Nid's Nature Dairy Watch-Journal--ISSUE 2

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Issue 2 is out. This time it's my love for the forests...

Submitted: December 21, 2008

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Submitted: December 21, 2008



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I welcome you all to Issue 2. Have a happy new year and a bright Christmas. I wish you all with my heart and soul...

This Week's Article by Srinidhi.R [Nid]

The Beauty of the Forests

I always wanted to live in a forest, surrounded by different trees. I want to live with the company of the deers, the elephants and the rabbits. I wish to build my own wooden hut there and have a magical wild horse which can fly. My little hut should be near a cascading waterfall. I should live alone in seclusion. Under the ground of my hut there should be a huge treasure hidden. Though I will know that my hut contains a treasure, I would not dig it out. It should always be pouring and I should inside my hut in a cot and I should watch the beauty of the raindrops as it hits my window pane.

I should walk in the beauty of the forests, in the morning, thanking the Lord for giving me that wonderful place. I should go for work and I should work as a woodcutter and earn less money. I will make my own friends—the trees and hear beautiful voices from them.

At noon, I should have a nice nap eating some delicious items. In the evening I should watch the sunset from the top of a big tree. I would love the color of the sunset at that time.

When nighttime comes, I should enjoy the moonlight from the window of my hut. I should go to the waterfall alone at that time and sit by the side and relax, at that time. I should listen to the hummingbird and the howling of the wolves. Then I should sleep by the side of the waterfall listening to the sound of the water and sleep. It’s my forest and I would love to have it. The beauty of the forests should captivate me for the rest of my life. I should be captivated and should make up my mind to live there for ever. My life would turn just wonderful…

Thank you reading Issue 2. Please comment or rate. See you all next week when issue 3 comes up..


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