Nice to meet you, I am you.

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A look into the dark side of or us, WARNING graphic content.

Submitted: July 15, 2014

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Submitted: July 15, 2014



Nice to meet you I am you, don't look surprised you know me well

remember that old wives tale you tell your friends from time to time?

except you and I know well it's not a tale, the truck was  yours

and the machete too, you did not hear the story someplace

you were there and the girl too, after many drinks she passed out

you took the blade and her sweet tender being to the woods

naked the two of you, you dug the tool of death into the ground

and as you stepped to the unconscious girl, she threw up on you

you felled back tripped and sat on the blade's handle, now you in shame

with your sphincter dilated lucky you an inch more and it 

would be annihilated, you left her in the woods, the machete too

rushed home and dawn preparation H, lucky you she did not remembered

for the party was next door and you cleaned and sold your truck

after defecating all over the floor on your way back home.


So yes, I am you, unlike the two of you, I was not drunk

maybe I'll fornicate a skunk.

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