Sweet Love Of Mine

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Submitted: October 17, 2011

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Submitted: October 17, 2011



Sweet Love Of Mine

You are so sweet

Our love is so strong that angels weep.

Destiney has brought you to my waiting arms

and now i see our love is strong

tears i cry of joy and delight

whenever i see you in my sight


Sweet love of mine

dont ever leave me

if you do my heart will stop beating

i would cross the universe just to see your face

and im hoping that in your arms will always be my place

salty lonely tear sliding down my cheek

shivers travel up my spine whenever you speak


Sweet love of mine

you are my everything

everytime i think of you i want to sing

baby i love you and everything you are

yes this is cheesy but you are my little star

baby your the best i love you

and i hope you love me too


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