my acquaintance

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i saw her...

Submitted: December 27, 2011

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Submitted: December 27, 2011



It was a cold dark night I was walking home from Nicole's house when suddenly the wind started to blow leaves started rustling around me. I heard people start to talk witch was very odd because I was walking past an abandoned house. A girl named Sally Child lived their about 12 years ago nobody would move in to the house I didn't know why.I wanted to see who was in the house so I went to the gate it slowly screeched open. Walking up the path I saw a black cat.When I got to the Dore it swung open. I never opened the Dore. When the Dore hit the wall a pictior fell I picked it up wiped the dust of it was a pictior of Sally and a guy named Shane Young the crack in the pictior was only on his face I wounder why and moved tords the steps.The Dore slammed shut behind me I didn't even close the Dore. As I walked up the stairs they creaked one even broke when I got to the room I was scared and all of a sudden my stumic felt woozy .I walked over and sat on the bed it broke I saw a mist come threw the wall,it came closer,closer then stoped it sead whispering get out before she gets you to. I thought who this could be I thought of the pictior and said are you Shane Young. The mist said yes. I said she is dead I don't think she could hurt me. He said suite your self. When suddenly the Dore was onened . their was Sally Child she looked confused and hissed at me she came running tords she was a live so i thought. But when she got to me she stoped jumped at me growling hissing and snarling .I was scared . She was dead but a live kind of.tried to leave the room but she picked me up and threw me a cross the room I'm not sure what she did to me from then to know when I'm in the hospital they don't believe me .Do you? 

to:my friends 



this was writen by my best friend shyann i think its very good she told me to post it onhere thanks <3 nicole

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