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a short children's story by farfinagle and myself, told in a simple language!

Submitted: April 20, 2009

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Submitted: April 20, 2009



A Splendid Magic Show

Farfinagle wrote the 1st paragraph and I wrote the rest!


The magician smiled at his small audience, waiting until he had everyone's attention. With a flourish, he began his final act. First, he pulled a shiny silk top hat from an oversized trunk. Walking the length of the stage, he allowed everyone to look into its depths. It was clear the hat was empty. He sat it down on a small stand. The audience waited expectantly.

The magician announced gladly” And now for the final act, I will put out something out of the hat!” and lo and behold! Out popped a small rabbit! “Well,” laughed the magician, after accomplishing his trick,” Ah, he’s been stuck in my hat for days!” The audience was shocked and surprised and they exclaimed,” Wow! That’s a tough one!”

The show went well! After the show, the crowd began to move, when a young boy of six, rushed to the magician. “Sir,” he spoke excitedly, “Your show was splendid! I want to learn magic! Please, take me into your group!”. “Oh! You are still young my child! I cannot take you”,the magician said. The young boy became disappointed and turned to move away. Suddenly a woman screamed from the auditorium “Someone’s taken my gold chain!” Panic spread the auditorium and the crowd stopped moving. The cops closed the door and began to check everyone before they left.

The young boy retired to his seat, when he saw a portion of the gold chain shining, in a pocket of a tall man. The tall man looked like a giant! He had stolen the chain! Swiftly the young boy screamed loudly, that the gold chain was found and pointed his finger at the man who robbed it and the cops were alerted and they caught the man.

After all the confusion was settled the magician went near the boy and congratulated him. “You are a brave young lad and I have a surprise for you!” he said hugging him. The boy stood puzzled when the magician spoke,” You are free to join my group! I will teach you magic!” Then, the boy’s father spoke with the magician and a good conversation went on! But the boy was not listening to it, instead he was on cloud nine, soaring to the sky and touching the stars!

Srinidhi.R( nid) and Farfinagale

© Copyright 2017 nid. All rights reserved.

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