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This essay was assigned to me in an English class. We read this book called Early Autumn. It's a part of these Spencer books that have gone on for year. I was asked to pick between this character Paul or a character from another book. This is what I wrote.

Submitted: September 12, 2012

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Submitted: September 12, 2012





From an early age I knew my parents weren't ever going to be what I saw on Leave It To Beaver or Little House On The Prairie. Parenthood just doesn't come natural to Mel and Patty Giacomin. And it seemed like life would always be a tug-o'-war of who could have me the longest. That was until mom freaked and hired Spenser; a wise-cracking, tough, ex-boxer and ex-police detective.

For 15 years it was always about what my parents wanted and never about what my life could be like. It became pretty apparent when Spenser stepped into my life and started to ask me things no one had ever bothered to. What kind of music do I like? What do I like to eat? What do I like to do? Where do I want to go with my life? Yeah, those had never run through my head much. In those days it was more about how long my dad had me before my mom got me back and vise versa. This latest time my dad had me taken to his house. My mom figured he'd kidnapped me and hired Spenser to get me back. From there on Spenser became more of a father to me than Mel had ever been.

To get away from all the chaos that Patty and Mel caused, Spenser planned a trip to Maine. He wanted to take this kid that had no idea what life could be and shape him up. And believe me, it worked. Spenser had me listening to classics and reading real literature. The squishy thing in my head started to form into a real brain with real thoughts and opinions. After some time that brain came to realize that it wanted to do something special, something worthwhile. What could be so worthwhile? I wanted to dance. Why not? It's not just for girls after all. Spenser got me enrolled in a great private dance school and for high school that's all I did.

And that is what brings me here. A kid who never knew what he wanted to do with his life until some tough guy came in and showed him there was more to it than just a shrug and “I don't know”. Dancing is the life that I want. I've never know how much something could mean to someone as this means to me. The biggest thing Spenser has left with me is that I really can succeed if I push for it. So, I'm pushing myself and that's why I chose Juilliard to help me on my way. I have a lot left to learn in every aspect and its clear to me that this is the place to do it. I think my life being as it has been just gives me even more reason to do my best and work toward the goals that not only I set for myself but that this school will set for me. 

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