The Wave- A Short Story

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Beaches are the perfect place for all these type of stories...

Submitted: February 09, 2010

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Submitted: February 09, 2010



I sat down in the hot sand and looked high up the sky. I could see a small girl next to me, with rosy cheeks busy building a sand castle. She was shouting at her mommy, saying that she had almost finished building it. I turned to my other side and watched some teenage girls in bikinis walking to the shore. God! I never get beach sick! In fact I love everything around here—the mangroves, the salt scented air and the pretty women who surf all the time. It doesn’t get much beautiful, except at night—it's so tranquil then and brings me so much of peace and joy which would mesmerize me

Slowly when I got up and turned to leave, a small wave crashed to the sand and came up to my feet. Then I noticed the little girl crying and turned to see the sand castle, destroyed by the wave. I suddenly felt terrible to see the girl’s plight. She would have worked hard to build it. Then, I saw a small toy store by the beach. I ran and bought the girl, a toy castle and gave it to her saying,” Good girl! Keep this one safe!” The girl’s face brightened up a bit. She smiled and thanked me. I made my way out. I knew that I had begun such a lovely day! God –it’s perfect!


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