The Trials and Tribulations of Being a Princess

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Another thing that I wrote for an English class. We were reading Grimm's Fairytales and all the female roles were so...wimpy. So, I decided to make my heroine kick-ass

Submitted: September 12, 2012

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Submitted: September 12, 2012



Around 1756 in the beautiful countryside of Hungary there lived a lovely princess by the name of Lisbeth. She was a fiery red headed 16 year old with a love for adventure. Unfortunately adventure was no place for a woman. Lisbeth was constantly trying to prove herself, especially to her father. The King had become bitter since the death of the Queen. He wanted Lisbeth to act like a princess. The usual be dainty, talk when talked to, be sweet and marry a prince spiel was no stranger to her. Each day he reminded her of her suitors and even more so of the handsome dark armored knight, the hero of the land. With his abilities and victories too many to count, he was quite the catch for any lucky girl. But Lisbeth had no interest in the pig-headed oaf.

On that particular day the knight was suiting up to begin a treacherous quest to kill a dragon that had been terrorizing nearby villages in the kingdom. Lisbeth watched from the steps of the castle while he and his men prepared their horses and checked their weapons. She rolled her eyes when the knight noticed her and flashed a smirk. He made his was over and looked her up and down.

“Good morning dear Lisbeth. Aren’t we looking downright unladylike today.”

“Good morning scum. Aren’t we looking downright annoying today.”

His nose twitched in irritation before that evil smile bloomed on his face once again.

“Ah, I see. You are just jealous that you are not allowed on this quest. Jealous that you must watch from the sidelines like the good little woman you are.” He paused to pet her head. “Don’t worry, the big, strong man will take over and keep you safe.”

Lisbeth looked around and then at him, up and down. “Hmmm nope. I don’t see any ‘big, strong man’.” She mocked him.

He went to say something rather nasty when the King called him over to speak. He scowled at her before he joined the King by the horses.

Lisbeth let out a frustrated sigh and crossed her arms over her chest.

“I can see the cogs working within that pretty head of yours. What’s the plan?” Came the voice of her best friend in the entire world, Jace Lockheart.

She turned and smiled immediately, unpleasantness forgotten. “Jace!”

He chuckled and hugged her. “Now what’s the plan?”

She shrugged her small shoulders and flashed him an innocent smile. “What ever do you mean?”

She batted her lashes at him, showing off her emerald eyes.

“You must have a plan for this! There is no way we are not going on that hunt.”

“Calm down and listen close. We’ll wait until dark. They are leaving as soon as night falls. The gates will close and lock until morning after the last horse has gone through. That means we’ll need to use our secret passage. Meet me in the wine cellar at midevening. This dragon is going down and I’ll be the one to do it. Then my father will have to be proud of me.”

Jace nodded and smiled at her again before he hefted the bag of grain at his side up over his shoulder and went back to his regular kitchen duties. It was very odd for a member of royalty to be so close with a servant. Luckily, Lisbeth could care less what anyone thought of her friendship.

“Lisbeth I would like a word with you.” Boomed the King’s voice.

She sighed heavily and rolled her eyes before complying with her father’s wishes. She stood before him and looked at the annoying knight.

“Yes father dearest?”

He scowled. “Don’t give me that tone. Now how many times have I told you to leave the help alone? Tis no place for royalty.”

“Yes Lisbeth do leave those pathetic servants alone.”

She scowled and moved closer to him, staring up at him with a glare.

“Oh shut your mouth. I really hope that dragon eats you before I take that sword of yours and shove-“

“Lisbeth! How dare you speak to a hero like that.”

The knight glared at her, blue eyes cold as ice. “Oh it’s quite alright dear King. Lisbeth is only joking, aren’t you dear?”

He took hold of her arm and squeezed until she thought he would break it, but she never made a sound. She gritted her teeth until finally the King spoke.

“Mustn’t worry yourself with the silly girl. Come, we have much to prepare and cannot have any more unnecessary disruptions.”

The knight chuckled, let go of her arm and nodded before he followed the King. Lisbeth stormed to her room and jumped on the bed to scream in her pillow. She felt soft fur against her arm and looked over at her pet fox, Lynx

“My good madam what in Heaven’s name is bothering you now?”

She smiled at the small animal and his fancy vocabulary. She’d been given him as a present when she was small and her mother was ill. He only spoke to her because he didn’t trust anyone else.

“Hello Lynx. That knight is such a pain.”

“Ah yes, the quest starts today, right? And I’m guessing I can’t talk you out of tagging along?”

“Never. Now the plan is that we’ll meet Jace in the wine cellar since it will be our only way out.”

After she explained the details all that was left was to pack up some things. That took only a few minutes and then she and her companion were on their way to the wine cellar. It was a bit harder than it sounded. They snuck down the stairs, through the kitchen and into the cellar, dodging guards and being completely silent. Once in the cellar she pulled her cloak tighter around her, feeling a draft in the dark stone room. The princess looked around for her friend and then felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned and resisted the urge to punch him for sneaking up on her.


He nodded and they moved deeper into the bowls of the castle. After about fifty feet they took a left and were at a wall. Lisbeth felt around the wall in the dark for a second and then pressed on one of the misshapen stones on the right side. It gave way and the wall pushed back slightly. Jace stepped up and helped her push it back enough so that they could slip in and close it on the other side.

Once out of the castle walls they turned to look at the foreboding forest before them. This will be a long journey, thought Lisbeth as they took their first steps into the forest. Lynx stayed close to his mistress’ side as they entered the forest. Strange animals could be heard throughout the darkness. Fortunately none of the three were afraid of these woods. They had grown up playing in them and Lynx had been born there. It was a home away from home.

