A Short Story: Betrayed

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A young girl is kidnapped from the park and her whole life is changed. Will she ever be able to trust again?
This was for school so it isn't that great. I have much work I can do on this story and will if I ever get around to it. A lot of events are skipped because like I said before it's for school and I wrote it late at night. Due to my late night writing, I got tired fast and just wanted to get the writing over with. Hope you like it and please comment your opinions and suggestions below!! :)

Submitted: December 29, 2011

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Submitted: December 29, 2011




Two kids playing on a swing set was the last thing that I saw before complete darkness. I felt a sharp pain in my right shoulder. What was happening? Dizzy... I felt so.... Dizzy. Someone whispered, in a creepy tone, into my ear as I slowly dazed out, “My name is Derek, the fun starts now.” He laughed a maniacal laugh. An engine rumbled to life. That was the last thing I remembered.

I woke up in a dark, cold room. I could barely see a shadow in the far back corner. I could make out a tall, slender person, with long, silky, midnight black hair and an icy white complexion. “Where are we?” I managed to sputter out. I felt extremely weak. The figure quickly turned around in one swift movement. Her eyes, they were a beautiful royal blue color. “We are in the Torment Festival, where else would we be? My name is Jenna, I am your roommate,” she softly spoke. I stared at her for a while and she returned my gaze. I eventually got up and began to survey my surroundings. We were in a tiny bedroom with only two beds about a couple of feet from each other and a bathroom that I could make out through a small doorway.  I also saw a door. I walked over to it and tried to spin the knob. “Pointless. It’s locked from the outside.” Jenna muttered. “Oh. Why is he doing this to us?” I replied. “He’s nuts! A physco! Insane! That’s why!” she shouted. We both began to laugh uncontrollably at her brave comment. I spotted a light switch next to the door frame and flicked the switch up. Bright lights burst out of the ceiling. It took a minute for my eyes to adjust to the new lighting. I jumped back in surprised when a voice crackled from an intercom that I hadn’t even noticed before on the left wall. “The fun starts tomorrow now that our last guest has arrived. We will be on a tight schedule everyday, starting with breakfast, then the Torture Festival, next dinner, and lastly you will be locked back into your rooms. No lunch, sorry!” Then the voice broke off. I could tell he wasn’t sorry, not necessarily about missing a lunch each day, but about trapping us here. My thoughts then went somewhere else. Are there other kids here too? I hadn’t even thought of that. I wandered over to the bathroom and was surrounded in black granite. It was magnificent. I stared at myself in the mirror. My normally neat, wavy, ginger hair was messy and was at my shoulders instead of waist from being so matted . I Still had my big violet eyes staring at me and my same peach, full lips. I had olive skin and a bridge of freckles crossing over my nose. I was still wearing my favorite Coca-Cola shirt and dark blue jeans. I was about 5’4 and was fifteen years of age. It was weird to think that earlier this morning I was planning our day with my best friend, Ashley. I wondered if my friends and family are looking for me. How had no one seen me getting taken away? I’m sure I was screaming, had no one really heard? I left the mirror and crawled into my warm covers, hoping to escape, even if it was only in my dreams. Before I dozed off into a slumber I told Jenna my name, Amber. Woken by an aggressive poke in the ribs, I remembered the past day’s events. I blinked and saw Jenna staring right into my face. “About time you woke up! You sure are hard to get up. Our clothes are by the door, get dressed and fast! Breakfast is in ten minutes!” she said. After I was dressed, Jenna and I followed a clustered group of kids to into a dining hall. A huge table sat in the middle of the room with chairs placed around it, the room was very Gothic themed. The walls were a dark stone and medieval furniture and accents decorated the room. Plates heaping with food filled the table, tempting all of us. We sat down and just as we did two massive doors opened. A tall man with dark hair and blue eyes, strikingly similar to Jenna’s, took a seat at the head of the table. “My name is Derek, for those who don’t know me. Please sit and enjoy the food, for some it will be your last,” he says with a smirk. Everyone immediately filled their plates with pounds of food and began eating. I sat and began to chat with a girl.. She seemed happy, considering the situation we were in, although when you looked into her green eyes you could see the sadness in them. Otherwise, you would never know she was sad, with her cheerfully talking to me and her golden ribbon curls bouncing everywhere every time she talked. After finishing our meals we all dreadfully followed Derek, in a single file line, to the Torture Festival arena. The arena was a huge room that looked much like a school gym without the equipment and basketball court. It was split into two different sections, half grass and the other half wood floor. The first day we did simple tasks, like building a fire or climbing a rope. This went on for a few days. I figured it was to eliminate all of the weak contestants. All of the kids that had lost were taken into a room at the back of the arena and never seen again.  