The Girl in the park

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A women who is on her way to killing her self runs into a girl at a park who has her change her mind.

Submitted: July 25, 2008

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Submitted: July 25, 2008



On July 24, 1990 my mother had just passed away from breast cancer. Me and my mother were very close and I couldn't handle the fact that she was gone. About 6 months later I was in collage struggling with my work trying to be a doctor, I was worrying about not getting into med-school, my boyfriend had also broken up with me. All through my life growing up my father had called me ugly and told me that I was the stupind child of the family, that he was embarssed to have me as one of his daughters. My self of steam was very low. I was at a point of weakness in my life. I didn't know how to deal with my pain. I was sitting on my bed one day thinking about what it would be like to just die, I thought about all the pain I wouldn't be in and all the things I wouldn't have to go through, I figured that if I just got a gun and one pull on the triger to my head that my life would just end and most important the pain. I had though about it long and hard after a couple of days, I had made up my mind. I went to one of my friends house I knew were he had kept his gun. I had took his gun and slid it in my purse when he wasn't looking and I had knew that it was full.  I had took the park way back home. I was walking in the park when I decied to sit down for a minute on a bench and enjoy the fresh are and look up at the sky, because I knew it was all going to end soon.  A girl about 14 had sat down on the bench next to me, she smiled and said "hello" she had the most beautiful smile, it made me feel good that she smiled at me and told me hello it made me feel noticed. I told the girl what a beautiful day it was and she told me that it's always a beautiful day when god lets her wake up in the morning. Thats when I realized that killing myself wasn't the answer. I relized that it wouldn't solve anything, all killing myself would do is make me weak person, the pain and the darkness in my body would have won the fight. Thats when I got up off the bench and I had smiled at the girl and told her to have a nice day, she smiled back and said always. That day I had changed my mind I decied to work hard and beat what I was feeling inside. I worked my ass of in collage and I got into med-school, I became a OB/GYN, I meet the love of my life, and had two wonderful children. There is never a day in my mind that I don't think of that girl, she had saved my life with just a smile couple of words that pulled me up and made me relize what I was going to do and what I could of missed out on life. It is horribal when someone young takes their life, because they haven't lived a full life, like how I'm living now. I have been to places, I have seen many things, I"ve been under a lot of sunny days, I have lived and laughed and loved. I expericed the miracle of making love to someone and growing a part of myself and the person I loved inside of me. I can honstly say that I love the girl for what she has gave me. I write this story so that next time you pass someone in the hallways at your school, or passing them on the street just to smile and nod, because you could just make the biggest impact on someones life.

Written by nicole.

Sorry for any of the spelling and grammer (I am not good at that)

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