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The thoughts swirled around her head at a fast pace.

Submitted: January 16, 2013

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Submitted: January 16, 2013




The night sky remained dark, no stars and no moon. It was peaceful for a while. Her eyes travelled the vast expanse of nothingness. She didn't know what she was looking for but she was searching. Maybe she was looking for an answer. A "Why?". Even a "Why Not?" Why did she trust him? Why did she just throw her life away. Why did she say yes? 


She had said yes to him. He asked her to marry him and she said yes. Why had she? She was happy, there was no doubt. He had often called her 'patient' with him, she didn't doubt that either, but he did things which pissed her off as well. Yet she was happy. He came when she needed him, he made her smile and laugh, he was perfect. Was he perfect for her? 


She took a deep breath and looked at her watch; it read 9:00 PM. She as late; She didn't care. She needed to take a moment to herself. There was something which was bothering her. A question she had successfully avoided for 4 years. People would ask and she would skillfully avoid answering it. She was afraid to ask; It would be a make or break answer. Was she ready for it? Hell no. She dreaded the day it would have to be answered, that day. Judgement Day. 


She rolled her eyes as looked at her watch again and sat up. He was probably wondering where she was. She dragged her feet through  the tall grass. She wished the grass covered her entire body so that he couldn't see her. He would probably be able to hear her though, her heart was beating erratically. It kept getting faster and faster. She thought that she was going to collapse. She looked up and saw the front the door of the house. She hadn't realized she was that close to home. She looked at the dark doorknob and took a deep breath. She turned the knob and took a step into the house. As soon as she looked into his deep brown eyes, she knew.


And so she said: "I love you." 


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