the lion ring

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a girl who hides her fears behind a magical ring given to her by her grandma. when she loses her ring she losses her self confidence and is lost in the woods

Submitted: July 17, 2012

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Submitted: July 17, 2012



The Lion ring

Once there was a girl  who had hair as red as fire and icey blue eyes that reminded everyone who saw them of a witch. her name was Roxane. Roxane was known as the bravest girl in town. she would alwats climb the the tallest tree and not feel even the least bit scared and she loved going to haunted houses. Everyone knew that Roxane was  an extrodianary girl but nobody kenw why.The real reason Roxane was so brave was because of a lion shapped rung that her grandma had given her on her tenth birthday.  A month after the party Roxane"s grandma died.  Every day Roxane would look at the ring and think of her grandma and wish that she were still here.  The ring looked like any other cheap and plastic ring but it had magical powers. It gave whoever wore the ring the power of becoming fearless. When Roxane wasn"t wearing the ring she was scared of everything and Roxane hated to  have people she her so scared so she never left home without it.

One day Roxane and her best friend Charlie decided to go hiking after school. When school ended Roxane and Charlie dropped their books off at home and went hiki ng in the woods by Roxanes house.while they were hiking Roxane;s ring slipped off but she was too busy climbing over a fallen tree to notice.As Roxane and charlie were leaving a huge storm came. the wind from the storm caused Roxane and Charlie to seperate. Charlie ended up finding a nice warm cave to stay in while Roxane wondered the woods totally terrified.

"where is my ring " Roxane asked almost crying. soon she became to scared to even move and she sat under a great big oak tree and prayed the storm would pass by quickly. The storm passed within an hour and Charlie headed home. when he noticed that Roxane was no \\where to be seen he went back to look for her

"Roxane " he called over and over waiting a minute in between each call for a reply that would never come.Eventually he gave up and headed home. As he was walking he decided the best thing to do was to tell Roxane"s parents about her disapearance. Roxane's parents filed a missinh person:s report and soon the police, charlie, Roxane"s parents and a few  kids from school were in the woods searching  for her. Endlessly calling her name. Finally a police officer found her. she was crushed by a \\great big oak tree that fell  during the storm.

" the sad thing is that if she would have moved a couple of inches she would still be alive." said one of the police men. Roxane"s funeral was held a week after  she and charlie went hiking. while friends and family stood over her dead body crying,Roxane was floating up into heaven and she wasn:t scared.  Not because of some ring, no that ring was lost in the woods forever. Roxane was fearless because she knew  she was going to heaven and she would be with her grandma soon

the end

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