God Andy's poem

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andy jakson form "tears of a tiger" writes a poem telling god how he feels

Submitted: July 25, 2008

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Submitted: July 25, 2008



God, My name is Andy.

I'm big and tall, I play basket ball but god I am really sad.

I have my girl Keisha and my friends tyrone, B.J, Gerald, and I had Robbie.

God, I don't like myself because of what I did, I will never forgive myself.

God, I do like basket ball because its the only thing were I can fit in.

I also like Keisha because I'm able to look into her eyes.

God, I'm feeling depressed. I keep thinking it should of been me. Why wasn't it me?!

God, I'm very lonely no one know how I feel, no one can understand!

God,I'm also very scared what will happen to me?

God, Will you please give me help, just give me a hand and pull me out of my pain.

God, I really need to tell Robbies mom that I'm sorry, Why can't I tell her I'm sorry!

God, I need to know were Robbie is, I want to be sure he's happy and he forgives me for what I did.

God,  I'm afride of the future, what will I become?

God, I'm afried of my grades, I try to do good, but I just can't

God, I'm afride of myself I'm afride of what I might do.

God, I do give a lot, I give love to my Keisha

I give support to all my friends.

I also give a lot of pain to everybody I know.

God, Please I would like to be dead, I deserve to be dead! don't you understand!!

God, can I please just be happy?

God, can you make the pain go away?

God, I deal with so much! why do I have to deal with so much. It kills me all over!

I can't deal with my parents who just don't understand!

I can't deal with the teacher who don't careless.

God, just help me your friend Andy jakson,

I don't really know if that was good or not, it was a poem i had to write for english, and i had to follow a rubic so it was hard to do. my english teacher told me she liked it so i decied to put it up.

if you havn't read "tears of a tiger" its about a boy named andy who kills his friend in a drunk driveing accident and can't deal with the pain of killing him. that what the poem is pretty much about,. he's asking god for help.

well thank you for reading it!

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