Bay High

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Nicky grew up in a scattered neighborhood with her mother two brothers and her sister. Then she moved in with her dad who made it clear she wasn’t welcome. Now she lives with her Aunt Tiffany in a small three bedroom apartment. Through all this one thing has stayed the same. Her friends. But now something’s going on with her boyfriend Dylan and she’s super confused. Plus her best friend Justin is acting really weird. Nicky faces many problems and it’s her senior year at Bay high. Can she get it together in time to graduate? Will she still have friends by the end of the year?

Submitted: March 21, 2013

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Submitted: March 21, 2013



Chapter 1

“Good morning Bay High!” said the lady on the intercom as I took my seat at the back of the class. Amanda looked at the door “Grace is late.” She muttered. Kaylena snorted “who cares?” she turned to me. “I’m so happy we got the same classes again this year!” she squealed. “That’s only because of your mom kk” I replied as I looked down at my phone. “Grace!” Amanda yelled as she sauntered in. Grace sat down, and ignoring Amanda, she looked at Kaylena “your boyfriend’s in a fight” she said smiling smugly, and almost as an afterthought looked at me, “oh and yours too of course.” I looked at Kaylena “come on” she sighed I just nodded and followed her.

Kaylena’s boyfriend Nate is 5ft6 with a small afro, coffee skin, dark greenish-blue eyes, and a tough build. Dylan my boyfriend was 5ft 8, with dark dirty-blonde hair, vanilla skin, and dark brown eyes. Kaylena and Nate have been together just as long as Dylan and I, but I think they’re a better couple. Kaylena’s waist length shiny brown hair always made her pretty green eyes stand out on her mocha colored skin which meant she was the perfect match for Nate. Me on the other hand I made Dylan stand out, I had pitch black hair with white and red streaks, caramel colored skin, and white contacts.

Me and Kaylena we're in our cheerleading uniforms so everyone moved out of our way as we rushed down the hall. They we're simple uniforms, but they told people we weren't’t to be messed with. It was just a tight black skirt with red streaks, a matching shirt with a v-neck and Panthers written on the back in white with our names underneath. As we rushed down the hall towards the obvious sound of kids cheering on a fight I noticed Justin one of Dylan’s best friend( technically all Dylan’s best friends were mine but when we started dating they became his too.) Justin nodded at me and Kaylena and kept walking in the opposite direction of the fight “hey!” I yelled at him, he stopped “yeah?!” I pointed towards the fight and he laughed “I’m done helping Dylan fight.” I think my jaw literally dropped because Kaylena had to hit my chin up, and she just ignored Justin as he walked on down the hall towards first period. “I know you heard him KK!” I said to her. Kaylena had this thing she did when she had a secret, she would twirl her hair and act like she was chewing something when really she was chewing nothing which is exactly how I knew she was hiding something but I ignored it because I knew I’d find out sooner or later. As we continued and made it through the steadily growing crowd of teens I realized that I was still thinking about Justin, because out of all my friends even Kaylena and me weren't’t as close as me and Justin were. Then it hit me, me and Justin used to be super close before I started spending time with Dylan I guess we had grown apart. I mean for one part he used to be super sweet and picky about his girlfriends now he would only date a girl for a week, before he found a new one.