Before long they had caught up to the hunting party. They stayed a good 100 feet behind them at all times and when they camped for the night Lisbeth and Jace set up their own sleeping area.

“Okay, the dragon was last seen at the Resker village, a three day journey from here, hence the urgency. Now when we get there, we’ll let them go in first. If they happen to defeat the dragon then we won’t need to step in.” Lisbeth drew out a little map while she spoke.

Lynx yelped. “Wait, step in? I thought we were merely going to see a real dragon.”

Jace chuckled at that. “Silly fox, dragons eat people. That thing can’t stay around and those want wits will only get themselves killed. Lisbeth is the best with a sword in this whole land. If she can’t stop this thing then no one can.”

Lisbeth felt her cheeks heat up at that. “Well thank you, Jace. Well we should get some sleep. We have almost no time to prepare for this.”

The next morning they cleaned up their camp and were off to follow the knight and his men again. Around noon they passed through one of the demolished villages that the dragon had gotten too. The houses had been burned to the ground with bodies piled up in a wall of misery and decay. Lisbeth stopped when she noticed a small children’s toy on the ground. It was a plush bear wearing red armor. She stroked the bear’s face before putting it back with the child it had belonged to. Her resolve set in stone now. She would be the one to kill the beast.

The day passed quickly. Lisbeth stared at their camp fire that night. Jace sat beside her and ruffled her hair.

“Hey there, what are you thinking about?”

“This is going to be dangerous. You and Lynx should head home.”

He scoffed. “No. We’re not leaving you. Come on we’ve done worse together. Remember the time that we proved Old Witch Haggers was trying to eat children? We almost got eaten ourselves when we infiltrated her hideout. And when we figured out who was killing the sheep on Sir Anderson’s farm?”

“Oh yeah! We almost didn’t get away from that one!” she giggled and looked at him.

He hugged her tight and smiled. “We’ll be fine.”

“Oh don’t be so sure about that. Once the King hears about this, his daughter with a lowly servant. Ha.” Came the malice filled voice of the Knight.

His men grabbed them and pulled them apart. Lisbeth glared at him and struggled for freedom until the armor clad man held her too tight for her to move. Jace fought as well but was met by a hard right hook to the head and unconsciousness.

“You’ll be joining us and explaining yourself to your father when we return. Let’s go.”

They were brought to the Knight’s camp for the night.

In the morning they set off for the dragon’s den. The princess and Jace were tied to horses and forced to walk the way there. When they arrived at the next village it was a ghost. No soul was there. They must have evacuated when they heard the dragon was headed their way. The Knight led them to the mountains nearby. The dragon had last been seen there.

The ground shook as the party neared the domain of the hungry beast. A loud roar sounded through the surrounding area and then was accompanied by fire shooting from a cave on the cliffside of the mountain. The Knight shook himself into focus and pulled his blade. He issued two men to stay with the prisoners and the rest to come with him. They entered the mountains swiftly.

Lisbeth looked down as Lynx rolled out of her travel bag. He climbed up the inside of her cloak and started to chew on the rope that bound her hands. When he was done she undid Jace’s hands and they each jumped one of the knights. After they succeeded in knocking the men out they each grabbed armor and Jace grabbed a sword. Lisbeth went to her bag and pulled out a shining sword that had belonged to her mother.

They heard screams and ran into the mountains. The bodies of the men were strewn across the ground. The only one not accounted for was the Knight. Jace signaled to Lisbeth and they quietly entered the cave. Bones of men and animal alike made a sick noise when they were stepped on and snapped by the pair. A roar sounded and shook the cave, sending the two to the ground with the force. They heard a blood curdling scream and then a sickeningly wet Thwack sound. They could only guess what had happened and it wasn’t a pretty guess at that.

Lisbeth regained her footing and helped Jace up just in time for the enormous monster to walk into the open area of the cave. It towered over them at at least 20 feet high and 50 feet long. Its tail had spikes that went up it’s back. It was a sickly black color that was contrasted by the yellow of its eyes and the blood on its muzzle. It roared again and fire shot from its mouth, barely missing the princess and her companion. Jace and Lisbeth knew what they had to do. They’d done this formation before. Jace went to the left and Lisbeth to the right. It would have to pick which one to eat first and that would be their only way of defending the other. The dragon decided on Jace. It turned its attention to him, snapping and clawing at the small figure before it. Lisbeth took this opportunity to flank the dragon. She went in low while it wasn’t looking and slashed its stomach. It snarled and lashed out at her with its tail. She was thrown back and the wind was knocked out of her.

Jace whistled and threw a rock at the ferocious beast to get its attention again. It roared and blew fire in his direction. He jumped back just in time but the fire hit and melted his sword. He let go of the hot metal as it started to burn his hand. With the dragon’s attention on him Lisbeth would be safe and that was what mattered.

After several seconds the strong princess got to her feet again. She picked up her sword and hissed as the handled began to glow. The light was blinding but soon subsided. In the wake of the light she could see that it had turned ash grey and the hilt had grown a blood red ruby. Power emanated from the weapon. She gritted her teeth and ran at the dragon’s turned back. She jumped up and brought her sword down on its neck. It roared in pain but she didn’t let up until the beast was decapitated.

She had rescued her friend and when they returned home the King finally noticed that she was as good as ten men and better. After no time at all Jace asked for her hand in marriage and they were happily married, servant or not.

© Copyright 2020 Nicole Simone Adams. All rights reserved.

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