I haven't seen Joey's grave.

Joseph must have read my mind cause he walked over, took the cross from the old man and then asked me,

\"Are you ready?\"

I nodded and asked Lucy to care for Joanna. She said she would and so I walked beside Joseph, into the woods.


© Copyright 2018 Nicole Renae Jacobs. All rights reserved.

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