Aid From The Divine

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My dream of meeting Lord Krishna--in the form of a beautiful story...

Submitted: April 17, 2010

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Submitted: April 17, 2010



Once upon a time, there lived a boy who was dejected with life. Life seemed dull and boring for the hapless kid. The boy wanted to be in a happy place, which comprised of fun and merriment. So the enterprising boy, leaving behind his home, village and parents, decided to travel outside to search for happiness. He tied 15 loafs of bread and carried 4 jugs of water for the long journey. It soon became dark and the moon was hidden behind the clouds, dazzling intermittently. Occasionally, a jackal’s howl was cut into silence that hung like a shroud over the area. As the boy was traveling, he entered a thick forest. Humming merry tunes, he walked more confidently now, when he suddenly stopped, hearing a sweet sound of the flute, being played distantly. The boy then ran blindly through the forest, stamping the ground, brushing past the branches, which were on the way, to find out who was playing the flute. His heart stopped thudding, when he came upon an attractive cowboy [seemed to the boy, as if he excels a thousand cupids] with dark- blue skin, with a peacock feather thrust upon his head, playing the flute, seated on a rock near the riverbed. The area was surrounded by banyan trees and there stood many animals circling the cowboy, including a peacock and a few cows who were engrossed in the cowboy’s music in that enchanted place, as if they were put into an illusive state. The boy sat down in the grass and listened to the sweet music for some time. After an hour’s relish, the cowboy stopped playing and slowly opened his eyes.

“You play very well!” said the boy getting up slowly, “that’s why even the animals listen to your flute”. “I never saw you coming!” said the cow-boy stretching his legs, looking at the boy, a little surprised. The boy continued speaking without a stop. “I am astonished to see a mere cowboy playing a flute very well!” he said,”I have never seen you in these parts, What’s your name and where do you live?”. The dark-skinned cowboy replied friendly,” I have numerous names, but everyone calls me by the name ‘KRISHNA’ and I have no home! The whole world is my home to me now!”. The boy didn’t expect such an answer. He spoke again “I hope you are very happy living here with all these animals. Back in my village, life is extremely dull doing daily chores every day.”

It was the cowboy’s turn to answer now, as he started to advice, “I am sorry to say my friend that life is not dull and boring as you think it is. The mind that sees it as dull is dull. The bad conceptualization turns bad, whereas the good conceptualization results in good. Look around you and feel the joy of living. See the beauty in your ordinary chores and duties. It is not dull as you think”. The boy wished to argue obstinately, as he opened his mouth to speak, after a pause “O Krishna, Why should God do this to me? I pray to him everyday. However, I still I feel dull and hatred! Are all my prayers in vain?”

The cowboy instantly answered,” You will find the answers yourself. A mind, which does not have an intellect, will not question. You are evolving. No prayer to God remains unanswered. You will realize this yourself someday. Look Within yourself. You will understand! ”. The boy, who listened to this answer, suddenly witnessed a sparking light behind the cowboy’s head when he spoke. The boy then realized that the dark- skinned boy was not an ordinary cowboy, but the Supreme personality of Godhead Krishna himself. He became a little scared and asked hurriedly, “I have to go a long way back home! When can I see you again?” he asked. “Think of me”, the cowboy replied smiling, “I am everywhere when you need me!” The boy then asked for support and the cowboy granted him. Happily, the boy walked back home gleaming with joy, as if he was enlightened to begin a new life. He did not wait to turn back to see the sparkling light vanishing and the form of the cow boy, gradually disappearing behind the banyan tree.



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