amendment 64

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this is an artical i had to write for a class and i think it is funny so i want your oppinion now

Amendment 64



Before amendment 64 if you were caught with any form of marijuana you would be arrested and be put in jail. Amendment 64 legalized recreational marijuana in Colorado for people 21 and up.

The new amendment allows everyone twenty-one and up to have up to three immature marijuana plants and up to three mature plants. The owner of the plants is able to legally keep and smoke all products of the marijuana plant where the plant is grown, and you can have up to one ounce on you while you travel. Also you can give anyone over twenty-one up to one ounce as a gift.

This bill was first proposed in 2006  by the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol group but it was not voted into law. Then it was again put on the ballot in 2013, where marijuana users across Colorado celebrated their victory.

The legalization of recreational marijuana will help stop minors from being able to get their hands on it. Amendment 64 also brings millions of dollars to the state’s economy, that would come from the taxation of the marijuana. Also the police departments will save money and will be able to focus their efforts on catching another, more dangerous criminals rather than chasing down everyone with a blunt.

Amendment 64 is said to be very beneficial for the Colorado state economy. All Marijuana sales will be taxed in some degree and the first forty million dollars that is collected annually in taxes will be sent to help build and maintain public schools. The exact percentage of tax has not been decided and there is heated debate over that.

As with any legislation amendment 64 has some pretty big opposition. Those people include Attorney General Eric Holder and Governor John Hickenlooper. The governor would rather have Colorado known for anything but marijuana.

Several school districts in Colorado are also opposing the bill. They believe that the legal age to possess marijuana  which is twenty-one, is too young. Members of the school board think that the age limit is too close to the age of students, and that students will still be able to get marijuana from their older friends who can legally buy the weed for them. This makes marijuana just as easy for underage students as alcohol.  

Not only are schools for underage students against amendment 64 but universities like the CU Boulder are against their students smoking marijuana. Students that attend CU Boulder are of age and can legally buy and smoke marijuana, but the school will not allow smoke outs or any marijuana smoking on campus. The school has even gone as far as shutting down the campus to outsiders to prevent a 4/20 smoking event that was going to be held on campus. Their reason for not wanting any marijuana smoking on campus is because they have a very busy seven day academic week. That would include classes, research, projects and just students studying for tests. The school says that if there was a 4/20 event on campus it would distract those activities.

Denver mayor has also tried to stop people from supporting legalized marijuana. Mayor Michael Hancock has tried to ban joint giveaways. His idea is to make all public parks in Denver drug free zones. This would not affect the 4/20 rallies at Civic Center Park where enormous smoke outs happen every year.  This ban was put into use because of certain pro-pot groups just giving away free joints at public parks. The rally in question was  a protest to the taxes on marijuana, so the group gave out free joints. Under the new ban not only is smoking in public illegal but smoking in a public park will also get you arrested.

marijuana shops in Colorado will have to endure very strict policies and regulations. Such as having to have warning labels and  people to test the weed before being smoked.

This amendment is really confusing  to people in Colorado because marijuana is still illegal in the federal government's eyes.  The federal government will not prosecute anyone who has a legal amount of marijuana in Colorado. With that said marijuana users are very worried that the government will stop looking the other way and start enforcing the federal laws that have marijuana as an illegal substance. Will that ever happen? The government says not but that could change at any time.

These new laws also make marijuana paraphernalia such as pipes, bongs and vaporizers. Now with the new laws you can legally possess, use, display, purchase, or transport marijuana accessories.  

most people new to the new laws ask where can you smoke weed? There are not that many places that smoking is legal. you can not smoke marijuana on any university campus or dorm. You can not smoke on any school campus in Colorado. also, you can not smoke weed in public parks or on sidewalks. You can’t smoke on federal property like federal office buildings, courthouses, national parks or national forests. Also there are no weed smoking clubs like there are in Amsterdam. Though the new laws can be interpreted that you could possibly set up a club where you can smoke marijuana, maybe we could see those in the future.

Pot shops and store that sell things of that nature will not be open until 2014. If you want to get marijuana before 2014 you can grow it any time or you can get marijuana from a friend.

well now that we can grow marijuana, where can we grow it. You only can grow plants in an enclosed area that is not accessible to people under twenty-one. By law anyone under twenty-one can not handle or assist with marijuana growing. If you need help with growing a plant there are many resources you can use, like your neighbors, or your family as long as they are over twenty-one.

Pot shops that will be opened next year will be solely devoted to the sale of marijuana and marijuana accessories. These stores by law can not be a combination store that sells ordinary things and marijuana. This part of the law was probably put in to keep minors out of these specialty shops.

Other things to keep in mind are you could get fired for your weed smoking. The law does not say that employers have to tolerate weed smoking and if they feel that the smoking impairs you at work, employers have the rights to fire you. Also driving while stoned is very illegal and possibly quite dangerous. Measures are being put into place on how high you can be before you are too high to drive. This limit will be like the .08 blood alcohol limit where it is illegal to be too high to drive. This will most likely take some time to determine exactly the limits of how high you can be and exactly what the punishment will be for drivers that smoke too much before getting behind the wheel.

Also it should be noted that the netherlands has not legalized marijuana but they have legalized one fifth of an ounce for sale to adults. Some other countries have seen amendment 64 working and have written pieces of legislation in their countries to legalize marijuana. Mexico is one of those countries that is waiting to see what happens with amendment 64 to see if it  would help with Mexico’s current marijuana problem. More and more states are willing to give a bill on pro marijuana a chance, like Oregon.

Although there are only two states that have the ability to have marijuana but this could be a trend that spreads to the rest of the country even though the federal government still considers marijuana or as it is known in some parts of the state as cambis as an illegal substance.

So maybe in the coming future the whole country will be growing and, smoking, and selling marijuana. This five pointed leaf could become America’s top export if other countries legalized it. The mass legalization of weed might help our economy or turn lots of people into stoners due to the plant’s mass availability. Theses new laws will define and change a country. Theses are confusing times we live in and these laws could last and expand into other generations and become part of what it is like to be an American. Or these laws will make certain problems worse and the federal government will step in and the states will be back to not having marijuana.


Submitted: November 15, 2013

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