Why did I have to leave?

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I wrote this Poem because I was in love with this boy and then my friend told me he asked her out but she said no...but she still kinda liked him. And I was going to leave for the summer and that's when every thing changes.

Submitted: March 26, 2010

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Submitted: March 26, 2010



Why did I have to go and leave him?
What did it do for me?
I loved him with all my heart
Now he's gone and got married.

I'm heart broken
He doesn't remember me!
How could I forget that face that once smiled at me?

His wife was once my friend
But since she said yes it's all gone away
When did this all happen?
Why didn't they tell me?
What have I been through?

It's just a joke,right
It's my dream;pinch me

How long has it been?
A year,two years,even four
They look and smile like when we laughed
But one thing is sure it's all in the past!

We walk by each other every day on the way to work
She stares and laughs
Reminding me of the time thats past
He looks and thinks
One of these times he's sure to blink!

Six more years of my torture!
Six more years of me still loving him!
Six more years of them still not remembering!
It all went wrong at the five year mark!

We never pass each other anymore
They hide away when they see me
They laugh and mock
Do you think they remember?

Thinking all is wrong
I hide away from the world
Finally one day we pass
He has three children walking with him
While he's pushing another in the pram
They look and smile.

The boys reminding me of him when he was that age
The girls reminding me of her when she was that age
I walk my own down our path
Why could I have not left him?

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