Tempest - The Transition

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2007, Hamburg. As tongues of flame still rise from the fourth story of an apartment building, Sara is still clinging to the neck of her mother's body with her stubby toddler's hands. Still a year old, she is the sole survivor of the tragedy -- at least, for now. But when the dead body of her father is recovered, the firefighters notice a strange necklace around his neck, along with a phone number connecting them with the Alcor Life Extension Foundation.


2–––, Dernydia. When Ludwig Adler opens his eyes after many, many years of cryopreservation, the first thing he sees is how his orphaned daughter has grown not only mature but also elderly of age. His exploration of what the world has become is a spate of surprises to him, but as he is still marvelling at the wonders of its society, he learns about the flip side of its technology: between the conservative and progressive people there becomes such a rift that they eventually form separate life forms - one part staying natural, the other ascending to something more. The dichotomy between these races, human and transhuman, causes such tension that it is almost palpable wherever they are found together… But the real downside of the machine of their technology is that it features a "destroy the world" button.
Combined, these two things - destructive technology and social instability, eventually cause such precarious situation that they drive society to the edge of the abyss. Ludwig Adler watches as the brave new world of transhumanism, beneath the gilded semblance of an utopia, began to unravel and eventually turns into an inferno.

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Submitted: January 11, 2008

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Tempest - The Transition

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