Your abusive love

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I wrote this because i hate abuse...and i hate the way it makes people feel. i dont know if this poem is any good but it was just my way of telling the world how i felt about abuse through my character.

Submitted: November 20, 2006

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Submitted: November 20, 2006



My beautiful red heart has been crushed by your anger and rage
You used to be so loving and caring
But now your just so hurtful and scary
You hit me, you break me, you put perfect black circles around my eyes
You hit me so much now that i find it painful to cry
It cuts my insides in two when i dont just get up and leave
But then you scream and abuse which makes my body bleed
You dont see how you make me weak, how you make my heart skip a beat
I feel so shy when im around you
So tongue tied when i want to talk to you
These are the feelings that you purposely refuse to see
When you abusive fist continues to beat me.

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