The ingredants for the fairy's

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

two fairy's who want to be real girls.

once upoun a time there is two fairys named kate and emily. kate had brown curley hair and bright blue eyes.emily had long blonde hair with bright green eyes.kate has a mom and a little baby siste, her dad died on a very windy day and flew into the water and he drownded. her mom would tell her alor of sotries about him when she was little. emily is a only child she has a mom and a dad. kate and emilys parents where always woundering what they where thinking.

kate and emily they live in a very nice big tree next to a school.They always look at the school and wounder , and saying i wish i where though's kids having alot of friends, and learning.i want to go to school they saaid.

so they went off to the queen of all fairy's, we asked may we be turned into really girls ? they said. well why would you girls like to be turned into real girls ? said the fairy queen. well we want to b turned into reall girls because we watch them have so much fun and play and learn. so the fairy queen said well you girls would have to get some ingrediants. also u girls would have to go on a little trip. will you give us the list of ingrediants ? said emily. yes i will bright in the mourning , you girls have to get some wrest for the big trip tomrow if you want to become reall girls as soon as you can. so the girls siad good night to the qween. she also sais good night. so they went to there house in the tree and sleped. The bright moon was shinning on them so bright stars next to it. They finally fell asleep, with a big yawn. It started to get bright out , emily and katie both said mourning to wach other. It's time to get to the queen and get the list im so excited , said kate. Me to said emily in a little tiny voice. They finally got to the queen , she looked like in a happy mood today , thankfully. We went to the qween we asked her for the list and flew off. We herd her say good luck, very loudly.

We both look at the list and the first thing said


1. caterpillars to give you human legs , there at tree land

2. A shinny apple from the garden near the river to make you shine

3. you have to get grass because it is like string , string is like hair , and u need human hair

4. you have to go get sheep hair for to have human clothes because that is what they use to make clothes , so

there across the river , be CAREFULL!!!!

5.go get the whit mushrooms on the grass , there so white they will give u bright human teeth,

BUT DONT EAT THEM. there poisonus

Well when they where done gathereing all the ingrediants they started making there way home. It took them an hour to get home. They finally got home so tired there wings could barely move. They went to the queen gave her the ingrediants. She said wow good job you to. Tired? nope not really.They said. The fairy queen asked them if they for sure wanted to be chanfed into reall girls?they said in a happy voice.The queen said ok , so she started putting the ingrediants in the bowl everytime she would put in something it would exploed. When the queen was done she said i hope you girls have a fun time beeing a human , and good luck. The queen pored the juice on them. They where so excited.They finally turnd into reall girls , beatiful girls.They lived happily ever after and learned , played and made friends.


Submitted: June 26, 2009

© Copyright 2021 nicolel7. All rights reserved.

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hey ppl this is my storie i had for a while but i just didnt put it up for a while , hope u like it

Mon, June 29th, 2009 5:46pm


that was really good, i loved it

Tue, June 30th, 2009 8:34am


i found a few mistakes, not trying to critisize, just trying to help! :)

and saying i wish i where though's kids having alot of friends,

it should be,

and saying, "I wish I were those kids having a lot of friends," and so on... You have to remember to put quotations around the things that your characters say! haha.

Also, you forgot to capitalize the first word of each sentence.

you also used "there" instead of "they're" meaning "they are." just a minor mistake, but important.

this was a very cute story though fairies are awesome! hope you write more about them in the future! :)

Thu, July 2nd, 2009 4:50pm

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