A Memory of a Happier Time

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This is just a scribble about a memory

Submitted: September 01, 2012

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Submitted: September 01, 2012



**This story takes place when I was married. I have since then divorced.

From the outside, I heard a raucous barking of multiple dogs. The trees were wilted from the heat of the summer. The grass; overgrown and under-watered.  The bushes were in need of tending and it seemed that the flower bed was simply a bed of weeds. The paint was peeling and the doorbell did not seem to work. The old lady met with us outside. She was a little gruff or perhaps just shy, as she led us in to the house somewhat hesitantly.
Inside, the air was hazy with thick cigar smoke. Upon entering, the woman bent over and scooped up what seemed to be a small mass of gray fur from the floor. She thrust the hairball into my hands. The nest of hair squirmed for a minute, and then, the gigantic chocolate brown eyes opened. In that second, I lost knew I was in love. Lucy. I named her instantly. I just wanted to pay this woman and take this little ball of fur home.
Lucy. A miniature schnauzer, purebred and “of breeding quality” blah blah blah... i wasn’t listening, because I didn’t care about that. The only thing i cared about was that she was licking my hands and face. I have never let a dog do that before, it always disgusted me. Lucy. The first dog to ever lick my face. My baby, Lucy.
Lucy had a sister. She didn’t move and inch. The woman urged my husband to pick her up from the rug where she was laying. We had gone to pick out one dog... instead we got two. My babies. Lucy and Prudence.
The drive home was an hour and a half. With only 30 minutes left on the drive, I stopped at a little hometown grocery to grab a bag of puppy food. I did not want to leave their sides for a moment. I shopped as fast as possible and raced back to the car. To my babies.  
The next day, I called in to work. I was a new mom, I could not be separated from my babies.
I can still smell that new puppy smell, mixed with a fair amount of cigar smoke.
I still remember giving them baths every day for a week to rid them of cigar smoke. I remember sleeping on the couch so I did not have to leave them. My lovlies. My babies. My children.

Three years ago today, i adopted my babies. Lucy, my feisty intelligent shadow.
Prudence, she was the runt, short and stumpy.
They loved to wear their little sweaters. Prudence would go outside to potty and play and she would come back without her sweater. It really was just like having a kid that would lose things. I’d let her out and tell her to go get it, she would too. Lucy would never lose her sweater, she was that annoyingly perfect older sister.Which I happen to know a thing or two about.

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