Ancient Olympics

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Baltazar, a man living in Ancient Greece is competing in the Olympics in Athens, learns that he should not be so conceited and never to sacrife ox.

Submitted: November 19, 2012

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Submitted: November 19, 2012



Long ago in Ancient Greece there was a man named Baltazar. He was a tall, strong, athletic man with blond hair and green eyes. He was very bold, and proud, and adventurous, but also very selfish. In a week he would be competing in the Olympics in the 400 meter foot race, held in the beautiful city of Athens. Baltazar lived in a small village about 6 hours from Athens. It was a long way to go but he was very excited. Baltazar was a really conceited guy too, and certain he was going to win, he thought the trip would be worth it for sure, as the winner got riches, valuable gifts, and privileges.

Unfortunately, the whole week leading up to when he was supposed to leave had terrible weather.  It poured rain for five days straight and Baltazar began to worry that he might not be able to make the six hour trip. But luckily the day before he was set to leave the rain had mostly stopped. He would be able to go after all. He packed all the things he needed and left his little home behind, setting off. The trip was long and boring with not much to see but bare land and some dead trees. By the time he got to Athens, Baltazar was exhausted. Walking through the narrow, crowded streets he searched for the town square where his room and the coliseum were located.

When he got there, he found a nice looking old man waiting for him, who said he was one of the guys running the Olympics. The man was named Melas, and told Baltazar that all the people competing were very religious and that if he wanted to win, he had to make the gods like him more than all the other competitors, since the gods controlled everything. To do this, the man suggested Baltazar sacrificed an ox at a ceremony centered around the gods.

That night the ceremony took place at a temple built for the gods. Baltazar sacrificed the ox just like the man had said to. He was sure the gods would be very pleased and that they would definitely make him win now.

The next day was the qualifying round, and although he was nervous, he felt pretty sure he was going to win. He went off that morning to the huge coliseum where the race would happen. The place was huge and Baltazar felt very proud to be competing in such a huge event. The race started and before he knew what happened, Baltazar had won first place! Winning made him even cockier, and now he was absolutely positive he was going to win the championship.

By the time the sun came up the next morning, Baltazar was thinking that he could probably walk and he`d still win. All day he talked about how he had no chance of losing. Finally it was time to start. The competitors all lined up at the starting line. And the whistle blew. He took off running but too bad for him; he wasn’t nearly as fast as most of the others and ended up in fourth place.

Baltazar was devastated. He was so depressed about losing that he just went straight home. When he got home he knew he would have to get a job since he had quit his last one, counting on the money from winning to get by. He got a job at an ox farm and worked hard for his first three days. On his fourth day he accidentally left the gate open in the stable, and while he was walking away they all came running out in a stampede and trampled him to death.


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