The End of a Short Beginning

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Liliana and McKinnon fall in love, but our story doesn't end there, no matter how much I wish it could, it must go on. I usually don't write romance, (curse you Purpleskittles145!!! No, I'm kidding of course, I actually sort of enjoyed writing this so I guess I should be thanking you :)

Please ignore any spelling mistakes...I tried to fix them but I'm in a hurry to get done!! :D

I got the name McKinnon from my neighbor who's in 5th grade's she made me tell you all this! :P

Submitted: June 09, 2011

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Submitted: June 09, 2011



Liliana Andrews had lived in the same house all her life, gone to the same elementary school, and the same middle school, and now high school. The friends she'd made had been her friends all her life. She grew up around people she'd known since she was born.

McKinnon Ketler. Liliana had known him since she was 3-years-old, when they'd had the same babysitter. When they were five, they started kindergarten together. When Liliana was eight she started crushing on him (her first crush). In 4th grade, they sat near eachother the whole school year. In 4th grade, McKinnon found out about Liliana's crush. In 5th grade, they realised they lived close to eachother, and became close friends. They'd ride bikes together, play outside together, have water gun fights in the summer. In 6th grade, they went into different classes, and forgot about eachother. In Middle School, they rode the same bus. Now, they're in High School.


"A 'D'?!?!" Liliana muttered angrily, her geometry midterm in her right hand. She looked down at it sourly as they walked home.

"It's not that bad," Gabrielle, her best friend, said, stressing the 'that' and popping a peach ring into her mouth. She raised the bag of peach rings closer to her face and peered inside, shaking the bag a little.

"Yeah, and are you going to be the one to explain that to my parents?" Liliana asked. She stuffed the paper back into her bag, "I'll be grounded over the weekend, at the least."

"Just wait 'till Monday morning to give it to them," Gabrielle said, swallowing the sugary candy.

They didn't say anything else the next few minutes. The smell of freshly-cut grass filled the silence. The sky was getting dark, it would probably rain soon, if the weather man had predicted right.

Gabrielle stopped suddenly, you could hear the crunch of her peach ring bag as her grip tightened around it, and stretched out her arm to stop Liliana by using the back of her hand to hit her chest lightly. Liliana stopped.

"Is that McKinnon?" Garbielle said, gesturing towards the boy playing basketball in his driveway.

He had short, black hair and sparkling blue eyes, you could even see them from a distance. And he was tall. Despite the dark sky, it was really warm for a spring day, so McKinnon was only wearing black shorts while he shot hoops.

"No," Liliana replied sarcastically, "it's just a guy that looks like him, playing basketball outside McKinnon's house. Duh."

"Funny. What happened, when did he get hot?!" Gabrielle explained, smiling.

"He looks the same."

"Yeah, he's always been hot to you."

"I've told you!! I'm over him!! Completely," Liliana said, looking away and walking farther ahead.

Gabrielle stared at him a little longer, then looked back at Liliana and ran to catch up with her, clutching her bag of candy to her chest.

"Come on, Lil, I know you still like him!"

Liliana kept a straight face and said, sternly, "No."

But Garbrielle could tell she was lying.


The last quarter of school went by fast, and soon, summer had taken over.

Whenever you think 'summer' the first word that comes to mind is usually 'beach' right? Well, Liliana lived as far away from any beach you could get. But there was always the pool.

Liliana and Gabrielle went to the pool together nearly everyday. Garbielle's parents would drop them off, because Liliana's parents worked.

The first day they went to the pool, McKinnon was there. Gabrielle didn't notice, thank God, but Liliana did. She made sure Gabrielle didn't see him.

He was there the next day, too. This time, Garbielle DID notice.

"Look, Lil, there's your boyfriend!"

"Shut up! I do NOT like him!" Liliana said, rubbing sun lotion on her legs. Liliana was wearing a bikini top with boy shorts, same as Garbielle.

"Hey, McKinnon!" Gabrielle shouted.

Liliana's face blew up with red, and she did the only thing she could think of on short notice: she ran to the edge of the pool and jumped in.

The pool was fairly large, with two slides and a diving board. The city pool, not a tiny neighborhood one.

Liliana stayed under the water for as long as she could, then came up for air. But as soon as she did, she wished she was still under. When she came up out of the water and opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was McKinnon. Standing right above her.

McKinnon had on blue swim trunks. He was tan all over.

Standing beside him, was Gabrielle.

"Cannonball!" Gabrielle screamed, jumping in beside her friend.

McKinnon laughed.

"Come on, get in," Gabrielle said, splashing him.

He jumped (more like hopped, without splashing any water) in next to them.

Gabrielle rested against the edge of the pool.

Liliana smiled, but then whispered to Gabrielle, "Why are you doing this to me?"

"Because." She whispered back.

"Hey McKinnon," Garbielle said as Liliana was letting out a deep breath, "Liliana likes you!"

Liliana froze and stopped breathing. Her face burnt up, bright red.

McKinnon froze a little, too, then said "Really?"

"Uhh" Liliana's throat was too dry to say anything.

Gabrielle whispered something to him. McKinnon's eyes widened a little.

It was silent for a while, then Gabrielle let out a little sigh "Seriously, guys? Do I have to play matchmaker? Just ask her out already McKinnon!!"

