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just a random something that i needed to get off my chest

Submitted: December 13, 2008

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Submitted: December 13, 2008



Do you ever feel like there is something waiting for you? Waiting to be discovered by you. You know that everything that is happening is happening to take you to that thing.

I have had this for sooo long but I just can't get at it. It's like I'm always trying to find the end of the rainbow but it's always just slightly out of reach! Every now and again, it comes back and I sit and wait until a sign comes along, I follow it.


Not even a clue to help me out.

I feel (ridiculous I know) like there is everything on my shoulders and it won't leave me alone. No matter how many times I push it away or try to lighten the load there is no way of getting it away or easier. Things just don't go right for me ever and I keep feeling that whoever is up there doesn't want me to find this thing.

Something, I know, is leading through all the lanes rather than taking me, like everyone else, down the motorway (highway).

Should I go my own way, make it up as I go a long?

OR, should I follow this never ending, pointless chase that I am being taken down?

I just want to get away from everything, just drive as fast as I can (but I can't drive, poo) well you get what I mean! Aything ... so I can breathe. Away from school ... away from people telling me what to do and where to go and how to act!!!!!!!

This is way too much now.

It's getting toooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone know, has this ever happened to you?

Please help, cuz right now I feel like nothing matters anymore and i hate this feeling but it won't go!

My parents won't listen, and my friends won't understand. So I thought I could get it out better in writing.

Any comments would be highly appreciated!



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