Forbidden Feelings

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My first poem. About a girl struggling with being Bisexual.

Submitted: December 16, 2013

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Submitted: December 16, 2013



~~I sit in shock, the feelings I block.
How can this be happening to me?
I go to church, this should make my stomach lurch.
But the thoughts I can not deny.
Because even as I close my eyes.
The images never leave my mind.
Not when I notice how her eyes shined
How I wish I had the courage to make her mine.
But this I know would never do.
For my mother would end us too.

Why is it that love is forbidden?
When happiness is never given?
Why should it matter if she's a girl?
These thoughts alone make my mind whirl.
Why should I try not to love?
When I feel no condemnation from the man above?
Why can't my mother just finally see?
How hard all this is for me?

Yet she blames me, words of venom tossed about.
Then next forgets all the bout.
But leaves deep scares throughout my heart.
Would accepting it be such a bad start?
Does the thought of shutting me out not tear her apart?
The words said before now is tart.
Why on earth did these feelings have to start?

The razor cuts into my skin.
Only to prove I am a freak again.
I sit on the bus with insults abound.
And its then that I wish that she would come around

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