How could anyone?

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Tell me how can anyone love us?

Submitted: May 31, 2012

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Submitted: May 31, 2012



How could anyone?


How could anyone apart from us love us?

How could anyone apart from us forgive us?

How could anyone apart from us want us?

How could anyone apart from us save us?

Observe and observe us carefully

Creature's way below that of tiny insects,

We are wrong in every way possible

Foolish beings, why are we needed?

Humanity, man kind,

We cause nothing but hurt, war and destruction

Sinful creatures since the time of our conception

I can't believe anything could

A piece of nothing comes to you,

It comes to you and asks you why?

Not that it deserves an answer be it true or false

I'm asking why? How? What for?

I don't think it possible

A gift so wonderful

A gift so cruel

A gift so abused

You gave it to us,

You created us, our world

Again, a desire which can never be fulfilled, a question of why?

Not all of us are bad, some are good and genuine

It seems that with each step I take

I commit an evil

Sometimes it's unfair

Sometimes I do it unaware

So now do you understand why?

Why I come to you in fear, why I distance myself greatly

Why you see me with such a thick bubble

A young human being, ignorant? Yes

But, surely to know where I stand,

To be fearful in your presence

To see man for what he really is

To be able to recognise my nothingness

My little or no significance, worth

Why, maybe we're just machines

Programmed to do certain things

And something went horribly wrong

So reprogram us

Or get rid of us completely

But, please before you make your decision

Remember as nothing as we are, we still feel

Remember us that tried,

Tried to walk in your light

Us that feared you

And those of us who tried living by your light even though we were afraid

I'm sorry if I offend you

I'm sorry if I anger you

I thank and praise you

A servant of no value

Offers you their apologies

Thanks, prayer and songs of praises

You lend an ear…

What did we do to deserve this?


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