I felt bad for them, especially the really young ones. The youngest was about eight years old and lost within minutes of the first challenge. Once we were down to a group of about eight survivors, things got very interesting. On the fourth day we were brought back into the arena, but it had been transformed. The floor was covered in shattered glass. I was confused on what the challenge would be. Derek demanded all of us to take our shoes and socks off the minute we entered. “Today’s competition is a bit... different” You are required to walk across this glass barefoot. If you can’t make across...” he licked his lips, “Well then I’ll be taking you... away.” The first kid was a ten-year-old who I honestly don’t know how he had made it this far. He got about half-way through until he collapsed. His feet were covered in blood and more gushed out every second. Derek stepped onto the glass shards and dragged the boy across the floor, cutting open his face, arms, and stomach and took him into the back room. It was disgusting to see. It was unfair. After two more failed tries it was my turn. By this time, you could barely make out the glass because there was so much blood. I looked over at Derek before taking my first step. He was smiling, watching me eagerly, for I was his next victim. I took my first step onto the bloody glass. I took a few more steps and instantly felt the sharp blades razor into my skin. I could feel my warm blood trickle out of my feet. The glass was extremely slippery from all of the moist, fresh gore splattered on the pieces. I was halfway through the bed of reflective knives. I took two leaps and I was across. When I reached the edge and took my final step I began to sob from the pain. I watched Paisley and a boy named Logan make it through, too. Then it was Jenna’s turn. She gracefully moved through the bits of glass. When she reached the end she was barely cut. I quietly whispered to her “How did you do that?” She only shrugged. At the end of the day only four of us were left. The next day’s event was just as challenging. We were trapped inside the arena in a setting that looked like a jungle. Only cobras replaced the ground, instead of broken bits of glass. I climbed up a tree as fast as I could and Jenna balanced herself on a vine that hung from one tree to another. I saw a cobra bite Paisley just as she was about to climb into a hole in a tree. Her piercing scream was terrible. The cobra bit into her soft skin and let its venom drip into her veins. Logan also was eliminated, he went to try and save Paisley, only he ended up tripping on the cobras and bitten until his body was completely covered in holes. I was glad to make it safely into my bed that night, although I had nightmares about cobras sneaking into my bed and killing me. It was down to just Jenna and me. When we were called to the arena we were positioned next to each other and were both given a sword. Derek calmly entered the arena. “Ah, so it is my last two little toys, which
means that my fun is almost over, or should I say our fun, Jenna?” I looked over at Jenna to see what he meant. She had her sword pointed right at me. She sliced into my legs and you could hear the blade ripping into my flesh. I looked at her, she betrayed me. She never was my friend. She tricked me. I felt hurt and angry at the same time. Derek came over and grabbed my wrist. Jenna lifted her sword and slashed my wrist. I screamed in pain.

Derek dragged me to the back room. A stream of blood ran down my arm and a waterfall of gooey, red ooze was coming out of my legs. I was in so much agony. We reached the door and he threw me in the room. Everyone that had lost was in that room. Hanging. I spotted Paisley and her golden curls hanging limp. Blood seeped out of their necks and the rope was sunken into their throats. I began to cry for all of the innocent kids that never had a chance, including myself. The resemblance between Jenna and Derek, I should have known. The way she easily glided across the glass and found her way into the trees without even noticing the snakes. I should have seen it coming, but I didn’t. I had trusted her. I turned around and there was Derek with a noose and a long rope. Jenna in the background with an amused, evil grin on her face.


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A Short Story: Betrayed

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