And that's when Liliana got her first boyfriend!


No, that's not really the end, though I wish it was. I wish this story could end here. Happy, full of love and hope and future. I wish we could end it here, but we have to finish the story.


The rest of the summer went on happily. McKinnon and Liliana spent all of their time together. They went to the movies, hung out at the pool, they even had water gun fights just like they used to.

At the beginning of July (July 10th, to be specific), McKinnon turned 15, leaving Liliana at 14, and he got his Learner's Permit, allowing him to drive anywhere, as long as there was an adult in the car.

McKinnon's sister had just turned 18, so as long as she was with them, they could go anywhere.


Liliana was sitting on her couch, while her parents were at work, watching TV and being bored, when the doorbell rang.

She knew not to open the door to strangers, but she looked out the window first to see who it was.


She unbolted the door and threw it open and ran into him to give him a hug.

He laughed. "Do you wanna go to Dairy Queen?" he asked. "I mean, I know your parents are at work, my sister's with us so I can drive...and I thought you might be"

Liliana giggled. "Of course."

McKinnon led Liliana to the car (a red Honda 2007), holding her hand, and then let go to open the passenger door for her.

Liliana got in and McKinnon shut the door and walked around to the driver's side.

McKinnon's sister, Juliette, was in the back, filing her nails, looking bored.

Liliana turned back around to face the front as McKinnon started up the engine and drove them to Dairy Queen.


Liliana and McKinnon sat in a booth across from eachother, Juliette was at the opposite end of the restaurant flirting with the 19-year-old cashier. Liliana was eating a cookie-dough concrete, and McKinnon had a concrete with oreo chunks.

"So...this is really stereotypical, but let's give eachother nicknames!"

Liliana laughed, "Okay, your's is Mc-Jay."

"Wow, yours can be cutie."

Liliana nodded with a smile, "Very original."

"I know!" His deep voice getting higher.

Liliana turned head, "So, how 'bout you let me drive the car home?"

"You don't have your permit, cutie." He laughed.

"I know, but we're only, what, 2 minutes from your house?"

"Less." He said, realising he was going to lose this arugment...if that's even what is was.

"See?? Just let me drive it over to your house. For practice for my learner's permit test?" She questioned.

"I guess there's not really any harm...okay!"

"Thanks!" Liliana said, sucking the last few drops out of her cup with her straw.

She waited patiently for McKinnon to finish his.

When he finally did, they stood up and went over to collect Juliette. Then they walked out into the summer heat and over to the Honda.

Liliana walked over to the driver's side and jumped in.

Juliette raised her eyebrow.

"She's just getting in some practice for her driver's test," McKinnon assured her, getting into the passenger seat.

Juliette shrugged and got into the backseat.

Liliana started out slow. Her driving was a little jerky, but she was doing pretty good, so far. Then it went back to jerky. She went too fast, then slowed, too fast, slow.

"Um, Lili, have you ever driven before?"

"Of course!" she said, she'd been so enthusiastic about driving, she was younger than all her friends, so she was the only one that couldn't drive yet, "if you count a bike as driving."

She let out a little laugh, then her eyes widened.

She hadn't seen it till now. The red light.

It was too late, to go back.

As she passed, she looked up and saw the red, then looked to the side and saw it. The car.

Then she didn't see anything.


Flashing lights; no sound.


Liliana woke up in the hospital.

A nurse smiled at her. "Nice to see you awake, Miss Andrews."

"McKinnon," she murmured, somehow not used to the sound of her own voice, "Where's McKinnon?"

Her smile fell apart, she went back to folding bed clothes, "Mr. Ketler...he's not doing so good."

Liliana pushed her feet onto the floor and stood up. She felt a little dizzy, but didn't dare crawl back into bed like a scared little kid.

Before the nurse could stop her, she ran out into the hall.

Sitting in the hall was Gabrielle, her parents, and all of McKinnon's family.

Gabriele rushed to her. "Are you okay?" she asked.

Liliana didn't answer, "Where's McKinnon?"

"In that room, the one next to yours," Gabrielle said, pointing towards the room he was in.

The door was closed.

Liliana rushed towards it and twisted the handle. It opened.

She walked in and let the door close behind her.

"McKinnon?" she asked.

A weak voice came from somewhere in the dark room, "That's Mc-Jay to you, cutie."

Liliana didn't laugh.

She clicked on the light and saw someone laying in a bed.

But it wasn't McKinnon.

It sound like him, but it wasn't.

McKinnon didn't have cuts and bruises and blood all over his body.

"It's me," he said, reading her mind.

She looked at his face.

Those sparkling blue eyes looked familiar, but she was still sure it wasn't him.

She edged closer to him.

She could see now, that it was him.

It was her McKinnon.

She ran to his bedside.

"You're going to be okay," she told him, "you know that?"

"No, I won't, Lil, but it's okay."

I was driving, I ran the red light, I DIDTHIS!!! she screamed inside her head.

"It's not your fault," he said, "it easily could've been me driving. Don't blame youself."

He tried to laugh but couldn't; and coughed instead.

His eyes started to close.

Liliana lowered her face to his, and kissed him.

She felt him leaving, even though their lips were still connected. She pulled away from him.

"No," she cried, "please don't leave me!"

But he was already gone.

Her first kiss.

McKinnon's last.

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