Day after Day of Hell

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
I wrote this during a class!

Submitted: April 22, 2010

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Submitted: April 22, 2010



My head pounds like normal,
As I sit in my silence,
The sounds around me blow through the tranquil state I am in.

My stomach turns as I want to get out,
Out of this room I am made to stay in
I sit here thinking of my future life,
Finished the work I was given there is nothing for me to do.

Wishing for this hell to blow up,
Wishing that these devils will fall and fail,
These devils that are loud and,
Make me want to hurl.

The noise becomes to much,
I want to faint right here on the spot,
I want to get out
Out of this hell I come to, day in and day out.

I don’t think hell can be this bad,
It cant be,
Unless there is useless devils there as well;
That show no signs,
Of turning to the light,
To the silent light!

Another sound rings and I cripple in the pain,
Of the life I must go through,
The hell that all kids hate!

I want to shout and scream out,
But no one will listen to what I have to say,
I might as well stay quiet and wallow in self pity,
Wallow in my own pain and deal with it.

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