My House of Cards

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This is my House of Cards.

Submitted: November 09, 2012

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Submitted: November 09, 2012




House of Cards


I have my house of cards

With every word

The lies

The truth

I have two houses of cards.

One for me, and the other for me.

You don’t see the hand I’m dealt.

For you cannot see

I am not one

But two.

One of my poor

Little houses of cards

It’s teetering dangerously close to falling

I have two houses.

On built of lies

One built of truth.

One of happiness.

One of anger, loneliness.

One of home.

One of just another place.

One wrong turn and it all comes down

And with that, my very existence alters

My being

My person

I wish to not be hurt, but I take the pain.

I refuse to hurt.

But who has the right to hurt me, when you’re so close?

You’re weaved into my house of cards

A dangerous card

That pulled the wrong way,

Will scatter my heart.

My being.

I feel like I’m losing it.

Like I’m too far gone.

One house of cards

Its built upon Truth

And Love



This is where I live.

You find me there, happy.

You won’t find me

In my other one

You’ll find some other girl.

With my same features

Same hair, smile, voice.

But she is not me.

Who you see Is not me.

It’ll be so long before you see that.

So long.

My little house of cards.

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