Three Teddy Bears, Goldilocks, and Tears of Blood

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Something I came across and thought I'd post since it's kinda good. It was an english assignment that made you include several different elements.

Again don't think this is "R" worthy so...

Once there was a carnival out in the country, one with games, rides, and shows – it had everything. It was always open all the time, except for in the winter and always crowded. One day in the middle of June, there were many more people then usual. Everything was joyous and exciting. Kids were running everywhere, daring each other to go on the scariest rides. It seemed to be perfect – until no one came home. That night when friends and family members realized that they hadn’t come home from their supposedly fun day at the carnival, they went in search of them.

When they reached the carnival what they found was horrifying: everyone – men, women, and children – were dead. They were all lying on the ground were they had fallen or still in the seats of the rides they were participating in. All of them had died with their eyes open and tears of blood running down their face.

When the police came to investigate, a new officer made a very odd observation; all of the stuffed animals that had been meant for prizes had fallen off their hooks and into the dirt – except for three teddy bears. He also noticed a pretty silver necklace amid the dirt and pocketed it. The officer came to get a better look at the teddy bears. The last thing he saw was the bear’s eyes turn red. The last thing he felt was an unimaginable amount of pain in the back of his head.

When, none of the officers investigating at the carnival answered the calls from the station, more officers came to investigate. They found all ten men lying on the ground, their eyes open, crying tears of blood. The bodies were collected and the carnival was closed off. No one wanted to be killed next by the carnival and the incident was forgotten (on purpose).

************************50 Years Later************************

Goldilocks was ten years old and ¾ (she got a bit mad if you left that part out). She was not a docile child, far from it in fact. She had especially been known to up and leave during school at recess (which she was doing just this moment). The young girl had also been known to use chicanery to get whatever she desired. She also had the audacity to ignore any of the teacher’s requests.

However, this recess the principal decided to make her stay in for recess cleaning the bathrooms, as a punishment for her last escape, till there was only five minuets left of recess, in hopes that the young girl decided it wasn’t worth leaving the school today.

But she still did and she knew she wouldn’t get kicked out of school since her father donates a lot of money to the school. At this particular moment she was a bit mad because her belated escape made her miss the bus to the city. However, that didn’t deter her. She would go tomorrow. Now, she would explore the country.

Walking along the round, Goldilocks suddenly caught the tantalizing smell of funnel cakes. The girl followed the smell to what looked like a carnival. She wondered how long it had been since someone had opened it and the fact of how decrepit the carnival looked was a tacit answer that it had been a long time. And yet, Goldilocks was positive the delicious odor was coming from the carnival.

The girl climbed over the fence that surrounded the empty carnival, determined to investigate (and see if she could get some funnel cakes).

As she walked through the carnival she saw that most of the rides were falling apart, but most of the games looked fine. Goldilocks went over to a shooting game and decided to play a little bit. She picked up a gun from the wall and found it to be much too big and heavy. She tried another one that was smaller, but it turned out to be too small. The girl tried another and it was just right. Goldilocks shot three times at the bull’s-eye and didn’t get even close to it.

Goldilocks ignored her disappointment and went in search of that good smell. However, something was different Goldilocks realized. Then it hit her, the smell was gone. Odd, she thought. But she just dismissed this oddity and went over to a booth that featured a ring toss. Goldilocks picked up a ring and tossed it. Too far. She tried again. Not far enough. One last time. Just right. She looked up and saw three teddy bears and did not vacillate in her decision that all of them would be her prizes. She took them down off the self and started to walk off with them.

When she climbed over the fence and jumped on to the dirt yard she noticed something in the dirt. It was letters, letters being drawn by an invisible finger. They spelled out:

\"You Stole. You Shall Pay. You Shall Die\"

The girl thought it was a joke, a trick. She didn’t freak out till she saw the eyes of the teddy bears in her arms turned red – blood red. Goldilocks was neither reticent about her feelings nor imperturbable. She screamed and ran, throwing the bears to the ground. As she ran, her head started to hurt. She felt tears on her face and brought her hand up to her face and wiped away the tears. When she brought her hand back down it was bloody. The pain in her head became unbearable and Goldilocks stopped running and screamed a blood curling scream that ruined her vocal cords to the point that if she tried to speak she couldn’t. However, that didn’t matter. Suddenly the girl crumpled to the ground, never to escape school again.

Submitted: September 25, 2010

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First comment! I have to say, that was the most powerful thing I have ever read. Now I never want to cry or go to a carnival again, LOL.

Tue, March 1st, 2011 11:21pm


Lol thanks, much appreciated. The one bad thing bout carnivals are clowns in my opinion... they are just creepy...

Sun, March 13th, 2011 4:28pm


Mon, December 14th, 2015 6:43pm

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