Putting Justin off my mind and Dylan on it was hard but I did it in time to ask a friend in the crowd who was on the football team with Dylan to help me drag his ass out the fight before the teachers came out, he laughed and made a joke about Dylan going back to jail but I didn't't’t catch the end of it because I realized Kaylena had gotten our friend Jamal to help pull Nate out and Dylan was now fighting by himself “Shamar! Help get him out damn it!” I yelled, as he realized what was happening he nodded and muttered something about coach beating Dylan upside the head with a football. He walked right into the middle of the fight and grabbed Dylan “what the fuck is wrong with you!?!” I screamed when it was just the three of us down the hall. Everyone seemed to stop and stare at me “you think that you can sit here and fight and not go back to jail you dumbass!” he stared at me for a minute then I shook my head and walked away. The stream of kids in the hall  parted easily as if they were afraid I’d slap anyone that got in my way and I could feel Dylan following me. As we got farther down the hall and the stream began to thin I slid into a girl’s bathroom and Dylan followed. “Get out now!” I said to the two girls that were fixing their makeup in the mirror. They shot me some dirty looks and smiled at Dylan who stood there looking lost. I acted as if I had no idea he was there and sat on the counter top. When the girls were finally gone I looked at him “Why do you always have to get into a fight?” I asked. He walked over to me and slipped himself in between my legs and rested his head on my shoulder. “Come on I’m not always in a fight.” he said sliding his hands around my waist. I shook my head and pushed him away whispering softly I said “You’re killing me Dylan I used to think we were perfect and that one day you just get over the fighting and the immaturity but you just don’t and I don’t know what to do.” He looked away from me as if it was dangerous to talk and I sighed, as I jumped off the counter and started towards the door getting ready to leave “Why are we together Nicky?” I turned and stared at him as if he was stupid then took a step towards him “I don’t know anymore Dylan.” he smiled sadly and came over  to hug me “Then there really isn't’t any reason for us to stay together is there?” I could feel the tears in my eyes now. This was weird I’d always been the one to decide when we were going to break-up and even then it didn't't’t last too long. “No there really isn't’t, but I don’t want to break-up Dylan.” I hated the fact that I sounded so sad and scared “I don’t either Nick it hurts but I don’t want to be like this anymore either.” He whispered “No I don’t want to break-up Dylan I want to stay with you I want to work this out and get over it please?” I was frantic now Dylan was my only true boyfriend. I mean yeah we’d broken up a few times and gone out with other people but this was different this time he was saying that he wanted it which should have made me realize sooner that something was wrong. “Come on girly you got to get yourself together we can still be friends right?” I nodded suddenly giving up and without another word walked out the bathroom. “Hey! Come on wait up!” Dylan yelled as I rushed towards the main entrance of the school. He finally caught up to me just as I reached the door and planted himself firmly in front of me as he began to say something he was cut off by a high pitched voice somewhere to our left “aww and there you are Mr.Sermet I was wondering where you ran off to after your little fight in my hallways” I looked at Mr.Austin the head principle and groaned but Dylan just smiled like a clueless ditzy who had no idea what Mr. Austin was talking about “why what fight would that be Mr. Austin I mean surely you’re not going to jump to conclusions now are you?” Mr.Austin smiled shook his head. “At least this time you can say that Sermet just get to class.” Mr.Austin said turning to leave. Dylan grinned “I never really get caught Anyways.” He said. I shook my head pushing open the door “You never get caught huh? I really should say how much I wish that were different.” I said sarcastically as if I had no care about him in the world.

By now everyone at school knew that Dylan and I were on done, so it wasn't’t a surprise when ten different guys came up and asked me out. But I was super surprised when Cole came up to me during science class (that’s the boy Dylan had been fighting.) “Hey cutie, what are you doing tomorrow night?”  I stared at him he was kind of cute I guess I mean if you liked gothic basketball player’s which at the moment I did. “Going to Sarah Eastman’s party.” I said simply with a shrug. “Well do want to be my date to the party?” he asked smiling. “Didn't’t you just have a fight with my boyfriend?” I asked nonchalantly he smiled wider and sat next to me. “But didn't’t he tell you it was a fight about you?” he asked teasingly. “No. but why don’t you explain that tiny little fact?” I said smiling as if I didn't’t care “Well I told your ex-boyfriend that a friend of mine had seen him cheating on you and that I would easily drop everything I was doing to take you out for the good time that I knew he wasn't’t giving you.” He said playing with one of the test-tubes confront of us. “Well thanks for asking Cole but I already have a date to the party.” I smiled and he nodded “Who is it?” he asked. “Old friend of mine is coming down tonight and I promised him he could be my date.” I said simply. Coal frowned but didn't’t say anything as the teacher began to explain the experiment we would be doing.

“o-my-god I cannot believe that you won’t tell us who your date to the party is!” Kaylena screamed as the five of us sat down at the table in the food court at the mall. “Me too I didn't’t know you had any friends we didn't’t know about.” Nate muttered glaring at me suspiciously. I just shrugged and looked around the food court then my eyes suddenly landed on Justin who’d been silent the whole time. Suddenly a thought accurd to me “J?” he looked at me along with everyone else at the table “Did you know about it?” now I had everyone’s attention except for Justin who was looking at everything except for me “What are you talking about?” Nate asked looking totally confused. “Nothing.” I said standing up and starting to walk away. Justin didn't’t have to admit to it out loud his face had told me everything. As I was walking to my car I saw him running after me and stopped. Leaning against the trunk I stared at him and he came to a stop just a few feet away. “I can’t believe you Justin how could you not tell me something like that?! Who was it?” I said crossing my arms and glaring at him. Suddenly Justin straightened up and looked me square in the eye “you want to know who it was? Fine. It was grace and I didn't’t tell you because I’m not your goddamned spy okay? We used to be good friends that’s it but we’ve both changed and I’m tired of running around telling you and Dylan things about each other okay?” I stared at him as he seemed to deflate. “Spy? I never wanted you to be a fucking spy! I wanted you to be my friend and tell me my boyfriend was cheating on me so I wouldn't’t look like a fucking ditz! I can’t believe you just stay away from me from now on!” I screamed flinging open the door to my car and sliding in. Justin stepped away as I backed out of the parking lot and sped away.

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